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Coolsculping Disaster

I have 31 yo and my body changed completely after my pregnancy. I diet and exercise regularly, I already dropped 20 lbs but my figure wont change for nothing. I used to be curvy and now I feel like spongebob. My hips are the area where I have the biggest fat deposit of my body and I'm fully... READ MORE

36 Years Old 2 Kids

I'm a 36 year old mother of two. I had my daughter at the age of 17 and bounced right back 2 weeks after. Fourteen years later our son decided to come along. I had him right before turning 31 and I didn't bounce back at all after him. After developing better eating habits and regular exercise I... READ MORE

32 Year Old With4 Year Old Twins and 1 and Half Year Old - Chula Vista, CA

I have always suffered with love handles no matter how thin I was. After having my 3rd child I gained weight in my abdomen and more on my love handles. I am 5'4 and weigh 125lbs. I am getting the procedure done as I write this review. Just feels cold, no pain whatsoever. You feel some pulling at... READ MORE

38 Years Old Mom of 2, Overweight - Nashville, TN

I gained way too much weight with my last pregnancy and still have 40 pounds to lose the majority of that is in my belly. I've been exercising and watching what I eat and have lost weight from my arms and legs but not from my abdomen. I am getting the procedure done as I write this. We were... READ MORE


2 weeks ago I had a treatment with the large hand piece on my lower abdomen. The suction was quite shocking. I guess my skin is loose from having a baby because my fat stretched all the way to the back of the hand piece. Stabbing pains were the worst between days 5-10 but has turned into... READ MORE

Hanging Tummy Gone-NO DIET Changes - Ohio

After gaining too much weight with 3 kids I had hanging skin (and lots of other of junk). The procedure was uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes and then fine. There was some swelling and soreness after but nothing that stopped me from doing anything. This has changed my life. I had my upper... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - My Journey to Recover My Stomach - Portsmouth, NH

I am a 48 year old woman, 5'6" tall and 148 lbs. After having two 10 lb babies my stomach has never been the same even with diet and exercise. I am only 8 lbs from goal weight, and I do not see how my stomach will be what I want. So I went for a consultation for coolsculpting and Dr.... READ MORE

Weekly pic update - Two Small Applicators on Abdomen - Bakersfield, CA

Earlier this month I had my consultation for Coolsculpting, something that just recently came to my town. The medical lady at the day spa used a measuring tool (it is like a stencil, shaped like the applicators) to recommend the applicator and approach based on my goal and needs. I have had... READ MORE

Excited about CoolSculpting to lower abdomen and flanks

I'm 34 years old and have two children-a 3 year-old and a baby who is just shy of a year. I exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, and am at my goal weight. After I had my first baby, I had to get 7 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight to look good in clothes again. After baby #2, I am... READ MORE

Did It Twice - Atlanta, GA

I have been back and forth about even having this procedure done. I am just over 24, and have not had kids yet. I am going to Atlanta Friday to have this procedure for self esteem purposes. I was a college athlete and my mother now has been breaking me down about being "fat" although I'm not.... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Success - Bristol, UK

I had CoolScultping done on my upper and lower abs after having had two babies in two years and being transformed from having the athletic figure of a dancer to having a substantial mummy tummy. I wanted to get back on stage and so needed to diet to get back into shape. The only problem was my... READ MORE

Had my Love Handles Done - Houston, TX

I had the coolsculpting by Zeltiq done 3 hours ago. I decided to do this procedure to give me a kick start at losing weight and tightening my lower half up after having 3 kids. I am 5 ft 8in, weigh 139lbs and although I'm not overweight by any means, I have lost a lot of elasticity due to... READ MORE

Amazing Results! - Delray Beach, FL

Only needed one treatment! I still had my baby bump four years after having my daughter.  I was not sure what to expect from the procedure, but my results are amazing.  I had no pain. READ MORE

Make the Kangaroo Pouch Disappear - The Woodlands, TX

I had the Coolsculpting over 6 weeks ago to get rid of that stubborn kangaroo pouch after giving birth to 2 boys. I experienced mild discomfort during and after my procedure. The before and after photos 5 weeks out blew me away. I'm looking forward to getting more areas done next month. ... READ MORE

Coolsculpting is a Miracle! - Toronto, ON

I went to Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute for Coolsculpting. I am in my 20s, and have always been really small 100-115lbs & having gained weight during pregnancy it left me with fat that just wouldn’t go away, a wider waist and a larger stomach. I was ashamed of it and nothing I tried s... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Mona Foad had the best bedside manner. She made me feel at ease considering I have MS and was really interested in a non-surgical procedure. I highly recommend this product and Doctor. My abdominals separated 1" after giving birth. I had though that my only option was a tummy tuck and boy... READ MORE

32 Year Old Women, 3 Kids, Love Handles from Pregnancies - Ohio, OH

I'm a busy mom with no downtime. So, coolsculpting was a great option for me. I felt like it was fairly painless and I had great results and would recommend this to anybody ! After my treatment I had alittle swelling and numbness which is completly normal. I I didn't see any results until about... READ MORE

33, New Mom - Sycamore, IL

I've had trouble adjusting to the changes that come with pregnancy and post pregnancy. I've always had a good metabolism and have always been pretty fit. After having my daughter I've realized how much everything changes, especially my body. Things just aren't tightening up like they used to so... READ MORE

Great Treatment Option if You Choose a Qualified Provider. - Orlando, FL

I think coolsculpting is a wonderful treatment option for people who are already in shape with problem areas. I am a very active person that had a little extra fat on my abdomen from having two babies. I was happy with my abdomen but thought there could be improvement. Unfortunately, Bridget... READ MORE

Praying This Journey Will Be a Positive Experience - Glendale, AZ

I have always gained most of my weight in my stomach. I am hoping for a flat tummy but we shall see. I am 41 yrs old w/2 children. I am doing two small panels on my upper & lower stomach. I have a high pain tolerance so praying I do not experience the pain I have read on other peoples blogs.... READ MORE

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