3 days post-op + CoolSculpting

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First Time Coolsculpting

After seeing my friends had successful result with coolscupting, I decided to try it for myself as there are a few areas I want to reduce the accumulated fat. My treatment date was 2nd august and I had 2 coolmax done for my lower belly. One after each other and Each lasted for 1 hour, followed... READ MORE

36 Year Old Mom of 2 with Lots of Unwanted Fat in Stomach Area - Scottsdale, AZ

I finally got coolsculpting done. I needed a lot of areas tackled so I had my lower abs tackled by the coolmax on the left and right, then again my middle abs two more cool max applicators then my upper abs got two cool core applicators. This was a lot in one appointment but it needed to be done... READ MORE

Coolsmooth Lower Abdomen - Carlsbad, CA

Have 2 kids 5 year old and 1 year old After my pregnancy stomach not happy the way it looks No matter how much I've excercise or eat healthy Im 5'7 129 35 years old Had my consultation last week for coolsculpting Booked my appointment on monday the 10th No pain , they used coolsmooth... READ MORE

28 Year Old, No Kids, Stubborn Belly After 30lb Weight Loss - Peabody, MA

I saw Dr Shanthala's reviews on yelp and RealSelf and had a consultation with her. She's very personable and has excellent bed-side manner. She decided on two small treatments for the upper abdomen, 2 small on the lower abdomen, and the flanks as well (6 total treatments) rather than the large... READ MORE

29 Coolsculpting of Upper and Lower Abs - Surrey, BC

I'm 29, 5'5 and 140 pounds. I'm pretty skinny every except for my belly. It's always been my problem area. So I decided to have cool sculpting on July 6. At my first consultation s few days earlier it was recommended that I have two large applicators for my lower abs and two of the smaller... READ MORE

40 Years, This Was my Bday Gift...HGC TOO - Jacksonville, FL

So, I went in to actually have lipo. Was talked into coolsculpt. I Had it done on Thursday. 3 sections, large on lower and 2 small on upper abs. I am so bloated!!! Pretty decent pain. I also am one the HGC diet. I'm 11 days in and doing 3 weeks. I thought the double process would help. I... READ MORE

46 Years Old Woman with Unloved Belly Fat - Greenville, SC

I've done coolsculpting 3 days ago. It was a two hour procedure, because she did two smaller suctions left and right on the lower abdomen. I didn't feel uncomfortable or painful at the procedure, but after when she started the massage, it was the worse part. Wednesday afternoon, the night and... READ MORE

23 Yr Old Lower Abdomen with Large Applicator - Camden Wyoming, DE

I got coolsculpting done one dec 22nd. Now it was very painful. I was about to tell the nurse to get it off. I got very dizzy. And got thirsty right away. After 10 min. I got better. So I layed there for 50 more minutes. It was a little painful when the nurse took off the applicator and when she... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Hopeful to See Results in Lower Abdomen

After gaining a lot of weight due to a quite unhealthy lifestyle at the beginning of my student's life I have been trying to get rid of my belly fat for a very long time now. Although I finally am a sportive person again and work out about 4-5 times a week it could never do the trick. So I did a... READ MORE

It is Painful. Don't Let the Other Reviewers Fool You! - Miami, FL

I had the procedure done 3 days ago. Let me first start by saying it is painful. I wasn't expecting it to be after reading the other reviews on this site, but it is!! I had a consultation the day before the procedure and the nurse decided the large applicator would be the best option for... READ MORE

Petite 35 Year Old with a Chunky Tummy - Madisonville, LA

Ever since I could remember I had a chunky tummy. No matter the diet and exercise regimen I did, nothing slimmed down my stomach. It has gotten to the point where I would not take off my swimsuit cover up. I've never had kids and the rest of my body is pretty toned I should not hide myself. So... READ MORE

Loss of Weight - Would Love to Freeze Extra Skin off my Arms - Santa Monica, CA

From the moment you walk in you are made to feel like a queen or king. This was my first time doing Coolscupting. My expectations were set accordingly and it wasn't comfortable, but it was not painful. Day 3 still no pain. The nurse was very accommodating and professional. I am a skeptic, my... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Painful? - Raleigh, NC

It is currently 130 am, 3 days after 6 small applicators and I am crying myself to sleep from the pain. Compression pants don't help, ice does but you can only ice for so long during the days. I got two small applicators on my lower abs, and four on the flanks. Sitting in the room actually... READ MORE

57 Yrs Old. I Have a Fatty Scist on my Neck That Looks Like a Double Chin, I Also Wanted to Get Rid of my Stomach - Alabama

My motivation to do the Coolsculpting was the fatty scist on my neck. I couldn't help but do my stomach while I was there. To me there was no cons. There was very little that was uncomfortable. 48 hrs after the treatment and all I have had is a little swelling in my stomach and very little... READ MORE

50+ Active with Stubborn Belly Fat and Saddlebags - Seattle, WA

I had coolsculpting on my lower abdomen, inner and outer thighs. it is day 3 after the procedure and so far so good. like many others, i experienced numbness, with what feels like bruising underneath the numbness. i've worn spanx 24/7 and so far so good. today i'm getting more feeling back, and... READ MORE

25 Year Old with Subborn Fat Even After Workouts and Diet Changes - Rochester Hills, MI

After reading the reviews on here and doing some more research I knew it was the procedure for me. For years I workout and keep my diet to the more healthy side. But I still wasn't seeing results. My problem areas are stomach, back, inner thighs and arms. I will be receiving 8 treatment areas.... READ MORE

Didn't work out for me

I am in pretty good shape and work out at least 4 times a week and watch what i eat. My abs have always bothered me and I wanted them to be a little less flabby before my upcoming wedding this summer. I booked an appointment for both my lower and upper Abs but decided to just go for my lower abs... READ MORE

42 Yr with 2 Kids. Exercise 4or 5 Times a Week - Valencia, CA

Stress age and marrying a 60 year old with a six pack made me feel fluffy. You can see my muscles from certain angles peeking out the sides of my muffin top. My whole life ive had inner thigh clearance up until about a year ago. I am working out as much as i always have and eating a balanced... READ MORE

Just Had It Done, Can't Wait to See Results - Calgary, AB

I recently lost about 20 pounds and still have a little pooch of fat in my lower abdomen area. I heard that cool sculpting could get rid of it when all of my exercise & diet seemed to do nothing. The fact that it was an alternative to a surgical procedure and no downtime really appealed to me.... READ MORE

Hope to Be Flat Chested and Rested Looking - Cherry Hill, NJ

Going on day 3 . Cool sculpting .not bad. pain is mild but first couple days yeah was painful and was hating every moment but I will keep ya posted . Now for my filler OMG I got the new filler volumex or something like that I looks great . I don't look done up. But everyone has noticed there is... READ MORE

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