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Does CoolSculpting Run the Risk of Fat Returning but to Other Areas of the Body?

There was a study recently that demonstrated that fat returns after liposuction though not to the areas treated. Instead, it is distributed elsewhere... READ MORE

After Getting Zeltiq Coolsculpting Done, Weight Gain in That Same Problem Area?

After CoolSculpting, if a person gains some weight will they be able to gain it in the areas they had treated? READ MORE

Weight Gain After Cool Sculpting?

I had cool sculpting and ultrashape on my thighs. I have now put on 8kg on my bottom and saddlebags. I cannot get rid of this fat even after Exercise... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Gaining Weight?

Hi, i got coolsculpting a month ago and i gained 10 pounds in less than one month. i have been eating basically nothing and still i keep gaining... READ MORE

Do you Regain the Weight Easily, if You Maintain Same Eating Habit, After Zeltiq Treatment?

I don't necessarily eat bad foods, snack, etc. all the time; however, I do enjoy eating some carbs and fatty foods. Plus we do eat out. If I were... READ MORE

What are the contraindications to coolsculpting/ultrashape?

1. Is that true for other endocrine disorders of the pituitary- such as hypopituitarism? 2. What about heart disorders/hypertension? 3. Once the fat... READ MORE

Zeltiq & Post Procedure Pregnancy Weight Gain

I'm 34 years old and would like to get Zeltiq in the belly area. However, I plan to get pregnant in the next two years. When I do gain pregnancy... READ MORE

Is Weight Gain Typical After Coolscuplting?

I had CoolScuplting a week ago and have gained about 5 lbs... is this normal? The swelling is just starting to go down. READ MORE

Weight gain after coolsculpting. Is it still swelling? (Photo)

Hello I had my procedure done 5 weeks ago of my outter and inner thighs. However since this procedure I have literally blown up like a ballon I feel... READ MORE

Coolsculpt lead to deposits of fat in other places if there is weight gain?

I would like to get cool sculpt on my inner thighs. The only two major places I accumulate fat from weight gain are my abs and thighs and a bit on my... READ MORE

Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting) - Can I have 15Kg's of fat removed by this method? I have insulin resistance. No liposuction..

Doc asks 15Kg removed from my belly fat. I saw coolsculpting. Can that much fat removed from belly? No matter how many sessions as long as it is... READ MORE

I'm exactly 4 weeks post Coolsculpting, weigh more and look worse! What can I do?

I'm exactly 4 weeks post Coolsculpting. I had the large device on my lower ab, 2 smaller on upper ab, and smaller on each side. I've maintained a... READ MORE

5 weeks post CoolSculpting, gained 17 pounds

6 treatment areas (4abdominal, 2 flanks). First 3 weeks I wore a compression garment. Swelling has subsided. My diet and exercise has remained the... READ MORE

I had CoolSculpting done 2 weeks ago but I am gaining weight. Why? should I cancel the following treatments?

I had CoolSculpting done 2 weeks ago. I know the results can take two to four months but I feel bloated and bigger than before I had treatment on my... READ MORE

Lipo worked great on my flanks but left unevenness in my belly and inner thighs. Would CoolSculpting help to smooth them out?

Many years ago i got lipo suction in my belly and my thighs. It worked great on my flanks but left unevenness in my belly and my inner thighs. i have... READ MORE

Should I Wait TIl I Gain More Weight to Get CoolSculpting?

I Have Love Handles That Get Smaller when I Am at my Lowest Weight, I Am Scheduled for Cool Sculpting this week. will the results be less because I... READ MORE

If you gain weight after a CoolSculpting procedure, will it distribute more to untreated areas like is does with liposuction?

I know that with liposuction, with increasing weight the degree of fat accumulation in a previously treated area is proportionately less than in... READ MORE

Is it true that coolsculpting doesn't work on people who had lipo in the past?

I had lipo in my abdomen more or less 15 years ago. I gained weight three years ago and noticed the fat in my abdomen was back again. Thinking cool... READ MORE

Coolsculpting side effects?

I'm thinking of going through the procedure my question the fat cells are frozen and killed but after one or tow years if I stop exercising and gain... READ MORE

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