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3 weeks post-op + CoolSculpting

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Abdominal upper and lower 29 year old

It is week 3 and recovery is great. I had really crazy itching for the first 4 days and then it subsided. I had one small applicator horizontally placed over my lower stomach/abdominal area (including my belly button area), and one flat panel on my upper abdominal area. The procedure was a... READ MORE

Waiting - Toronto, ON

I have wanted to do liposuction on my abdomen, arms, and inner thighs for quite some time. I am in my 50's and my motivation to lose my additional weight through diet is waning as my metabolism does not work the same as when I was younger, and it feels torturous. Liposuction is expensive so,... READ MORE

CoolSculpt For Stubborn Abdominal Area - Cedar Rapids, IA

I am 39 years old, eat well & workout regularly. However, I was looking for help with the are of my abdominals above bellybutton that just wouldn't seem to budget. My experience far surpassed my expectations! As always, the staff at Dr. Andrews office in Cedar Rapids wS BEYOND amazing and... READ MORE

BackFat Be Gone! - Marina Del Rey, CA

I went to see Rachael at the Marina Plastic Surgery Center in Marina Del Rey, CA based on her reviews. Its exactly what all the reviews says about how the treatment is like and won't elaborate too much on in. But in a nutshell, it's like a cold vacuum sucking on to your skin for an hour. I think... READ MORE

Best Thing I Have Ever Done for Myself - New Brunswick, NJ

Rather than a day by day chronology, I have chosen to provide a sectional review, targeting various aspects of the procedure. This review is be broken into: Background, Procedure, Post Op, Results, and Summary. Background: I am 53 years old and mother of one child, 24 years old. I have... READ MORE

Zeltiq - Perth, Australia

I had my lower abdominal treated. I had the option of the smaller instrument, but they told me the larger is more effective, sometimes creating a noticeable 'ledge' on the upper that may also need to be treated later. If it works that well, I will have no issues with getting another... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting , LIPO, implant replacement- Auburn, AL

I have been back and forth about a few procedures over the last few years. I have breast implants that need replacing and I have belly fat and thigh fat I just can't get rid of. I would also like to get rid of my extra chin. So I purchases 8 treatments, one each for the inside and outside of my... READ MORE

Coolsculping: Lots of Pain, Prescribed Gabapentin Six Days Later Not Helping - Concord, NC

My sharp stabbing pain started about 11 days later. After reading many reviews, I tried 800mg of ibuprofen every four hours, it did nothing for the pain. Day eighteen I got a prescription of Gabapentin 300 mg, three times a day. I'm on day three and no relief AT ALL. I don't know what else... READ MORE

Chin Reduction - York, PA

Great experience. Surprising results. Only took about and hour and got treated the same day I had my consultation. Seemed too easy. I was about to work the use day. Only complaint would be the numbness in the area. Office members were nice and scheduling was easy. I was suppose to attend their... READ MORE

Too Young for Lipo & Too Pretty for Scars - Yonkers, NY

How could any of us have ever gone all our lives without cool sculpting? It is the best non-surgical procedure out there. Dr. Din made it possible for me to wear clothes and feel comfortable and secure in them. These are the same articles of clothing that I have had for years and never felt... READ MORE

39 Years Old, Work out Regularly but Had Stubborn Abdominal Fat - Westminster, CO

I have worked out regularly for years and even competed at one point. I always had excess abdominal fat, it was the last place I would lose and first place I would gain it back. I worked out hard 6 days a week with a very clean strict diet but still had this problem area. I had four areas... READ MORE

31 Year Old with Big Legs - Little Rock, AR

I have always had big legs, ALWAYS! I had CoolSculpting on my inner thighs at Dr. Yee's a few years ago and loved the results. I gained weight last year, and then lost most of it. Everything pretty much got back to normal except... You guessed it, my LEGS! Now, bigger than ever, I decided I... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 1 Child, 25# Overweight - Flower Mound, TX

I went to The MedSpa at Flower Mound on Friday, March 4th for a Cool Sculpt treatment. The office was very clean and the people were friendly and welcoming. My technician was awesome and listened to what areas I was most concerned with treating. My treatment was for upper abdomen which is... READ MORE

Coolsculpting HURTS! - Arlington, TX

Whoever is saying that it doenst hurt is lying! It hurts when the vacummn sucks your fat for about 10 minutes, than you fill the "pinch" for a whole hour. After that hour the nurse will take it out, and your fat looks like a block of ice, which she has to massage with strength to get the ice fat... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting by the Right Tech!! - Smithtown, NY

I had cool sculpt in many different areas. It has only been two weeks and I do see some results in my back area! I'm addicted for sure. Im so lucky to have met Dr Peredo and Joann! Joann has been well trained in cool sculpt and now she added Zimmer to my treatment. Can wait for full results!!... READ MORE

huge waste of money and time for a procedure that didn't work for me - Jensen Beach, FL

Being an older woman in my seventies, I was very reluctant to undergo invasive liposuction, so I decided with some reservations, to try this procedure. It was performed at the Women's Health Services in Jensen Beach, Florida which is mainly a GYN/OB practice with a side bar practice of facials,... READ MORE

No Pain, No Gain? Had Inner Thighs & Upper, Lower Abdomen Done - Sarasota, FL

After reading all of the issues from the abdomen area, I decided to have the inner thighs (7/23) done first and then one week later the upper and lower abdomen (7/30). The procedures themselves were uncomfortable, but not painful. After both procedures I was able to carry on with my normal... READ MORE

Great Experience and Results - Marina Del Ray, CA

I am actually writing about my coolsculping experience with Cory the PA. I had my consult and was explained the whole procedure, I am a Registered Nurse, so at first thoughts I was skeptical. But I made my appointment, first in the "tummy pooch" area to see what the results would be... READ MORE

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