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38 Yrs Old, 2 C-sections- Tummy Hang - Boca Raton, FL

After my second c-section I was left with this 'ledge' or 'hang'- and it depressed me. Even at my heaviest, I have never had a hanging stomach. I gained quite a bit of weight with my two pregnancies and I was able to lose a lot quickly but my stomach had this hanging thing. I was convinced that... READ MORE

Awesomely amazing

After one Cool Sculpting Applicator I look great! Six weeks later I am totally satisfied with my results! The results and service have exceeded my expectations! After lots of personal research on Cool Sculpting and Dr. Brauer, I decided to go for it and I am thrilled that I did. I have had 2... READ MORE

41 Year Old with Thick Thighs - Portland, OR

Hi! I feel obligated to write a review about my experience because reading all the reviews on here were definitely helpful to me. Let me begin by saying I'm not a thin girl, never have been, my lowest weight has been around 150-160 and that was in my 20's and I'm fine with that. However, since I... READ MORE

46 Years Old, Trying Coolsculping on Midsection - Draper, UT

Got 8 Applications around the midsection, two at a time. Total of 4 hours in a row. All the explenation on the sucktion and cooling down are as described by most people. The massage is horrifying and the afterpain is terrible. Like a million bee stings and tummy feels so numb and you can't touch... READ MORE

It Does Hurt! Day 5. - Jensen Beach, FL

Ok i had 4 small applications on my stomach. 2 lower 2 upper. First thing DO NOT cough or sneeze during procedure omg that hurts. I am not fat 5'5" 135lbs but at 46 i put on a belly. My belly went from looking 9 months pregnant to 12 months pregnant and a belly that felt numb and really weird. I... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting for Double Chin - Baltimore, MD

Have had a double chin no matter how much I weighed all my life, so decided to try this. I had two mini cool sculpting applications to get fat at the sides of my chin as well as in the middle (which was covered by both applications). Had to sit very still for 45 minutes for each application,... READ MORE

Successful CoolSculpting for Active 44 Year Old Mother of Two. - Springfield, MO

I'm an active, working mom of two teenagers. I've worked out all of my life and added running a few years ago. I've struggled with "love handles" since having children and decided to try CoolSculpting. Very happy after one session of four flank applications. Procedure was mostly painless. I had... READ MORE

Finally Lost That Belly - Tigard, OR

Like a lot of men no matter how much exercise I couldn't lose that pocket of fat right above my belt. So I decided to try coolsculpting. I did one of the large applications. I am impressed with the results as seen in my pictures. I would recommend and trust Tigard Med Spa and Jeniece if you... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting (6 Applications) - Boca Raton, FL

Just finished my cool sculpting session in which I had 6 areas of my abdomen treated with the small applicator. The RN arranged the treatment areas in a diamond shape that included 2 lower abdominal and 2 mid abdominal applications and then 2 for the flank areas. It took around 4-5 hours using... READ MORE

23 Year Old Looking to Permanently Remove Stubborn Fat - North Andover, MA

So I went in knowing the possible outcomes so that prepared me to what was to come. I did a total of 8 applications (1 hour each) but they do two at a time. I did my bra line, love handles and my lower and upper abdomen. The temperature is put to -10 c. The first 5-10 minutes are pretty... READ MORE

Day 1 of Procedure: 48 Year Old Woman with Sloppy Belly and Love Handles

I workout out regularly and maintain a clean but not strict diet. Currently weigh 140 lbs, but even when I was at 128 lbs two years ago, still had a sloppy belly and love handles, so I know they wouldn't go away on their own. I'm pretty much okay with the rest of my body, but wanted a little... READ MORE

Result Slow, but There - Long Island, NY

I first had Coolsculpting done in April on my lower abdomen using 2 large applicators. It did hurt, but bearable. After a couple of weeks I noticed some giggling in my upper abdomen so I repeated the procedure on my whole abdomen which cost $6000.00 in addition to $3000.00 I initially spent. ... READ MORE

Claims of "Painless" and "Zero Downtime" is a Outright Lie - Burlington, MA

I had a fairly extensive procedure done (10 applications) abdomen, love handles, and bra bulges. First, the suction part isn't too bad. but when they "massage" after the application, it is intense, horrible, almost unbearable pain for a several minutes until the skin warms up a bit. I was... READ MORE

40 Year Old Mom of 2 with Love Handles - Biloxi, MS

I was tired of the small budges I could feel on my sides, especially in my jeans. 8 weeks after my coolsculpting treatment, they were greatly improved. I became less self-conscious of those areas that had bothered me for so long. And with absolutely no down time-it was a win-win. The... READ MORE

Seeing Results, but Not Worth the Money or Pain - Fargo, ND

I had coolsculpting done about 30 days ago. There were 6 applications total: 4 lower abs, 2 upper abs. I am not sure if I needed that many treatments; I went with the recommendation anyway. I have always been in fairly decent physical shape. I had a baby in November 2014 and had... READ MORE

Zeltiq - Great Results - Manhattan

I had belly fat (muffin top) that peeked out above my jeans. This tackled the excess fat that I couldn't lose, no matter how hard I exercised or dieted, so it was worth doing. I had 5 applications done in the same day. 3 apps to my belly area and 1 on each flank (love handle area)... READ MORE

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