10 days post-op + CoolSculpting

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Cool Sculpting Abdomen and Flanks - RESULTS!

I did 1 cool max on the abdomen, 2 cool cores on upper abdomen and cool curves on my flanks. First 3 days was tender but only to touch, and then day 4 was when the pain started. The pain was a bad, shooting electric pain that comes out of nowhere and lingers. It went away after the first week. I... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old, 4 Kids. Cool Sculpting on Entire Abdomen - Williamsville, NY

I had coolsculpting done on March 30th 2017. I have a really flabby stomach after having my 4th child and it's not going away as quick as I'd like it too so I decided to have the treatment done. I work out with a trainer 5 days a week and still am not getting the desired results. I hope this... READ MORE

Yes There Will Be Pain...but There Are Results *top pic before CS/bottom pic after 1 treatment* - Fort Washington, MD

I did one treatment. I strongly recommend doing one and seeing how you feel. I really dont think i could have handled two. I am now on day 11 feeling much better. I stayed home 2 days after my procedure as my tummy had that needles feeling and the itching was madness! I didn't take anything for... READ MORE

CoolScultpting 56 year old Male Lower Abdomen

So I'm going to update this every day with progress notes. The procedure itself is no big deal, I had 2 large areas done, 60 Minutes each, so my butt was hurting more than anything else. They gave not more but a sheet of paper about after-care, things to expect. Of course, there is no mention of... READ MORE

45-years Old, Stubborn Belly Fat - New York, NY

I have always tended to gain weight around my midsection, especially once I hit my 30's and 40's. After getting married last fall, I let up a bit on my food restrictions and exercise routine, and-BAM! 10 pounds in six months, 3" gains around both my hips and belly. So I thought coolsculpting... READ MORE

33yr Old Having Coolsculpt (Called Chillsculpt in NZ) on Inner Thighs - New Zealand

I have always had large inner thighs and since my youngest child is 5 months now I decided to go for it with Chillsculpt. Had it done 10 October 2015 and am already noticing a difference only 1.5 weeks later. I have a brilliant little massager which I'm sure helps. It is a bit cheaper in NZ I... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Double Chin Removal/Reduction - New York

What a fantastic experience. Michelle Green MD- i think the MD stands for Magical Doctor, or even Magnificent Doctor. From the moment you walk into her office you feel comfortable and welcome- and please don't be alarmed by the ritzy Upper East side address either, all the staff as well as the... READ MORE

CoolSculpting at Body Sculpting Spa - Saint Clair Shores, MI

My husband and I both had our first Coolsculpting sessions at the office of Dr. Brian Young. The staff at Body Sculpting & Spa Services were extremely friendly and helpful during my consultation and treatment. Shanel Hill preformed my treatments and was extremely professional and friendly.... READ MORE

Stubborn Belly Fat/ One Hour a Day Fat Away! - Houston, TX

My experience with cool sculpting has already been a great one. I had my very first procedure done on May 17, 2016. I have the stubborn belly fat that is right under the breast area and around the bellybutton area also known as the "mommy pooch". From having a consult, to being a human drawing... READ MORE

CoolSculpting at Dr. Brian Young’s Office, Body Sculpting & Spa Services LLC in St. Clair Shores - Saint Clair Shores, MI

I have used spa services from Grosse Pointe Farms to Union Lake and found that cool sculpting is the easiest, most effective means of losing unwanted fat permanently. Body Sculpting & Spa Services in St. Clair Shores is also the 5th spa I've tried to decrease unwanted fat and overall body... READ MORE

So Much Better This Time - Denver, CO

I had coolsculpting done at another place and the massage was awful. It felt like sticking your hands in super hot water after being out for hours in the cold. Dr. Stewart's office had a special shockwave device thats supposed to kill even more fat and completely replaced that brutal massage. ... READ MORE

51 Yrs Old. 5'4". 155 Lbs - Indianapolis, IN

I work out regularly and am in good shape other than my gut. Going through menopause has made it extremely difficult to get the tummy slimmed down no matter how much cardio I do. I am 11 days post procedure and am MISERABLE!! The swelling has gone down some but the pain has just gotten worse... READ MORE

39 - Two Kids...needed a Little Help, with No Down Time - Danville, CA

I'm a very active mom, of two (9yrs & a special needs 4yr old), who works full time. My second child took a toll on my body and with what excercise I can get in, I've plateaued. I have some areas that I feel need some added attention, and I don't have three hours a day to spend at the gym. I... READ MORE

My Cool Sculpting Experience - Phoenix, AZ

When I semi retired in April 2015 I decided that it was time to get in Shape. I started watching what I ate and worked out consistently and had lost 35 lbs but still had pockets of fat on my pectorals that I couldn't seem to get rid of. A friend told me about coolsculpting when I was living in... READ MORE

46 Years Old Male, Coolsculpting to Get Rid of Love Handles - Charlotte, NC

My experience with Dr. Capizzi was OUTSTANDING, as well as his professional staff. From the moment I arrived they made me feel very comfortable. I was able to work in a great environment and the whole process took a little over 2 hours. Since this doctor has 2 coolsculpting units the time is... READ MORE

Male Mid 30s Large Applicator on Lower Abs - New York, NY

33 year old male. ~ 17% bodyfat, 215 lbs and 6' tall. After reading many reviews, I came across a groupon deal for coolsculpting. I purchased a large application and two smaller applications with the intention of doing the large one on my abs and small ones on my love handles. Had the first... READ MORE

64. 160. 5'7". Bloated Stomach - Santa Rosa, CA

Hi I had cool sculpt done ten days ago. Have major bloating still. If only 20% far loss. I'm asking myself. "Why did I spend $2000? For little improvement? " One would have to do 3 applications for 60% to make a noticeable difference. I wouldn't do this again or recommend it. I will update... READ MORE

Cool Sculpting Brought Delayed Pain for Abdomen - Chicago, IL

I am a fit, 40 year-old who tried Cool Scultping to help slim down my gut. I am on the curvey size. My curves are in the right places, minus my tummy, which only goes away when I become extremely thin. I tried cool sculpting because I am tired of working out like I'm training for a marathon. I'm... READ MORE

Don't Do It. The Pain is Not Worth the Results! - Minnesota, MN

I have some stubborn fat on outer and inner thighs. After childbirth, I grew a small pouch on my abdomen, which is unnoticeable most of the time, except when I wear low jeans at which point, my muffin tops and love handles seem to flow out. When I read the description about coolsculpting being... READ MORE

Unbelievable Pain - Richmond, VA

I am on day ten since having procedure on lower abdomen. Procedure hurt. I couldn't wait for the hour to be over. I was not given a massage on the area nor any med script. I am a fit runner yet had a small tummy that bothered me. I have had terrible pain since procedure. My stomach is... READ MORE

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