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5 months post-op + CoolSculpting

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Double Chin Coolsculpting Not Worth It - Santa Rosa, CA

I had coolsculpting done to improve my double chin. I'm overall in good shape, weight 130 lbs. 5'1. I've seen the before and after pictures of coolsculpting results in the internet and I got excited because I always had this double chin I wanted to get rid off. I got a deal of 2 sessions for... READ MORE

Time to Do Something About my Arms - Edmonton, AB

I run, work out regularly and am a healthy 55 year old woman. CoolSculpting was a way of treating myself to further refinement. My experience was first rate. Kim at Serene Radiance was patient and thorough in regard to measurements and photos. Discussion was held regarding potential results... READ MORE

33 Years Old , 1 Daughter - Westfield, MA

I had cool sculpting done because my outer thighs were very asymmetrical and I wanted a tighter stomach and flanks. If I only would have listened to my husband and waited for real liposuction I would be a much happier, wealthier person! IT DID NOTHING!!! They try to hype you up, with before and... READ MORE

35 Female, Stomach - West Des Moines, IA

I had my lower stomach coolsculpted. Once i figure out how to upload my photos on my computer I will show you. I had great results!!! It took exactly 8 weeks to see my result. I had two treatments on my lower stomach and I even gained 4 pounds on vacation. Recommend it! Ask if you have any... READ MORE

42 and in a Great Shape! - Galloway, NJ

I wanted to get a more flat abdomen and was tired of wearing spanx...I had no time to go to the gym and my body was starting to change. After I turned 40 my metabolism started to slow down. The procedure was simple and comfortable it only took 4 hrs with breaks. 4 attachments were used; 2 on... READ MORE

Frustrated with Abs and Tank Top Fat - Phoenix, AZ

I am 36 years old, I workout and eat really well most of the time. I have always struggled with a little bit of a lower stomach, more recently I began accumulating fat near the front of my bra line or what I call tank top fat. I hated how I looked in tight workout tops with fat spilling out of... READ MORE

NEVER Thought This Would Work and It Was the BEST Thing I Ever Did! - Atlanta, GA

As a 47 year old woman I had given up hope that I would ever have a flat stomach. I had 10 lb children and although I was a personal trainer I could never get rid of the "pooch". I did not have high expectations of this procedure but boy was I wrong! I lost 2 pant sizes and haven't felt this... READ MORE

Disastrous Results - Montreal, QC

I'm 53 years old but in great shape. Have been an exercise addict for decades but in the last few years, a slight bulge on my lower abs started to bother me. I decided to try this wonderful, non-invasive procedure to correct my one minor imperfection. The procedure consisted of three different... READ MORE

Coolsculpting of Lower Abdomen

I decided to get coolsculpting done because I was unhappy with the contour of my body after gaining and losing a ton of weight before and after having a child. After losing the last 20 pounds, my body shape began to become very disproportionate. I have a natural hourglass figure,... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Was Awful - Savannah, GA

My consultantion day at Ideal image they told me I was the perfect candidate & suggest I use 4 max treatments in my abdominal area. Because they guaranteed me drastic changes I decide to do it because I wanted to lose badly in that area,I went on a serious diet & used spanks to for sure... READ MORE

Coolscupting by Michelle at The Geldner Center Was Fabulous! - Chicago, IL

My Coolsculpting prodecure, performed by Michelle Phelps at The Geldner Center, exceeded my highest expectations! Michelle explained the procedure fully -- both the science behind it and what I would experience -- and made sure of my ease and comfort during the two treatments I had (Netflix is... READ MORE

TOTAL Scam and Waist of Time and Money - Severna Park, MD

I'm male, 6ft, 200 and 10% bodyfat (or less). I've always been able to see a six pack but have had a bit of fat around my belly button as most guys do. Being able to slightly reduce fat in this location would allow me to see my lower abdominal muscle. I decided to give Cool Sculpting a try... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Arms - Nashville, TN

Had pretty good experience lost about 1/2 from each arm. In early May went back and had second treatment, lost about another half inch from each already. I noticed results each time at three weeks mark. Not much after that. So while arms are still flabby and Ned toning, they are one inch... READ MORE

Baby Belly - Slidell, LA

After having 2 babies, I could not get rid of my baby belly. I watch what I eat and exercise regularly but cannot seem to get rid of this area. I treated my abdomen first and got such great results I went back and treated my love handles. This has changed the way I feel about my body and my... READ MORE

Mature Woman - Montecito, CA

My motivation was very high to have this yreatment. The area I had treatment for was my neck area. The surroundings were very clean and staff were very friendly and explained the procedure at length. For me there was no pain involved; more importantly no invasive surgery. I did notice an improvement READ MORE

Iam 58 Yrs Old and Needed Back Bra Fat Gone

I wanted to do something but not have to be knocked out, I saw an ad about the procedure and I called for apt. Jill Kaminski was very nice and explained everything to me put me at ease. I booked an apt and in a few sessions got it done I was never in any kind of real pain just a little sore... READ MORE

Totally Worth It! After 2 Kiddos.. Coolsculpting is the Best! - Houston, TX

Totally loved it. So easy to do, no pain, just a weird cold feeling. I worked on my laptop the first time and watched Scandal my second time. I love that my problem areas (love handles and belly) actually changed. I've never been able to change these areas no matter how hard I worked out! Now... READ MORE

Cool Sculpt and Skin Laxity - Gulf Breeze, FL

I had a cool sculpt procedure for my hips and thighs and as a result, my skin elasticity has changed for the worse. I am a very fit exercise instructor and had a never ending battle with a few localized areas. Do not do this procedure if you are concerned about lumpy and flaccid skin!!!! In... READ MORE

The "Tummy" I Could Never Get Rid Of... - Glenview, IL

I have ALWAYS carried my extra weight in my tummy. No amount of exercise or dieting ever helped. I went to see Tricia and Shamila at The Derm, in Glenview IL for cool sculpting on my lower abdomen. I ended up having 3 treatments (per their recommendations) 2 on my lower abdomen and 1 on my upper... READ MORE

62 Year Old That Can Now Wear Sleeveless Tops Because of the Arm Treatment!! - Phoenix, AZ

I went to Bodify to meet with the consultants and Dr. Steven Sorr. They were honest about the expectations of the treatment for my arms. I am very pleased with the results since I had been unsuccessful in getting these results from exercising. The staff were so friendly and made it such a... READ MORE

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