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Will Zeltiq Improve my Body Concerns?

Re: Pic 1 & 2 - Will Zeltiq treatment help smooth out my bottom, helping to make my little bottom appear larger like curvy S shape? Re: Pic 3... READ MORE

Normal To Have Severe Pain Post CoolSculpt? How Long Will It Last?

I had Cool Sculpt of abdomen, 5 months post lipo, as well as flanks. My flanks was mildly sore. I am two weeks post Cool Sculpt and am wearing... READ MORE

Do I Need Liposuction? Or Maybe CoolSculpting is Enough? (photo)

I am considering to take the liposuction for a while. I am actually not a big guy, I weighted 70kg and 180cm, but my body just lack of clear... READ MORE

Should I Gain More in My Waist if that's Where I Collect Weight Before CoolSculpting?

Hi there! I am 5'3", in good shape (run/bike/weights) and weigh about 105. But, I hardly have a waist and inherited lovely back/flank rolls from BOTH... READ MORE

How much coolsculpting can be done in one session?

Can you cool sculpt-abdomen, waist, chin, cheeks, inner thighs at one session or should this be spread out over several sessions? Are you totally... READ MORE

Coolsculpting for smaller waist. Would this be worth it for me? (Photo)

Hi so I'm about 135lb 34-28-39. I want to try this out to get a smaller waist. When I pull on my fat in this area only about an inch come out the side... READ MORE

Is it typical to notice more fat above and below areas where cool sculpting was performed?

I had cool sculpting 3 weeks ago for back fat both right and left sides .Now I have noticeable fat on both sides of my waist that I didn't have or... READ MORE

I am a 20 year old female. I want coolsculpting done.. Can I treat my waist so i can become smaller??? (photo)

I am very happy with my body, I go to the gym to lose inches in my waist I want an extra push my measurements are 34-28-34 I have a goal of having a... READ MORE

CoolSculpting or liposuction? (Photo)

Since losing 2 dress sizes my shape has completely changed from the hour glass it used to be to this ridiculous apple-esque man bod with giant... READ MORE

Lipo freeze vs CoolSculpting?

I had coolsculpting and lipo freeze over the past 4 months. 10 applications just across my stomach, plus more on my waist, back and arms. I'm 5'3 150... READ MORE

Can you get CoolSculpting after liposuction?

I got a bbl 5 months ago and I already see fat coming back around my waist. I don't eat very healthy but I thought because the fat was transferred I... READ MORE

Is coolsculpting the best option for me? (photo)

I am 22 years old and live a healthy lifestyle, however I have stubborn areas of fat around my flanks/waist that exercise/healthy eating can't seem to... READ MORE

Cool sculpting or Tumescent Liposuction?

Despite exercising 6 days a week for over a year, eating clean for the most part at 1460 calories (based on body analysis) (worse is slice of white... READ MORE

I am 22 yrs old (215 lbs) can I do a lot CoolSculpting sessions,(scared of surgery)? Risks in doing too many sessions? (photos)

I am 22 yrs old, weight: 215 lbs. I want to know is cool sculpting is good for me? I completely understand I won't look like a victoria's secret model... READ MORE

Coolsculpting underneath the butt?

Is it possible to get coolsculpting underneath your butt to make your butt look bigger? And can you get it on your lower legs and waist? READ MORE

Is there a size limit to cool sculpting?

My waist is 32 inchs, is it too big for cool sculpting? READ MORE

Are You Familiar W/ Coolsculpting Causing Welts Months After Treatments?

Coolsculpting (CS) in Feb-Aug noticed hard welts both sides of waist, where had CS. Ret'd to doc, she ack'd the welts, but didn't see any correlation.... READ MORE

I had 2 sets of coolsculpting on belly, waist, hips - bigger than ever.

It worked a little, now bigger than ever with all visceral fat. Did not increase eating nor decrease excercise, except for shorty illness. I am 58. Is... READ MORE

I had CoolSculpting done below my waist on backside. Will it go down?

I had coolsculpting done below my waist on backside. Not going down like I thought it should/would. And can now see a line or mark from applicator.... READ MORE

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