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Coolsculpting is a Joke - Moline, IL

I had coolsculpting done and I am sadly dissapointed with my results. I spent $2,000 with zero results and I actually feel bigger. I had 4 sessions done on my abdomin and had major swelling after (which is normal) but I feel after the swelling went down my stomach never went back down to... READ MORE

40 Years Old, No Kids, Fit + Active with Stubborn Belly Fat - Marina Del Rey, CA

After months of careful and fastidious research, I decided to take the leap and get Coolsculpting done on my abdomen (sides and a large applicator on pouch). I was really pleased with Carla at Marina Plastic Surgery, and I ensured that I took the following precautions: 1. Go to a real doctor.... READ MORE

Lost Weight but my Arms Weren't Changing! - Perth, AU

I have always had bigger arms, ever since I was young! Not necessarily fat just big and strong. I didn't take much notice of them until I gained a little weight. When that happened my arms seemed to be get even bigger in comparison to the rest of me the largest part measuring 36cm. I decided to... READ MORE

Hurts Like Hell!

I had 7 zones done on my stomach, on the same day. Was supposed not to hurt and have a beautiful flat belly after 3 months. What they did not say it that it takes more than one treatment to achieve it. It was so painful and what they said to take only Tylenol. Did not work. I was extremely... READ MORE

Save Your Money

Almost 3 months after having 3 treatments done with coolsculpting, I have seen no positive results. One week after the procedure on my love handles & lower abdomen, my waist measurement was 6 inches bigger than before the procedure. Now 3 months later, the same. Instead of loosing fat,... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 2 Kids, Saved Up for for over a Year, Disappointed, Big Time.

So, I heard about coolsculpting and saved up for over a year the 3 grand to do the areas that I wanted to do. I had about 10 pounds to lose, but the C sections I had made it hard to lose in my belly. I had 2 treatments on my upper and lower abs, one on my inner thighs. NOT WORTH IT. I eat... READ MORE

Don't Do It - Bettendorf, IA

Both my husband and I had this done. I had my lower stomach done for $1000, he had his stomach and sides done for $3000. All I can say your money!! Do not do this!! Neither of us were expecting a miracle, but for 4 grand something would have been nice!! His is exactly the READ MORE

Caution!!!!! - Indiana, IN

It was very painful could not get out of bed for a week ...I had lower abs only done. Extreme bruising. My stomach did go flat ! Was so happy.. Until the 4-5 month mark when PAH set in and now my stomach is bigger than before!!!!! They claim this is rare but it's a lie!!!!! This is real side... READ MORE

11 Weeks Post CoolSculpt - Columbia, MD

Hi, I just marked week 11 post- my Cool Sculpt procedure. The numbing/tingling is finally starting to subside. I had 4 treatment areas on my abdomen. The lower 2 treatments look pretty great but my upper abdomen has had no improvement. It may even be bigger than when I started. It definitely... READ MORE

Coolsculpting: Easiest 4 Hours of my Life!

I had my Coolsculpting treatment done in August and I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Brenner and the Coolsculpting team at Dr. Amy Brenner. I have that lovely tire around my abdomen from having my son last October and have been doing everything I can to get my body... READ MORE

65 Yr Old Always Had Disproportionate Stomach - Broomfield, CO

Wanted to be done w belly fat. Struggled whole life w area. Procedure not comfortable but not unbearable. All went well. U comfortable for weeks. Numb felt hard & bloated. Told wait three months for overall results. Had lower & upper an done. My upper started feeling bigger & more bloated told... READ MORE

Lasting Negative Results... - Lake Oswego, OR

It's taken me a while to decide whether or not to make a review, but I've been so dissatisfied with my service that I felt the need to say something. I got one cool Sculpting treatment done on my lower abdomen. The nurse Ashton was very sweet, but new, and didn't listen to me what so ever, I... READ MORE

Worst Procedure Ever - Middletown, NY

Cool Sculpt did not work for me. No pictures were taken after the procedure was done on upper abdominal area. I did indeed have soreness and My upper abdominal area looks bigger than it normal was, I don't recommend this to anyone. The money spent on the procedure was not worth it at all. Now I... READ MORE

Worst Investment of my Life - Los Angeles, CA

Well I decided to do non invasive and went with cool sculpting on my arms and my stomach. Didnt see ANY change whatsoever.. ever.. and my stomach actually got bigger. I spent 500 usd on each segment of my body.. and after I had asked to get my stomach done they said they had to charge me more to... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Visits- First Visit Pain Free, 2nd Visit Agonizing! - Los Angeles, CA

I am an active almost 60 year old and have a management career in the entertainment business. It is a competitive business and I felt like I was perceived as loosing my edge due to my additional weight. I first went to get cool sculpting and did my inner thighs, upper arms and 4 small... READ MORE

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