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CoolSculpting and weight loss: What's the maximum amount of weight can you lose from one session?

Will results for one session of CoolSculpting show if a female and about 20 pounds overweight at 5'2"? READ MORE

Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia after Cool Sculpting?

Cool Sculpting ruined my body, where the machine was is now bigger and hard. I had it over 6 months ago. I suspect I have PAH. are their any fixes for... READ MORE

Should I Try to Lose As Much Weight As I Can Before a Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Treatment to Optimize Its Benefits?

I've scheduled an appointment to get the treatment done. I wanted to know if losing weight prior to the treatment will allow the zeltiq device to... READ MORE

Coolsculpting and Weight Loss?

I'm 5'8" eat pretty healthy and workout on a regular basis. Because I had a stubborn muffin top I was very interested in Coolsculpting. I've recently... READ MORE

Should I Wait Until I Lose the Excess Pounds to Do Cool Sculpting?

I am 5'6" and 139. My ideal weight is 135. I exercise regularly (spinning, pilates, yoga) and a lot of that weight is muscle weight. Should I... READ MORE

I'm a male wondering if I can use Coolsculpt to remove supra pubic fat?

I'm a 6', 40 year old male who's lost about 30 lbs and I am now down to 190 lbs and have been for the past three years. My supra pubic fat pad is... READ MORE

Will Zeltiq Help Me Lose Weight and Maintain Breast Volume?

I'm a 30 yr old female, 40-50 lbs overweight. I'm interested in Zeltiq, but I know it's not a method of weight loss. Five yrs ago, I was... READ MORE

Zeltiq for Obesity

I am 80 lbs overweight, currently dieting and very active. i am 53 and seeing slow results. can zeltiq be used for faster results while i am in the... READ MORE

Lost 90lbs and need skin tightened: Is there a risk of blood clots or fat embolism?

Any prob with clots or fat embolism? Had DVT post op knee surg and after PICC line inserted. I lost 90 lbs and have apron that will not go away .... READ MORE

Stomach bloated and bigger at 6 weeks after coolscuplting even after seeing a reduction at 4 weeks. (photo)

I had coolsculpting done 6.5 weeks ago. I had both sides of my mid to lower abs done in the v-shape. I had swelling that lasted about 1 week. At 4... READ MORE

I'm a Sixty Year Old Woman Who Lost 56 Pounds a Few Years Ago. I Still Have a Stomache. Would Cool Sculpting Work for Me?

I'm a Sixty Year Old Woman Who Lost 56 Pounds a Few Years Ago.  I Still Have a Stomache. Would Cool Sculpting Work for Me? READ MORE

I'm debating on doing coolsculpting or Lipo. Which is best?

Which is better of the two if I want to get rid of 30 pounds. I'm 145 pounds now at 4'11. READ MORE

Does CoolSculpting treat cellulite?

My legs from the top down to my knees have bad cellulite and as I'm loosing weight it is looking worse. What can I do? READ MORE

Considering Coolsculpting for lower abdominal budge after weight loss from 2 babies but have lax skin & fraxel? (photo)

VERY athletic 39yrold. Lost 40lbs after 2 babies. Will coolsculpting make saggy skin more pronounced or (hopefully) will i just lose the bulge and... READ MORE

I am in my mid 40s and 25 lbs overweight. Would it be better to lose the weight first or do Cool Sculpting now?

I am 45 years old and had my only child at age 38. I have very stubborn fat around my middle and lower abs. My abdomen does not seem to change in size... READ MORE

I am a 19 year old female in college I am 5'3 and weight 177lbs. Used to be 120. How do I manage and lose gained weight?

I sometimes eat healthy , lately have been putting more vegetables on my plate. Trying to loose stomach, arm, thigh fat and hopefully loosing about... READ MORE

Lumpy Coolsculpting results, how is this fixed? (photos)

I ended up with a lumpy uneven stomach after first procedure done 12 weeks ago. I also lost 5lbs since the procedure. Was told a 2nd one would even it... READ MORE

I am interested in cool sculpting for turkey neck as well as fat pad at mid line of neck.

I am 40 pounds overweight. Will losing weight first help me to get optimal results from cool sculpting? I am 55, so I know that part of this problem... READ MORE

Is there a time frame after childbirth you should wait to have CoolSculpting done on your body? (photos)

I am a mom of two and currently three months postpartum. I have already lost 35lbs of my baby weight through diet and exercise but have 10-12... READ MORE

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