2 days post-op + CoolSculpting

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CoolSculpting on Muffin Top

I'm in the process of losing weight but no matter how small I get, my muffin top never goes away. I tried coolsculping a few days ago while I continue to lose weight in hopes that in a few months my muffin top wont be as bad. My technician, Cherine, was great. We had a bit of a hard time getting... READ MORE

40 Year Old Man - Abdomen/Flanks - Manakin Sabot, VA

I'm a 40-year-old man and have struggled with up-and-down weight all my life. Three years ago I lost 80 pounds with an extreme diet, but even though I reached my lowest target weight, my lower belly still protruded considerably then. Due to a health issue which was caused by my low-cal dieting... READ MORE

48 Year Old , Pre Menopause, 5'3: 185 Lbs, Can't Get Rid of Baby Pouch! - Washington Township, MI

I lost 30 lbs and plateau,I have done every Tony Horton video twice if not three times, eat right just can't get rid of the tire around my middle. Menopause I hate YOU! Day of procedure, felt like what everyone has posted, massage part sucks, but nothing that one cannot handle. After VERY sore... READ MORE

Mini Cool Sculpting on Neck - Alexandria, VA

I had the mini cool sculpting under my chin (neck). The procedure itself did not hurt. It was uncomfortable for the 45 minutes I had to sit totally still without moving head or opening mouth. It does put pressure on your throat but you can swallow. Like others have said, the painful part was... READ MORE

35-44 Yr Old Mother, 5'4" 134 Lbs, Fairly Athletic - Yreka, CA

After much research, and lots of "Yes I'm going to, no I'm not going to", I did! Had my procedure Apr 8th, 4 in a diamond around my belly button, 1 on lower abd, 1 on each flank for a total of 7. I arrived at 7:30am for consent, pictures, and measuring/sharpie markings. Each application took... READ MORE

39 Yrs Old, 3 C-sections Tummy Sugar Land, TX

I had tossed around the idea of tumescent liposuction but then came across a noninvasive procedure like this. I decided to give it a try on my stomach. The office said I would benefit most from a diamond pattern with the coolcurve+ Large suction cups. So I had each section done for the hour... READ MORE

8 Weeks After 1st Treatment / 4 Weeks After 2nd - Los Angeles, CA

I decided that I want to achieve a movie star quality physique and of course, part of that equation is to have a chiseled mid-section. I'm fit, but definitely not ripped and made a vow to myself that I'm going to do the following to achieve this goal 1) Exercise six times a week 2) Eliminate... READ MORE

Left Over Tummy from Rapid Weight Loss - Vancouver, BC

I've just had a CoolSculpting treatment in the last few days and am excitedly waiting to see what results may come. A few years ago I rapidly lost 70lbs, but nothing on Earth would move the fold on belly fat below my navel. I spoke to doctors who pushed me towards tummy tucks, but I... READ MORE

Less Than One Minute Massage After Coolsculpting - Chino Hills, CA

I got cool sculpting done on my lower and upper abdomen (two days apart) and the pain during the massage was so intense that I was only barely able to stand it for about 30-10 seconds. Afterwards the doctor expressed that I should not expect good results since the massage was not performed for... READ MORE

41 Female, 45 Lbs Overweight

I dont have pictures yet as they are at the clinic. I will update this review in 8, and again in 12 weeks as it is supposed to be all finished by the 12th week, with full results in by then. I am hopefull this will work to flatten my tummy and as shaping, as its gotten harder for me to lose... READ MORE

42 with 3 Kids - Madison, WI

After child number 3, my abs didn't come back. I'm 5'4" 130 pounds. I had a four hours of treatment using 4 applicators (1 hour each applicator). It didn't hurt much- just a sore butt from sitting so long ????????. The 2 minute massage after the applicator was removed was really uncomfortable... READ MORE

Mid 40s, Pear Shape, Inner and Outer Thighs

Im in my 40s 5'8" and weigh 175 lbs. My body is a pear shape. When I lose weight I lose it from my chest and stomach first. It seems impossible to lose weight from my hips and thighs. Finding pants to fit is a nightmare. I wear a size med/large in shirts, but in jeans I wear a 16/18. I can... READ MORE

31 Yrs Old with a Pooch.....thanks Mom - Newport Beach, CA

Thanks to genetics I have a pooch that will not go away. I looked into CS several times and finally decided to do it! I talked to a few offices in the Newport Beach area and the prices ranged, for the large application, from $600-$1200. I encourage everyone to call several places. I think these... READ MORE

45, 83 Kg, Lower Ab and Flank 12% BF - Singapore

Ive been working consistently at getting into great shape for the past 2 years. (always been fit and active) but just havent been able to budge the lower ab fat pouch below my navel or the side flank fat pouches, despite getting down into the 10-12% BF range ( based on the gym body comp machine.... READ MORE

Numbness in Fingers After Underarm Treatment . PLEASE HELP - Irvine, CA

I have done cool sculpting tx on my under arms. Needless to say the treatment was so painful that left me screaming after the machine was off. Worst than that is loss of sensation in my forearms extending to my small finger and my ring finger. My hands are so weak I can barely move them. It's... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mother, Looking to Reduce the Jiggle - Raleigh, NC

I had the CoolSculpting procedure done to three areas of my stomach two days ago. I am super excited to see the final results! I decided to go to ExcelLase because I have had laser hair removal and a laser facial there and have been extremely satisfied with the results every time. I was... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Upper Abs - Wichita, KS

Had my first cool sculpting procedure done... I am scheduled to do upper, lower abs and love handles. We started with my upper abs. The procedure is painful -- I have a high tolerance for pain and can brace myself if I know what to expect. They attached a suction thing to you and it sucks your... READ MORE

Not Sure - Edmonton, AB

Not Sure Just had it done 2 days ago,my lower abdomen. I felt the suction and a big of the freezing. The whole procedure lasted an hour. When I left the freezing last for only 15 min. I'm very bruised on my lower abdomen but not having any sensations like others are mentioning. Hope it... READ MORE

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