6 months post-op + CoolSculpting

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Coolsculpting is a Joke - Moline, IL

I had coolsculpting done and I am sadly dissapointed with my results. I spent $2,000 with zero results and I actually feel bigger. I had 4 sessions done on my abdomin and had major swelling after (which is normal) but I feel after the swelling went down my stomach never went back down to... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Mini on Chin - Delray Beach, FL

I had the chin cool mini for an hour. Gives you an ice cream brain freeze headache that lasted for hours after. Weird feeling but not painful. I am not heavy (size 4) but I have always had fat deposits in strange places. I decided to get this for myself for the holidays. It wasn't cheap but I... READ MORE

43, 2 Kids Small Frame with Belly - Pepper Pike, OH

6/3/16 It’s been 16 weeks since I had the Cool Sculpting done. 1 Large under belly button and 2 smalls on the side. I went in for photo last week and I did see some results. But not 100% satisfied. (after 3hrs/ $2K) The nurse told me that I should go for a 2nd which will get me to what I want a... READ MORE

Cool Mini Under Chin Not Worth It - Centennial, CO

I have always had stubborn fat under my chin that has bothered me for years. It's an unfortunate family trait that most of the women have on my fathers side. I am 125 lbs and no matter what I did I couldn't get rid of it. I had talked to two different plastic surgeons in the past about getting... READ MORE

An Unwanted Double Chin - Houston, TX

Looking at pictures I was tired of seeing my double chin. With other options available on I decided to do Coolsculpting considering the fewer side effects for the sub mental. Pros: The treatment took two hours. No one was able to tell I had anything done because the swelling was non existent... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 4 Children Later Need Help with Tummy and Bat Wing Arms! I Was Scammed!

I was very optimistic about having the procedure. I was excited that there was no down time and not exposing myself to the danger of going under. I bought 10 sessions and was looking forward to the new improved me. I had my stomach done first in two sessions with the large applicator. It was... READ MORE

Not Worth the $$ - Greenville, SC

I done a second round of this treatment and have seen Zero results. It's not worth the money you spend. You're better off going under the knife. If you spend 5000, you need to be able to see some difference, that's a good chunk of change. I wish I would have read more reviews and looked into... READ MORE

Do NOT Go Here!! - Winter Park, FL

I went to this office initially because I located them from The Real Self for SmartLipo. I went to the office for a consultation where I met with a Coolsculpting representative who informed me their office no longer performs SmartLipo. After she decided that I was an ideal candidate, I went in... READ MORE

Amazing... Best Ever... DO IT! - Denver, CO

After doing my research (and wasting money on Zerona) I decided to give CoolSculpting a try. I had consultations at several offices and chose Colorado Skin & Vein because the Laura (their nurse) is phenomenal (I had her do Botox and Voluma as well, again recommended but that's a whole... READ MORE

40 Years Old. Needed Lipo - Jupiter, FL

I consider myself very active and I don't eat junk but always had a problem with extra fat around my waist line and tummy area. I tried several fat reduction treatments such as cavitation, mesotherapy(injections), reduction massages not to say the least. Those treatments only work for a while... READ MORE

56 and 3 Kids - Montecito, CA

I was doubtful and then my friend had it done on her tummy and it really worked. So I decided to have it done on my inner thighs. I saw a difference within 3-4 weeks now I'm very happy and the fat has stayed off. I would highly recommend cool sculpting to anyone that has that extra fat that... READ MORE

36 Y/o Avid Exerciser with Two Kids Needing Inner Thigh Peace! - Owings Mills, MD

I've always had problems with large inner thighs my whole life despite healthy eating and exercising daily. I wish I would have known about coolsculpt years ago! After my two visits to Betsey Willner at the plastic surgery practice of Dr James E Vogel for inner thigh treatment I'm a believer! It... READ MORE

My Stomach Has Never Been Flatter! - Danville, CA

I got my abdomen treated. I had that little "pooch" that all women get around the belly bottom area. I was always self conscious about wearing tight fitting clothes until CoolSculping. It worked better than I could have hoped! It took about 3 months to see my full results. My stomach is now... READ MORE

38 Years Old 3 Kids - Watertown, WI

I had always had bulges on my thighs that never changed no matter if I lost weight or not. I was never happy with the way jeans looked on me especially skinny jeans. I had 2 cycles done on each thigh and the results are amazing! Each cycle took 4 hours so a totL of 8 hours. I brought... READ MORE

Out the Money Not the Fat - Los Angeles, CA

After hearing of it through media by physician's testimony and then clearance through FDA, thought I'd try it. The nurse at the clinic where I went was very candid and stated the results are insignificant and not worth the cost. She told me I'd be happier with a tummy tuck for nearly the same... READ MORE

Didn't Do a Thing! Waisted Money. - Austin, TX

Had cool sculpting done on my lower tummy six months ago and see absolutely no difference. Such a disappointment. Now I want to do it the right way and get smart lipo but feel so ripped off by this procedure I find it difficult to justify paying the additional money to the same doctor with... READ MORE

Definitely Not Worth It - Calgary, AB

I had this done over six months ago now. I have maintained my weight fine but the service level was quite poor and there has been absolutely no visible results whatsoever. There was really no point in having this done. Wish I had spent my money elsewhere. It wasn't painful but when I went back... READ MORE

A Waste of Money! - Kansas City, MO

Used on the inside of my knees/thighs. It was a painful hour. They told me to wait at least 4 months to see results, 6 months later ... NO RESULTS! READ MORE

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