age 55-64 + CoolSculpting

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60 Years Old and Coolsculpting.

I had my first treatment of coolsculpting 3 weeks ago. I'm 4'10" and weigh between 125 130. My mid-section has always been an issue. I had discomfort during the procedure and after. It hurt me in areas. Numbness in those areas for a wk. I have seen a little change in my flanks. I would do it... READ MORE

58 Years Old; Always Had a Great Figure but Menopause a Pooch and a Little Weight Gain - Denver, CO

I've watched my weight my entire life and kept it in tack through diet and exercise. Once I went through menopause, I have a belly that just sort of hangs there. Unbelievable. Not to mention a few other things but thats the biggest issue. I will post more. Six days in and a piece of cake;... READ MORE

63 YO, 5'8" 155 Lbs. Curvy, but Had a "Pooch" Wanted Gone.

I have a pilates reformer and a pilates bench at home. Take a class each Saturday. I don't smoke, only drink wine a couple of times per week. I'm relatively healthy and have been active all my life. But I couldn't shake this lower ab "poochie". Where I have my Dysport treatments also offers... READ MORE

55 Yrs Old and Needed Help with Stubborn Fat Pockets

I have been fit for most of my adult life. I am the correct weight for my height, but I had 3 stubborn areas of my body that I just couldn't get rid of the fat deposits there. I went to MD Skin & Vein in Hunt Valley, MD to get a consultation on the Cool Sculpting procedure. After the... READ MORE

57 years old trying to get rid of "meno-pooch"

57 years old, mother of 2. I was always blessed with a flat stomach, even after having my 2 kids. Then menopause happened. I gained 7 - 10 pounds, but no matter how much I diet or exercise, I can't lose this spare tire. I thought about it for a year and finally decided to do something about... READ MORE

58 Year Old Hoping to Improve Profile and Remove Fat from the Neck Area Under the Jawline. Oakbrook, IL

After consulting with 5 plastic surgeons for facelift/necklift and investigating Kybella and Thermi RF, I decided on coolsculpting to remove residual fat from a 2011 liposuction of the neck/jowls. The doctor's assistant will be applying 2 coolsculpting neck applicators to the area. I am excited... READ MORE

Time to Do Something About my Arms - Edmonton, AB

I run, work out regularly and am a healthy 55 year old woman. CoolSculpting was a way of treating myself to further refinement. My experience was first rate. Kim at Serene Radiance was patient and thorough in regard to measurements and photos. Discussion was held regarding potential results... READ MORE

60 Year Old Grandma - Burnsville, MN

I am fortunate that I have always had a high metabolism and never had to worry about my weight. Going through menopause my metabolism slowed down. I tried numerous ways to get rid of the inner tube around my waist. I decided to check out cool sculpting at Gryskiewicz Twin Cities Cosmetic... READ MORE

Female 58, Double Chin - Des Moines, IA

I heard there was a new treatment that is no surgery for your double chin area. I called Dr Chernys office and the staff was very nice and explained everything really patiently as I had a ton of questions. I was told I needed two treatments and that they couldn't guarantee any skin tightening. I... READ MORE

56 Year-old Woman with Exercise Resistant Tummy Fat - Phoenix, AZ

I exercise regularly and am fit. But the aging process has not been kind to my midsection! I researched Coolsculpting and also researched companies. I decided to go with Bodify in Phoenix. I had the process completed on two areas: love handles and abdomen. The Bodify team used a smaller suction... READ MORE

This Really Works! Glenview, IL

I had my love handles, upper and lower abs done in August. My picture shows August and 2 months later. Yes, I had pain but after 10 days I was fine. I used a stone heating pad every night for one hour after the 10 day mark. That helped to drain the lymph glands better. I also drank lemon in my... READ MORE

56 And Hated My Belly - Richmond, VA

I had this procedure done 3 days ago but so far, I'm not having any issues. It was a bit uncomfortable when they applied the machine but nothing that I'd call terribly painful. On the sides, it hurt a little more than the center area. The technician said that was because the skin was looser... READ MORE

55 Year Old Male With Belly and Love Handles - San Francisco, CA

I've tried to stay in relatively good shape most of my adult life after being overweight throughout my childhood and teen years. My whole family is very overweight and we've all battled our weight most of our lives. Over the years, no matter how much I exercise or maintain a good eating... READ MORE

58 Years Old and Tummy Was Never the Same After C-section

Just had the procedure done on my tummy area at Allura Skin and Laser Clinic in Fort Collins, CO! Staff was so informative and professional! I have seen great results on my friends and family and they have all gone to Allura! Procedure is a breeze and I am so looking forward to seeing my... READ MORE

64 Years Old, Debulking and Sculpting Tummy Area

Great results happening from my first treatment 5 weeks ago. I love that this is a non invasive procedure that eliminates stubborn fat. Went yesterday for my second round of cycles and can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy it. The procedure to me is very relaxing and the staff is... READ MORE

55-year-old – Menopause Stole my Waist – Kelly Helped Me Get It Back

I have a friend who has been in the aesthetic business for a long time. When we talked about Coolsculpting for my new friends, Flanks and Jellyroll, she explained there are two things to be sure of: you want to go to a doctor’s office that has the latest equipment and where the technician is e... READ MORE

56, Post Meopausal. Flabby Abs. Despite Working out Faithfully.

I thought long and hard about having this procedure done. I did research on line and made appointments with three different providers who provided this service. I chose Renova for their professionalism. I also liked the atmosphere of the office and the staff was wonderful. I had great results... READ MORE

59 Year Old Female

I had been hearing about CoolSculpting for a while and decided to attend an info session with Reverra Skin Care. I decided to get my first treatments about a month later. I had the new, faster technology and did 2 large treatment areas on my lower abdomen, and 2 smaller on my upper abdomen. I... READ MORE

58 Yr Old Sick and Tired of Love Handles

I had six applications done on back and sides on 7/6/17 and six applications done on my front on 7/7/17. First day I was at the spa 4 1/2 hours. Each applicator stayed on for 35 minutes. Initial freezing was uncomfortable but bearable, after about ten minutes my skin became numb and I felt... READ MORE

56 Year Old, 3 Kids, Post Menopause, Upper and Lower Abs, Comparison to UltraShape

Preamble I tried UltraShape last year this time and it was successful (lost 1 .56 inches in 6 weeks while it had taken me over 6 months to lose an inch with diet and exercise). The only downside is that it didn't take much weight fluctuation (about 8 lbs) for the fat cells to come back bigger... READ MORE

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