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I Had Zeltiq Done 2 Wks Ago and I Am Uneven on One Side. What Should I Do?

The fold of the skin is gone from my stomach, on one side, but on the other side, the fat fold still remains. READ MORE

Inner Thigh Uneveness Coolsculpting? (photo)

I have lipo ten years ago and I have uneveness on one thigh with lumps. Don't want more lipo nor invasive procedures. Will CoolSculpting help? give up? READ MORE

Uneven Results After Coolsculpting?

I had coolsculpting done on my lower abdomen 4 weeks ago. I am happy to say that I can already see and feel that the fat layer has been reduced.... READ MORE

Is it common for Coolsculpting to make surrounding areas carry more fat, or make the untreated area clearly uneven? (Photo)

It has been 2 months since I got coolsculpting on my lower stomach & love handles. I'm happy with the results. My stomach is flatter & the love... READ MORE

Will Zeltiq Get Rid of Uneven Fat Removal from a Prior Lipo?

I had Vaser and tumescent liposuction done by a very reputable surgeon in Beverly Hills 2 yrs ago for my mid section, love handles, and upper back.... READ MORE

CoolSculpting - Is Myomectomy a Risk for Uneven Results?

Had back to back, left and right abdominal Zeltiq procedures 3 months ago and I am now very uneven. I am now considering a third Zeltiq to correct my... READ MORE

CoolSculpting Was Applied Unevenly. Will I Have Uneven Results?

My bruises are uneven from the coolsculpting application. One side is about an inch from my belly button while the bruise on the other side is about 3... READ MORE

Is there a way to get rid of love handles without liposuction? (Photos)

I want to know if I would be a candidate for cool sculpting or if this would make me look uneven because I have broad shoulders. I workout and eat... READ MORE

Will or Can my Stomach Become Uneven?

I had coolsculpting done on my lower stomach yesterday. I didn't have any pain. I'm barely numb and its only day 2. Is it bad if one side of my... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Was Applied Unevenly on Hips - Will This Affect Results?

I had Coolsculpting done on both hips today but the square bruise left from the suction pads are not symmetrical. One side (left) is exactly on the... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get pregnant after Coolsculpting?

I want to start trying to get pregnant in 3 months, but I want to treat my uneven belly from previous liposuction. Is it not enough time to do a... READ MORE

Can Just One Side of Your Belly Flatten? Is It Ok Not to Have Pain?

2 questions. I had coolsculpting on my lower stomach today and I'm wondering if its possible that only one side could flatten instead of the whole... READ MORE

Lumpy Coolsculpting results, how is this fixed? (photos)

I ended up with a lumpy uneven stomach after first procedure done 12 weeks ago. I also lost 5lbs since the procedure. Was told a 2nd one would even it... READ MORE

Abdominal CoolSculpting 6 weeks ago. Treatment seems uneven and I have a lump of fat accumulating between my lower ribs (Photo)

I'm so disappointed I thought I would have better results. I had the "diamond" treatment, 4 small applicators. My left side looks great but the right... READ MORE

Will this cause unevenness? (Photo)

I had zeltiq cool sculpting yesterday (yay!). I noticed as the bruising set in that a spot was missed on my upper abs? Will this result in uneven fat... READ MORE

Cool sculpting bulges 3 months after treatment. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had Cool Sculpting on 4 sections of the abdomen last year. Saw no change except for some unevenness but I was happy. Had it a second time 3 months... READ MORE

Is there a risk of unevenness if two CoolMax applicators are applied to the abdominal area?

My Coolsculpting consultant recommended two CoolMax applicators for the abdomen. I'm hoping to only do one treatment because of price. I'm afraid... READ MORE

5 weeks post CoolSculpting on my abs, uneven results up to this point! Will this resolve itself?

I had CoolSculpting done 5 weeks ago on my lower abs with 2 applicators flanking my belly button. I really started to notice results when I was... READ MORE

Should I get Coolsculpting or SculpSure after a Smart Lipo to get rid of the fats that have been left of?

I had Smart Liposuction with abdominal etching 6 weeks ago. I've read in here that the hardness that I feel on my lower abdomen is normal and can take... READ MORE

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