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3 months post-op + CoolSculpting

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38 Yrs Old, 2 C-sections- Tummy Hang - Boca Raton, FL

After my second c-section I was left with this 'ledge' or 'hang'- and it depressed me. Even at my heaviest, I have never had a hanging stomach. I gained quite a bit of weight with my two pregnancies and I was able to lose a lot quickly but my stomach had this hanging thing. I was convinced that... READ MORE

44, Work out but Never Got Flat Stomach Back After Hysterectomy - Medford, NJ

Always had a flat stomach but after 2 major surgeries and ending w a hysterectomy - I could never get my stomach flat again. I also started crossfit 4 months prior and continue 5x week, and I also cut out drinking everything except water. I aim (and usually hit target) of 100oz of water a day.... READ MORE

Totally Regret - New York, NY

Everyone tells you the side affects of itching, soreness, bruising but no one tells you about paradixical adipose hyperplasia. It's a rare condition where the fat grows rather then dying off. Almost four month post treatment my under bra area, mid section and flanks show signs of firmness,... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Peabody, MA

1st I'd like to just say that Dr.Shanthala is the best! After 3 kids and in my early 30's and struggling with my stomach area I looked into coolsculpting: After meeting and explaining my insecurities with Dr.Shanthala she assured me that what I was looking for she could help me with &... READ MORE

35, Double Chin/Neck Didn't Match Body - Bay Area, CA

Originally went to Dermatologist for a consultation for Kybella. She recomended two treatments of the cool mini once I explained I had zero time for hiding out at home (heard awful swelling with Kybella. Last year I lost nearly 30 lbs by eating healthy and working out, but my chin/neck area... READ MORE

Young, Health Conscious, Exercise- No Results with Coolsculpting - Toronto, ON

Please see Photos below. Did a v-shape (one small piece treatment on each side of Lower abdomen). I followed all the after care and post care an experienced pain with the after effects of coolsculpting. I was very disappointed in the technology and not the spa. It's the company coolsculpting... READ MORE

37 with Two Babies - Sherman Oaks, CA

I felt really puffy after my second baby. I went in for my lower stomach but dr Zadeh educated me on the importance of doing my upper stomach as well. I'm really happy I did both. Since the change in weather I feel more comfortable wearing tank tops again. The whole procedure took 4 hours. I... READ MORE

22 Year Old, Very Stubborn Fat on Abdomen, Active Lifestyle - Calgary, AB

I have always had problems with my stomach area. I live an active lifestyle and eat well for my age however, no matter what I did I could never lose the fat on my abdomen. I also had noticeable cellulite. Coolsculpting worked amazing for me! It was a bit painful, I can't lie.... but oh so worth... READ MORE

Significant CoolSculpting results - Rochester, NY

I'm 36 years old and have always had a small area of fat on my lower abdomen. I decided to try CoolSculpting and am so glad I did! The hardest part of the actual treatment was the massage after. It didn't hurt but was somewhat uncomfortable. I was sore and swollen for about 2 weeks but was... READ MORE

Taking That "Roll" out of Belly - Austin, TX

So I've always had a low belly roll I'm always trying to hide. A friend had this done and loves the results, took her belly fat away, so that was enough for me to try it. I ended up doing the low back flanks at the same time. I absolutely love my results! It didn't take long before I don't even... READ MORE

Left my Stomach Lumpy - Canada

I had this done to remove some extra fat around my lower abs and did my upper as wee, 4 applicators in a diamond shape. I'm 5'1 113 lbs and had a fairly flat tummy to begin with. However, it's been 3 months and I've seen some fat reduction but it's very uneven. I did my post 60 day follow up and... READ MORE

My Exciting Coolsculpting Treatment !! - Atlanta, GA

I had a Coolsculpting procedure in May at Dr. Alan Larsen's Slim Studio on Roswell Rd in Buckhead Atlanta area. I had my flanks done and as you can see in my photos below the results are pretty amazing! I could not be happier! ! My experience at Slim Studio was very pleasant. The Technicians... READ MORE

102 lbs Asian, No Children , Coolsculpting lower abs & inner thighs- Avon, CT

A little about my background: I'm a petite Asian female at 5'1" and 102 lbs. I workout daily alternating between an hour of Insanity and T 25 workout. What I'm bad at is my diet. I eat way more calories than what I burn and that's probably why I can't seem to get rid of this annoying belly pooch... READ MORE

Hated my Thighs Forever! - Scottsdale, AZ

I was so excited to here Coolsculpting could treat your thighs especially outer thighs. I see such horrible results with people who do lipo and didn't want the down time. I did two treatments on my outer thighs and saw results just 3 weeks after my 2nd treatment. My pic is just three weeks...... READ MORE

Best Treatment by a Friendly Doctor - New York, NY

To get rid of fat bulges on love handles and abdomen.I treated my lower abdomen 3 months ago with a large applicator. I lost one size in my clothing already. During first 10 min of treatment I felt pulling and pressure which dissipated. Treatment lasted 1 hr and I was able to watch TV during... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Was Awful - Savannah, GA

My consultantion day at Ideal image they told me I was the perfect candidate & suggest I use 4 max treatments in my abdominal area. Because they guaranteed me drastic changes I decide to do it because I wanted to lose badly in that area,I went on a serious diet & used spanks to for sure... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Was the Right Decision for Me - Duluth, GA

CoolSculpting has been the most positive thing I have done for myself in many years. It has provided me with the body I have worked to so hard and so long to try to obtain. I am a post menopausal medium built woman who has continually watched my body form expand in my midriff and back flanks. I... READ MORE

65 Year Old White Woman - Hunt Valley, MD

I had cool sculpting done on the pouches of fat by my armpits. The only painful part was when the area was 'massaged' after the applicator was removed, but this went away within 10-15 minutes. Also, the area was numb for almost 2 months, but that goes away, and it didn't bother me at all. ... READ MORE

59 f, bmi 25 - The Woodlands, TX

To say it is a 5% reduction after 4 large applicators is generous. Procedures were not bad, but the following 2 weeks very painful and swollen. I suspect the very small improvement is due more to an increase in exercise starting in week 3 than the cool sculpting. I've shown the pics to 3... READ MORE

Coolsculpting is the Best Gift I Gave Myself - Oak Brook, IL

Coolsculpting really does work. It is proven way of getting rid of that annoying bulge without going under the knife or giving up your active life for weeks at a time. Coolsculpting procedures usually cost between $800 -$3000. Now if you are thinking of going through this procedure, it is... READ MORE

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