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38 Year Old Athletic Woman 140 Pounds

I am an athletic mom of two kids 10 and 7. Both children were delivered by c section. Since then, I have been in pursuit of getting my prebaby body back. I work out cardio and weights 3 times a week and live a healthy lifestyle. I am doing cool sculpting today after attending a seminar on how... READ MORE

26, No Kids, Curvy and Athletic. - North Carolina

I have (and have always been) about 30 lbs overweight. For my body type, my ideal weight is about 160-170. I have yet to see anyone of a "curvy" body type on here. My goal has never been to be skinny, I actually really love my hourglass figure. Unfortunately, I don't love my rolling belly! I... READ MORE

Extremely Athletic, 45 Yrs. Slim with Baby Fat That Wont Go Away - Singapore, SG

I run 6miles (9.7km) 4 - 5 times a day for past 6mths, Eat out only once or twice a week and cook very health. I recently started monitoring my food on and have lost about 8 - 9 lbs(3.7kl) I'm 5.9' do heavy weight lifting, 34'' waist(85cm) weigh 170 lbs (77(kl). Four years... READ MORE

Took the Plunge--athletic 39 Y.o Guy - New York, NY

39 male with very good diet (nothing processed) and exercise regimen (weights, running, interval training, and pretty much have no body fat except i can pinch an inch or 2 on my lower back/love handles. so after realizing diet and exercise werent getting rid of this, i finally decided to do go... READ MORE

CoolSculpting- Too Early to See Results Yet. Painful but Not Unbearable

Hi everyone, I wanted to write a post because this site really helped me when I was making my decision. I had my procedure on 6/1 on my inner thighs and it has been 4 days now. I am still swollen and obviously have not seen any results yet. I am 5'8 with an athletic build and I am muscular. My... READ MORE


I will be traveling to MIami for a BBL by Doctor Osak @ Seduction Cosmetics.. Im so excited!!!! I have been wanting this procedure for a while now.. ive been stalking realself like crazy lol.. I love Osak's work! im an atletic built woman with small curves. I want more projection and fullness!!!... READ MORE

Young Athletic Woman Displeased with Coolsculpting Results BIGTIME - Metairie, LA

I went to Chronos sometime in past 60 days in Met LA. The staff was awesome. Loved the venue atmosphere. This is not anything against the spa. This is purely a review against the procedure. The procedure itself went smoothly, I had opted to do my outer thighs. I felt numb and no sensation... READ MORE

Choose wisely- Lipo or Coolscuplting

Hi, I am 5'4, 130lbs consistently for this weight the last 5 years. Had upper/lower abdomen and inner and outer thighs done in mid Oct. I had an athletic build and my stomach has always been my problem area since having my child (8 yrs). It is now Jan and exactly 3 months since the treatment... READ MORE

56-year-old Woman, Childhood to College Athlete, Active at Gym Until About 5 Years Ago.

I've looked into all levels of fat reduction (Mommy make-over to nothing.) I've maintained about 30 pounds, mainly in my middle, and I really just didn't want to put the work or severe diets to get it off. Menapause hasn't helped AT ALL!! I went to a well-known, well-established and with... READ MORE

Athletic Man - CoolSculpting Works!

I had this procedure performed on my lower belly and sides (love handles) by Dr Shanthala. I was a bit skeptical since I had not had any procedures like this done in my 65 years. My wife spoke very highly of Dr Shanthala so I gave it a try. I work out at the gym 5-6 days a week but have... READ MORE

34 Year Old Post 3 Kids C Section - Auburn, AL

I've always been athletic but had trouble around mid abdomen and lower area where scar was from csection. Rosemary was wonderful and thorough in all questions asked. This is a great procedure to do with no downtime in healing! The only downside is you have to be patient with results as they can... READ MORE

27 Fit and Athletic, but with Lower Stomach and Love Handles. Salt Lake City, UT

The procedure it self was pretty easy and fast, No matter what I do, or how much I work out and diet, I could never get ride of my lower stomach or love handles, Coolsculpting got rid of them! I am in love with my results! the only part that sucked was the massage after the treatment was over,... READ MORE

25 Year Old Athletic Girl - New York, NY

I am so happy a friend recommended Coolsculpting to me. I have been very athletic whole life but had 2 areas on my body that could not get to look the way I want. I tried to change my diet but it was not helping and I was just losing fat in other areas. I decided to try Coolsculpting because I... READ MORE

Looking to Tighten my Midsection - Phoenix, AZ

Well, growing up with a more athletic or "boyish figure" as I'd sometimes been teased about, I was always craving more of an hourglass figure. I'm in the gym 4-5 days a week with hopes to tighten my waist with not much luck. That's where CoolSculpting came into play! I couldn't believe the type... READ MORE

37 Year Old White Female - New York, NY

I've been going to the gym for years and consider myself to be pretty athletic however there's just these areas of my thighs that no matter what I did with diet and exercise I could not get rid of I decided to do the cool sculpting on my outer thighs and within three weeks I started to notice a... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Athletic, Size 4, Needed Help with the Lower Abs - Grapevine, TX

I honestly went in for spider vein treatment, but was so curious about coolsculpting I had to try it. I'm not one to treat myself or be pro-procedures, but I decided why not do something for me. I would consider myself athletic & healthy. I eat right, hit the gym and live a relatively active... READ MORE

50 Y/o Athletic Mom - Orem, UT

Today is day 11. Saturday 18th will be two weeks. I am still in a lot of pain. If I hadn't had pain pills and iced gel packs, I probably would have went out of my mind. I have not been able to work full time. By mid- day My pain is almost unbearable. My belly is very hard and still extra... READ MORE

Late 30's Athletic Male...CoolSculpting Was a Great Decision - Mount Airy, MD

I am an athletic male in my late 30's that recently had a major surgery on my ankle and because of the months of inactivity the love handles got a little crazy. My wife talked me into looking into the procedure and I have to say I am very happy with the results and the experience. After only 4... READ MORE

I Would Do It Again - Birmingham, MI

I have always had a tummy bulge, even as a teenager. I am 52, 5' 4", 138 pounds with an athletic build. I did my belly - lower and just above belly button area and my sides in the back just below my waist line. I see a really nice difference with one treatment on my belly; the back side is... READ MORE

Still Waiting for Positive Results - Hunt Valley, MD

I work in sales and model professionally on a part-time basis, Thus, I need to maintain my athletic and fit physique to secure work, but unfortunately exercise and working out alone just hasn't completely done the expected job now that I am in my early 60's via gravity. The... READ MORE

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