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Coolsculpting - Abs and Flanks - AMAZING Results - Rejuvenate Austin

I went in on a Tuesday for my initial consultation with Melissa at Rejuvenate AustinShe was professional, friendly and we discussed what I felt were my problem areas. We decided to move forward with upper and lower abdomen and flanks. Day 1 - Friday, day of treatment Melissa had advised me to... READ MORE

41 w Kids CoolSculpt Consult and Possibly Procedure Scheduled

I have been stalking procedures on RS for years now. Finally broke down and scheduled Coolsculpt for this Monday. Have lost about 20 lbs but still struggle w the tummy pads that Ive had even at my leanest in HS. After 2 kids I may need a TT to deal w skin lax but want to see if Coolsculpt and... READ MORE

57 years old trying to get rid of "meno-pooch"

57 years old, mother of 2. I was always blessed with a flat stomach, even after having my 2 kids. Then menopause happened. I gained 7 - 10 pounds, but no matter how much I diet or exercise, I can't lose this spare tire. I thought about it for a year and finally decided to do something about... READ MORE

39 yrs old 5'2" 138 lbs No kids - Austin, TX

I had coolsculpting done today for the first time on my lower abs. I had 3 small cooladvantage applicators (the new 35 minute shorter treatment.) I was a little nervous because I've read many reviews describing discomfort and pain in some patients. I was quite surprised because I couldn't have... READ MORE

28, 125lbs 5'5" Athletic Coolsmooth on Abs and Coolsculpting on Flanks

Hi there, I have had a really positive experience so far, and after being terrified by the intense experiences others have had on here I thought I would post about my positive one (so far) Through exercise and diet I had gotten down to about 118 lbs and had a very muscular stomach that I was... READ MORE

Recovering from Coolsculpting = Abs

Well, I bit the bullet and decided to get my abs CoolSculpted. I have been blessed with having a thin frame my whole life, but at the big 4-O mark my metabolism started to slow down. Add to that I sit at a desk 40 hours a week and get very little exercise and at 48 fat had begun to deposit in... READ MORE

Frustrated with Abs and Tank Top Fat - Phoenix, AZ

I am 36 years old, I workout and eat really well most of the time. I have always struggled with a little bit of a lower stomach, more recently I began accumulating fat near the front of my bra line or what I call tank top fat. I hated how I looked in tight workout tops with fat spilling out of... READ MORE

Abs & Inner Thighs

After reading tons of reviews and waiting for about 3 years, I finally decided to try this. I, like most everyone else, had some small areas that would not go anywhere with diet or exercise. Yesterday I had it done. I had 2 small applicators on upper abs, 2 small applicators on inner thighs,... READ MORE

35yo, 190, 44" Waist Coolsculpting - Portland, OR

May 2, 2014 - All of the reviews here for coolsculpting are from what i deem as "already thin" people. I am 5'7", 190lbs and i wear a size 16 jeans. I'm a big girl. I went into my doctor to discuss liposuction and he recommended coolsculpting. Apparently I have really strong abs underneath all... READ MORE

It's Taken Awhile, but Now I'm Definitely Seeing Results - Redmond, WA

I had Coolsculpting on my abs, love handles, and arms. I didn't really see anything for about a month, but it's been 6 weeks now and I'm seeing some definite changes. I'm looking forward to the beginning of August, when the full effect should be more obvious. The photos are not great, but I... READ MORE

49yo Male. 2 Large App in Abs and 4 Small Apps in Flanks and Upper Ab. Niagara Falls, ON

6 weeks out I see only minimal difference. I will be patient for a few more weeks. In reality it is good for 20-25% loss. I have booked ab etching and lipo as well as chest lipo (whole area from crotch to neck in Dec for $20,000. I will post in 2 more weeks final pics of 6 areas done and... READ MORE

CoolSsculpting on Arms and Abs Did Not Work -zero Results on Arms

I had coolsculptting done 3 months ago to the day on my arms and on four sections on my stomach. My arms were measured before the procedure and I have been measuring them ever since- ABSOLUTELY ZERO results. My arms are the exact same size- no change in the appearance either- 20% results... READ MORE

CoolSculpting for Abs and Flanks, So Happy! - Alpharetta, GA

I went to Youthtopia Med Spa and the staff and atmosphere was so amazing. I struggle with anxiety and I was a bit anxious leading up to this procedure and Denise, the girl that did my treatment was so sweet and amazing. She told me step by step what she was going to do and sat back with me the... READ MORE

4 weeks post CoolSculpting to abs, flanks and inner thighs. Not sure if it worked

I had coolsculpting exactly 4 weeks ago and I am not sure if I am seeing any results. I think maybe I see a small change but expected more based on feedback I've read of people seeing results as early as 3 weeks after the procedure. I know the total recovery time is 12 weeks but I'm starting... READ MORE

Abs and Handles - Colorado Springs, CO

Rachelle was AWESOME to work with, explained everything as it was happening. Enjoyed that they were open on Saturday, the big screen TV helped pass the time. She ensured I had water to drink, enough pillows to make my time as comfortable as possible. She even made me a nice HOT coffee afterward... READ MORE

Mom of Two. Beachwood, OH

I had coolsculpting on my abs in July. I can already see a difference and am so happy that I chose Beachwood Plastic Surgery. The staff was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Jodi made me feel very comfortable and was very straight forward about the results that I may get. I will... READ MORE

35 Years Old and Needed Contouring - Danville, CA

Awesome! Looking forward to my results in a few months!!! They answered all of my questions and provided great feedback! I will be getting more cool sculpting done for my sides and upper abs in a few months! It didn't hurt as I thought it would! I almost fell asleep during the procedure. Very... READ MORE

Patricia Rivas is Extremely Honest!!!! Boonton, NJ

I was so hesitant to do the coolsculting, especially because of the cost. Pati at ALORA SPA assured me that my procedure was going to turn out great, which it DID. Coolsculting and Pati's expertise really exceeded my expectations about the entire process. I did my abs,inner thighs,bra fat and... READ MORE

CoolSculpt my Abs and Love Handles - Centennial, CO

I have been working abs and love handles with little progress. After one visit I can see a big change in each one. I now am going to do my neck with the Hollywood body laser and I have a good friend who is also going to have some work done after seeing my results. I also would like to say how... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Abs Area- Side Effects - Colombia, CO

Had my first coolscultping treatment on the abs area. On the 3rd day after the treatment, I have been feeling terrible, nauseas, chills, soreness and stiffness on the abs area, cero appetite, cero energy. I have not been able to sleep well. I have been taking Aleve for the pain... It has helped... READ MORE

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