7 months post-op + CoolSculpting

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Coolsculpting Helped Lower Abs Tremendously! - Phoenix, AZ

I had Coolsculpitng done in September of 2016 on my lower abs. I also did it a second time in March of 2017. Theresa, at Dr. Meger's office is absolutely amazing! She explained thoroughly what to expect, what it would feel like etc. I had no negative side effects from this quick procedure. I did... READ MORE

22 Wanting a Slim Stomach - Alpharetta, GA

I've had several friends recommend this procedure and I wanted to try it out to see it for myself. After everything the results were as expected! I'm living a much healthier life style, even my friends can see a difference. Would definitely recommend for anyone that wants to try this out and to... READ MORE

Not the Cheapest, but the Best! - Chapel Hill, NC

Had Coolsculpting in November at my Dermatologist's office in NC. They are a top provider according to coolsculpting's website (do your research people). I couldn't be happier! I always hated my outer thighs and love handles. The office had 2 machines so I was able to do both legs and both love... READ MORE

Excellent Service - Auburn, AL

Dr Aquadro was extremely knowledgable and helpful. I met with him on multiple occasions before, during and after the procedure and he made sure that I was happy with the results that I received from Spa Auburn. I'm 100% confident in his practice and extremely confident in his dedication to... READ MORE

Much Needed Help - Kettering, OH

I had the worst experience ever. I believe the nurse. Racked my rib. Extremely painful. After having zero results, they did the procedure AGAIN for me at the end of October. And as you can guess - absolutely zero results AGAIN. Do not waste your money! I wish I could get my money back... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Review - Columbus, OH

My cool sculpting experience at CAPS has been very favorable. Jen Heck, cool sculpting certified nurse, has been awesome. She is very thorough with her assessment and considers your personal goals in recommending what she feels would have the most favorable results. She goes out of her way... READ MORE

47 Years Old and Finally Something So "COOL" Worked - Durham, NC

I was having trouble losing weight in stubborn areas such as my muffin top and around my back, even with exercise and eating good. Finally, I heard about Cool Sculpting. After hearing from others who had this procedure and doing research, I decided to try it. To really have the outcome I... READ MORE

Life Changing Procedure! - Rochester, NY

I guess the best way to start this review is to say that Coolsculpting is one of the best decisions I have made. It has made me leave my insecurities behind and has brought out newfound confidence in my body. Dermatology Associates of Rochester made the whole experience pleasurable with friendly... READ MORE

Awesome Ladies and Experience - Cincinnati, OH

Had cool sculpting done at Amy Brenner's office. The staff is amazing there. I now consider them friends after spending so much time there. Cool sculpting experience was actually fun. No pain involved and results were exactly what they told me to expect. I did 2 locations and when I asked about... READ MORE

44 Stubborn Belly Fat - Des Moines, IA

I heard a radio ad multiple times and kept seeing commercials. I had a neighbor that did it before but I still thought it sounded too good to be true. I decided after hearing the ad and seeing commercials enough times I would go in to check it out. It was the best decision I made. It's been 6... READ MORE

Much Needed Confidence Boost - Athens, GA

The staff, especially Susan, at Pittman Plastic Surgery were extremely welcoming, attentive, positive and put my nerves at ease. Susan did an amazing job with the cool sculpting of my abdomen and it has improved my confidence tremendously. Susan made sure I was comfortable throughout the... READ MORE

Thrilled - New York

Rebecca is exceptional.  Her thoughtful laser treatments of IPL and Clear and Brilliant brought my skin back to life. After one appointment my skin was glowing and my face looked better than it had in 10 years.  It's important for me to look my best and I have never found a skin care spe... READ MORE

47 Year Old Male Abdomen and Love Handles - Las Vegas, NV

Went in twice. 1st time had the abdomen and love handles done. Not too painful but very uncomfortable for the first few minutes. Then numb for about a month after. No results at all. 2nd time 3 months later had the same areas done again. Still believing the hype. A little less... READ MORE

Flanks and Abdomen - Austin, TX

Easy in office procedure that allowed my to go back to work immediately. I began to see the results after about 8 weeks and but really saw major improvement after 12 weeks. I was looking to lose the stubborn fat that I could not budge with exercise and I am very impressed with my result. ... READ MORE

65 and Needing Loss of Tummy - Philadelphia, PA

The only place thinner is my wallet. Did 5 hours. Some bruising & discomfort, but absolutely no change in body whatsoever. Don't waste your money. My before & after photos were identical. I don't have the photos. They do. I was so depressed after, that I couldn't even deal with writing this... READ MORE

Did Not Work out $2600! - Tampa, FL

I am 5'8 134 lbs and had the cool sculpting on my flanks and lower abs twice. I also worked out with my trainer for two hours three times a week and did not lose an inch on my stomach. The procedure was very painful especially on my lower abs for about three weeks after and I was bruised all... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money - Albuquerque, NM

I had several areas done a min of two times some areas 3 times. My abd, thighs inner and outer, flanks and arms. I did these treatments over a 4 month period. I was also exercising and watching what I ate. I did loose 4 inches in then abd area, but I believe it was due to working out 3x a week w... READ MORE

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