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4 days post-op + CoolSculpting

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Double Chin (Man)

In my 40's now and the double chin is slowly increasing in size. figured I should do something about it now before it gets worse. I dont like getting pictures taken of me because its always noticeable. The applicator didnt suction that well and lost suction after 15 minutes (after swallowing)... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids, Lower Stomach - Manhattan, NY

I am 33 years old, 5'4, 130 pounds and in athletic shape. I have to preface this review and say I had breast augmentation in 2008 and I have a high pain threshold. For my BA I only took one painkiller per day for the first 3 days and I only take Tylenol after that. Coolsculpting was not... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids - Arlington, VA

Hi there - I had cool sculpting done in 2 sections on my stomach last Monday. The procedure was painless for me. I had some discomfort for the first five minutes (slight cramping) then the area went numb. I currently feel a little bloated and the area is slightly numb but not painful. I'll... READ MORE

Waiting for my Results - Arlington, TX

Had my tummy tuck in march 2015. super satisfied with results. now, 18 months later, I've noticed pockets of fat developing in love handle area that won't go away even with diet and exercise. a friend suggested I look into coolsculpting. had my consult on a Monday and scheduled my flank... READ MORE

51 Year Old Mom; 5'3"; 133 Lbs-fit & Perimenopausal! - Long Island, NY

I've been in good shape most of my life, with just a few times when I've gained 10-20 lbs .I've always been very successful at pulling in the reins and losing the excess weight whenever I've put my mind to it. For the most part, I been lucky in that I have a pretty good shape naturally. I've... READ MORE

40 Years Old Male, Coolsculpting at BA Med Spa & Weight Loss Center, Tulsa , Ok

I took advantage of the discount offer to coolsculpt 3 areas in the lower abdomen. This is day 4 post treatment, i feel no discomfort at all, the numbness in the treated area was significant the first two days but it is already disappearing as i have been rubbing it with Blue Emu oil and pure... READ MORE

Trying to Change my Shape - Pikesville, MD

Date of Consultation- April 24th (Paid half the cost) Procedure done- May 1st (Paid the Balance in order to do Procedure) I am 5'3" and 135lbs with a somewhat sedentary lifestyle. I do exercise but I'm not consistent with my workouts. I have a job that keeps me on the road so... READ MORE

25 Year Old Close to Body Goal - Dubai, AE

So basically I have a few trouble areas and decided to go forward with cool sculpting seeing that there is no down time so I thought why not. I had 7 cycles in mid section area. The lower abdomen, upper abdomen, flanks, sides and back. Boy little did I know this is the stupidest decision of my... READ MORE

30, Coolmini to my Double Chin - New Auckland, AU

I had coolsculpting done in a clinic in Auckland, New Zealand. I had my consult last month and after seeing a presentation about coolsculpting i decided to go through with it for my chin area as i've always struggled with an inherited double chin. The treatment was $2000 for two cycles, one on... READ MORE

Natural is Better - Robinson, PA

I am four days post procedure. I would never ever recommend this to anyone. The pain is ridiculous during the procedure and post. They definitely didn't prepare me for what i was about to encounter. This is been an awful experience. I would rather starve myself and run 20 miles a day........... READ MORE

Not sure if this was worth it! Painful after-effects as well as insane itching! - Phoenix, AZ

I'm 46, had a baby 2.5 years ago and have had a very hard time getting rid of the poochy, flab on my abdomen. I'm 5'4' and weighed roughly 124 the day I had Coolsculpting done on my abdomen and love handles. I'm a woman who's been waxed, lasered with IPL on my face, I've had laser hair removal... READ MORE

28 YOA, 1 Child - Dallas, TX

From the fad diets, My Fit foods, body wraps, exercise, kicking boxing, you name it I have probably tried and yet unsuccessful in losing inches and weight. I just couldn't get rid of the belly fat. I thought about liposuction but figure cool sculpting would get me the results I want. I've been... READ MORE

Who Has NOT Experienced God Awful Stabbing Pains? - Phoenix, AZ

I really thought I would be in the so-called 90% of folks supposedly never experiencing the shooting/stabbing electrifying pains. There is nothing like it! Please, post your experience if it has been tolerable for you, and specifically what you did experience. I don't want to discourage... READ MORE

41 Years Old, Two Kids, Little Lumpy Pouchy Muffin Top Left After Second Baby - Bedford, NS

I was always skinny, and my best part was my incredibly flat belly, after my first baby i went back (almost) like i was before, but my second baby was soooo big, he stretched my tummy at bit more and under the belly button i gained that horrible stubborn lumpy fat that just wont go no matter how... READ MORE

Banish Belly Fat - Upland, CA

I had this done 4 days ago. They used a small device, an hour on each side of belly, using my belly buttton as a mid point. The initial sucking of the fat into the device is alarming because its really strong. After a few minutes the area is numb so I didnt feel anything. Its a little... READ MORE

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