Advil + CoolSculpting

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Cool Sculpting? - Brookfield, WI

I just completed by first cool sculpting procedure on my bra fat and upper arms. The procedure wasn't too painful. I'm bruised, so try not to take any blood thinners beforehand. I'm currently regretting my Advil dose last night. I'll post pictures tonight and do updates on my progress. Overall... READ MORE

29 Year Old Who Couldn't Get Rid of Flanks (No Kids, but Not the Best Genes) Atlanta, GA

Sooo no matter how small I got I could never get rid of my bottom, side flanks :( I was seeing commercials for coolsculpting on tv so I decided to do some research and take the plunge. I had a consultation with SlimScuplting Studios in Atlanta GA and felt very confident after it was over. They... READ MORE

Wedding Dress Ready Thanks to Dr.Nodwell. Ottawa, ON

I had coolsculpting done on my love handles, tummy and arms 3 months before my wedding. I was a bit anxious that my dress wouldn't close but after I had my consultation with the nurse I decided to go ahead with it. I was treated with care and dignity, the poor nurse was super patient with me... READ MORE

I Feel Deceived by the Pain

I got the procedure Tuesday, June 9th, making today the 6th day for me. After how much this website has helped me, I felt I owed my experience to the community as well. I got coolsculpting on my abdomen using 4 small applicators. The procedure itself, for me, not so bad. First seven minutes... READ MORE

50yr Old-- Menopause Belly, Ugh - Denver, CO

Have always been of normal weight (5'5" 125-130s) until menopause hit and I ballooned up to 150#. Diet and exercise did not budge my newly acquired belly fat. Researched my options and decided on coolsculpting... hopefully it will work to get rid of the pudge! Had my appt. this morning... no... READ MORE

Abs & Inner Thighs

After reading tons of reviews and waiting for about 3 years, I finally decided to try this. I, like most everyone else, had some small areas that would not go anywhere with diet or exercise. Yesterday I had it done. I had 2 small applicators on upper abs, 2 small applicators on inner thighs,... READ MORE

35 Years Old, 2children - Waukesha, WI

I had cool sculpting done 11/24 and one of the selling features for me was no downtime, minor pain and swelling. Which was bull Swiss. I had 5 treatments one on my stomach snd two on each side of my love handles and back fat. The large suction on my stomach hurt like heck for the first 6.5... READ MORE

CoolSculpting- Too Early to See Results Yet. Painful but Not Unbearable

Hi everyone, I wanted to write a post because this site really helped me when I was making my decision. I had my procedure on 6/1 on my inner thighs and it has been 4 days now. I am still swollen and obviously have not seen any results yet. I am 5'8 with an athletic build and I am muscular. My... READ MORE

CoolSculpting is definitely worth it! - Amarillo, TX

I won a CoolSculpt treatment from the American Laser Med Spa. I had the Cool Sc. on my stomach. I went in for a consult and my questions were answered. I was impressed with the knowledge of the staff and doctor. Measurements and pictures were taken. There was some discomfort when the session... READ MORE

Not sure if this was worth it! Painful after-effects as well as insane itching! - Phoenix, AZ

I'm 46, had a baby 2.5 years ago and have had a very hard time getting rid of the poochy, flab on my abdomen. I'm 5'4' and weighed roughly 124 the day I had Coolsculpting done on my abdomen and love handles. I'm a woman who's been waxed, lasered with IPL on my face, I've had laser hair removal... READ MORE

39 - Two Kids...needed a Little Help, with No Down Time - Danville, CA

I'm a very active mom, of two (9yrs & a special needs 4yr old), who works full time. My second child took a toll on my body and with what excercise I can get in, I've plateaued. I have some areas that I feel need some added attention, and I don't have three hours a day to spend at the gym. I... READ MORE

Fantastic Results from Coolsculpting of Inner Thighs! - Toronto, ON

It has been almost 4 months since I had the Coolsculpting done on my inner thighs and WOW. I have a thigh gap! I couldn't get my thighs to touch even if I tried. The results are incredible. I am so happy! All my pants look so much better on me and I am so much more comfortable in a bikini. ... READ MORE

48 Year Old Female, Cool Sculpting in 12 Places One Day! - United Kingdom

I am day 3 post procedure. I had cool sculpting on 12 spots. 6 on flanks, two on upper abs. And 2 of the large applicator on lower abs, which were counted (and charged) as 2 each. It was a long day, I was at the clinic from 9 am to nearly 7 pm. I 5'6" 155lb with lots of loose fat located... READ MORE

24 5'11...had a Hard Time Toning my Lower Abs and Obliques. Virginia Beach, VA

I got this procedure done because I workout but I can't seem to lose the pudge on my lower abs and extra flab on my obliques. The providers really underplayed the pain that comes with this procedure. The providers say "oh you might feel some swelling and itching." The reality is, it felt... READ MORE

40 Y/o Woman, One Child, Several Abdominal Surgeries, Tummy Not Responding to Diet and Exercise - Plano, TX

I am 5'8" and I wear a size M everywhere except my tummy, where I wear an L or XL. I've changed my eating habits, working with a physician and nutritionist over the past 2 years. I exercise and lift weights 3 to 5 times/week. The rest of me is strong and toned and the tummy is just, ugh... I... READ MORE

Love This Procedure! - West Hollywood, CA

I had some stubborn fat on my abdomen that has been there even though I work out a lot. As I've gotten older and into my 40s I have stubborn fat on my hips and bra fat. I had CoolSculpting 8 weeks ago and its all been reduced. I love the results. The stomach caused some pain about a week... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old with a Pooch.....thanks Mom - Newport Beach, CA

Thanks to genetics I have a pooch that will not go away. I looked into CS several times and finally decided to do it! I talked to a few offices in the Newport Beach area and the prices ranged, for the large application, from $600-$1200. I encourage everyone to call several places. I think these... READ MORE

Another Tummy Tuck in a Different Area - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I have had the coolsculpting 2 1/2 years ago in the tummy area and I didn't have any discomfort. My tummy is flat and loving it and then I went again to do the above the tummy and felt more tingly, sore etc on February 13, 2015 and yesterday (the 19th), I felt very awkward all day and night... READ MORE

More Yet to Come...- Avon, CT

I am starting this thread to talk about my experience with Cool Sculpting. I just had my flanks done for a second time on Nov 27 so it is too early to tell any results. The first time did minimal results, about an inch at my waist. I will be having my lower and upper abs done on Dec 13, so I... READ MORE

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