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Coolsculpting on Inner Thighs

Hi! I just had coolsculpting done on my inner thighs yesterday and want to share my experience and journey. First, a little about me. I'm 34, and have a 8 year old. I lead a active lifestyle and eat well for the most part (sweets are my weakness!). I'm 5'2 and weigh 108lbs. I study martial... READ MORE

36 Years Old 2 Kids

I'm a 36 year old mother of two. I had my daughter at the age of 17 and bounced right back 2 weeks after. Fourteen years later our son decided to come along. I had him right before turning 31 and I didn't bounce back at all after him. After developing better eating habits and regular exercise I... READ MORE

30 - No Kids, Active - Tucson, AZ

I go to the gym 3 times a week. I'm 5'4 and currently 160lbs after losing 30lbs since October last year. The weight has come off slowly and evenly everywhere else except my back. I put on all my weight in the last 3 years just because of laziness and a bad diet. Before that I was always 125lbs.... READ MORE

Finally! I Took the Plunge - Buckhead, GA

If you are like me you have researched cool sculpting until you thought your head would implode ! Well, I finally found the courage and the people that I felt like understood along with credentials that I liked to do my CS. I met with Smyth and Robbie at Slim Studio and they were so nice and... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Was Totally Easy and Perfect for my Bust Life Style! - California, CA

I was so sick and tired of " yo-yoing" ! I have been getting little, big, little , big for about 15 years. I wanted to get off the ride and get rid of fat cells, not just fat, that way my results would last! I suffer from a bit of anxiety and was nervous the procedure was going to be painful... READ MORE

39 Yr Old Female Mother of 2 Doing Cs After Smartlipo - South Texas

I did smartlipo on my abdomen two years ago and was unhappy with my final results. While I did look better with clothes on, my tummy stayed lumpy where the doctor left pockets of fat. I did 3 smartlipo procedures and it just wouldn't fix. I am 5'3 and 130 lbs so there wasn't much to remove,... READ MORE

CoolSculpting for Abs and Flanks, So Happy! - Alpharetta, GA

I went to Youthtopia Med Spa and the staff and atmosphere was so amazing. I struggle with anxiety and I was a bit anxious leading up to this procedure and Denise, the girl that did my treatment was so sweet and amazing. She told me step by step what she was going to do and sat back with me the... READ MORE

Gained and gaining weight and flab since last pregnancy

I'm 34 female, mom of 2, 155lbs 5'4. Exercise has been a constant in my life for over a decade. Always have had healthy diet and recently have gone to higher protein lower carb diet. Have gained 25# since becoming pregnant 6 years ago while maintaining healthy diet and exercise. WTF. 1 week... READ MORE

44 year old coolsculpting

Day One: Woke up very excited to have my one out of two coolsculpting procedures done. My abdomen was frozen today. It was not as bad as I was anticipating. During the first 15 min, I became a little sweaty and nauseaous but I think that was from anxiety. I was able to sip on some water that I... READ MORE

Procedure Went Well - Anxious for Results - Reading, PA

Today I had CoolSculpting on my tummy. I had an idea what to expect so I wasn't clueless. Set up was quick and procedure took 1 hr. It didn't hurt, just a bit uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes. More like pressure until it became numb. When it was finished, the tech massaged the tender... READ MORE

36 Year Old Dad - Don't Get to the Gym As Often As I Used To! Phoenix, AZ

Generally in good shape, but have found it harder to bounce back now that I'm in my late 30s. Office and staff immediately made me feel comfortable. I've never had anything cosmetic done before, so I was a bit anxious- but they were fantastic. Procedure lasted about 2 hours- lower abdomen. ... READ MORE

They Don't Tell You Exactly Just How MUCH Pain You Will Be in a Week After Your Procedure. Cincinnati, OH

I just had coolsculpting done on my upper and lower abdomen with the large applicators seven days ago. The pain started two nights ago. They do not tell you exactly how bad the pain is going to be. I was told that I would be "pretty uncomfortable". No, I've been in really bad pain now for two... READ MORE

Good Result - Paradise Valley, AZ

I had my upper abdomen treated with the larger applicator. As the applicator was applied, it really took my breath away. I remember asking "Are my guts in there?!" because that's really how it felt! It didn't hurt, but it was a little disorienting. I had some anxiety at... READ MORE

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