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2 weeks post-op + CoolSculpting

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Finally Serious About Fixing My Body - Toronto, ON

Decided to take the plunge after reading a lot of reviews. I took a large package to save on the one time costs. It's typically $750 per treatment. Hoping for the best. I am on a 1200 calorie a day diet and started my diet at 191 lbs but on my first day of treatment I was 184 lbs in this... READ MORE

35 Years Old, One Child Age 6 - Saint Louis, MO

I've been going to the gym and I've been eating healthy, but I still have a jiggle in the middle. I blame it on my new desk job and my new long-term birth control. This roll of fatty tissue would hang over my waist band 8 hours a day/40 hours a week! I am very content with the rest of my body.... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Tried Cool Sculpting - Latham, NY

Heard about cool sculpting decided I'd try it. Well I'm 13 days post procedure and I'm still numb and having that feeling of itchiness and electrical shocks. I'm still swollen also. When she first put the vacuum on my first leg it was painful but the 2nd leg was so much worse... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - 34yrs, 4 Kids - Katy, TX

I had coolsculpting done on June 30. Three applicators, size 6.5. I am 34 years old, 5'4 at 118lb. After having 4 children my problem area has always been my abdomen. I decided to do coolsculpting since it was non-invasive. The procedure itself was a little uncomfortable but not a big deal. A... READ MORE

1 Week and 4 Days Afters Procedure. Austin, TX

4 days ago on June 2, I made this comment after feeling frustrated and mislead: I did a four hour treatment on Friday, Day 2, Saturday, seemed like the pain was going away but on Sunday Day 3 I could barely sleep lots of tension in my belly, area, from soreness to itchyness, sharp pains,... READ MORE

Coolsculpting - Riverside, CA

I am 42 years old post 2 years hysterectomy and 2 c-sections. I am not happy with my sagging fat skin but did not want to have another surgery. I decided to try coolsculpting. The procedure itself is uncomfortable until the freezing begins. The fourth and fifth day were the most painful for the... READ MORE

Great for Tough Target Spots! - Austin, TX

Good to have a great option to target those spots that no amount of working out seems to get! No matter how hard I worked and sweated, I could never seem to get my love handles to totally go away. Dr. Gregory nicolaidas with westlake dermatology in Austin was awesome and very professional. ... READ MORE

My Cool Sculpt Treatment - Biloxi, MS

Wanted to do something about my abdominal fat but didn't want surgery. It only took an hour for 1 treatment. No pain just a little uncomfortable during the first few minutes. I can already see some results! Everyone was awesome and knowledgable. This is certainly not an alternative for a... READ MORE

First Time Cool Sculpting Experience: INTENSE PAIN FOLLOWING - Fibromyalgia Patient - Cary, NC

Five Sessions purchased for the front. Two upper abdomen, two lower, one large for the center stomach. Only one has been done at this point. I am terrified to finish the procedures.... here is why.... I just had my very first Cool Sculpting procedure done two weeks ago. February, 2016.... READ MORE

54 Years Old, Tummy No Long Flat and Muffin Top Starting to Show - Ramona, CA

I am 54 years old, 5'-5" & 125 pounds. I am not fat, I workout 5 times a week. I went in for my consultation and Dr. Michelle Price thought I was a perfect candidate for CS procedure. Initially I was going to have CS done on my thighs also, but then thought I should see how my stomach area turn... READ MORE

Extreme Nerve Pain. Cleveland, OH

I have been religiously exercising and watching what I eat. Still unable to lose that stubborn belly pooch. I thought this would be a terrific way to finally see results in my midsection. I was told that it was virtually painless and I was sold on these key words, FDA approved & Non invasive.... READ MORE

Coolscultping - New York

Dr. Green and her staff are amazing and so thorough! I had the coolscupting procedure done on my lower abdomen and they were seem less with their execution and made me feel very comfortable. They prepared me for post treatment expectations and followed up with my immediately after my procedure... READ MORE

First CoolSculpting Session!! Easier Than I Thought! - Katy, TX

I came in a few weeks ago for my 6 month check-up from my breast augmentation in March and had questions about liposuction. I've always hated my love handles! While I was there they told me about CoolSculpting. They said "no incision and no down time" and I was sold. I had a consult with... READ MORE

Not Going Well So Far - Atlanta, GA

I couldn't get lipo because my iron levels are really low. I received coolsculpting on my lower and upper abs. the 1st 3 days was fine. on the 4th day i was experiencing extreme pains. for 2 weeks straight i could not have anything touch my stomach. I tried norco's and I had to take 3 just to go... READ MORE

Easy - Pennsylvania

I had coolsculpting done 2 weeks ago. I was on this site and read many reviews and had mixed emotions as to what to expect. I had my inner thighs and upper abdomen done, all with the small applicator. Yes, there is a strange feeling with the initial suction but it is NOT painful in any way. ... READ MORE

Not Sure, but Hopeful..! - PA

Had procedure done 2 weeks ago on lower abs with large applicator...odd sensation, but not painful..the hour went quickly, and afterwards had the ugly" stick of Butter" ...the massage was uncomfortable, but tolerable...I've had no pain , only some tenderness the 1st week..the numbness is 99%... READ MORE

Much More Painful Than I Expected: There is Downtime - Illinois

I had my procedure done on November 27, 2012. I did the lower abdomen. I must say I was very naive as to what the side effects of this procedure would be. I thought I would go in and have a some kind of cold pad placed on me and then in 2 months or so I would see a difference. No where in the... READ MORE

Worth It - San Diego, CA

I have had two treatments on my upper abdomen. The second treatment was 2 weeks ago. I find the initial attachment hurts and then numbs due to the cold. It is uncomfortable when they remove the suction and it looks like a piece of salmon. Let them massage the area. The last two days have been... READ MORE

Zeltiq Gone Horribly Horribly Wrong - New York

I had the procedure two weeks ago, the numbness and soreness are still present but the shooting/stabbing pains are, thankfully, gone - however, the memory of them persists. This is definitely a procedure I will never have done again, or recommend anyone get unless they are prepared to experience... READ MORE

An Awesome CoolSculpting Experience - Richmond, VA

It has only been two weeks but I have already noticed a change. It will only get more and more noticeable as the weeks go on. I am excited to go back for another treatment. I am treating my love handle area and look forward to the results in time for the bikini weather we will be having soon! READ MORE

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