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Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

And how long do you wait between procedures? READ MORE

Is It Ok to Do Coolsculpting in Two 30 Minute Increments, Two Days Apart? Adverse Effects? Effectiveness?

I went in for coolsculpting - about 30 minutes through the treatment the applicator came off. 5 minutes later, the assistant came in and took the... READ MORE

Should I have another cool sculpting treatment to the same area ONE month after the first treatment?

Why so soon after the first treatment since it takes months for the old dead cells to be eliminated? Is this recommended? READ MORE

Is there any benefit to getting Cool Sculpting/Cryolipolysis repeated after only 2.5 to three weeks? Urgent help please

Will it help at all? I have a deal that is expiring which would make it so that I would have to get it done in this time frame, almost 3 weeks after... READ MORE

I had a baby 6 months ago. Should I have Coolsculpting now or later? (photos)

I am 6 1/2 months post partum from my last child.I gained a whopping 60lbs with him. I have 25 more pounds to go. I am actively dieting and exercising... READ MORE

Is it true that the best coolscuplt results occur when any given area is treated twice within a two week span of time?

I got my procedure done 3/20/14. I had two sections done in one day. One on my lower abdomen and one on the upper abdomen. I was debating whether to... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a third Cool Sculpting session on my abdomen?

HI, I have had 2 sessions of CS on my abdomen (lower - with large applicator) done but want to go in for a 3rd time. 1> Would that be harmful to me in... READ MORE

How soon can one get the second treatment?

I'm one week today after my first treatment to upper and lower abdomen. My tech had me go ahead and schedule the second treatment one month out.... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Cool sculpting every 2 weeks?

Hi I just had my coolsculpting 2 weeks ago, and wanted to ask if it is okay to have my second treatment tomorrow, since I need 3-4 treatments to get... READ MORE

How soon should 2nd CoolSculpting treatment be performed for maximum effect?

I just had my 1st treatment today (love handles, upper ab, lower ab). I'm 69" and 153lbs and 32. Fairly thin, just want to get rid of the 'spare tire'... READ MORE

How long should I wait before my second Coolsculpting treatment?

I recently had a consultation for coolsculpting. The office I went to routinely schedules the second session 4 weeks after the first. I thiought this... READ MORE

Can I do IPL after cool sculpting? Will it affect treatment results? (photo)

I did cool sculpting for my upper arms a day ago. It's still sore today. I wonder if I can proceed with my IPL hair removal treatment for my arms in a... READ MORE

What is the optimal time between Coolsculpting treatments in the same area for the best result?

I've heard 4 weeks or 8 weeks or even 3 months apart. If there are no negatives, I think I'd like to wait 3 months to see if there is any result at... READ MORE

Can you treat an area 3 x in one day?

Would you recommend treating an area 2 to 3 times in one day? I am having 12 sessions in one day. Upper and lower abs along with flanks. It is a dual... READ MORE

Is it possible to have 6 sessions each of 15 minutes instead of a one hour session?

I have singed up for cool sculpting sessions and they said they don't give 1 hour session , but they devide them into 6 each of 15 minutes , would... READ MORE

Why is Tylenol better than Motrin after cool sculpting?

What is the typical time frame for burning and stabbing feeling to subside READ MORE

Is it okay to do CoolSculpting AND ultrasonic cavitation?

Regardless of how much I diet and exercise, my lower abdomen never budged below 32 inches. I want to get the Coolsculpting procedure to elimate some... READ MORE

Are there different results of cool sculpting if I get the second procedure done three weeks later as opposed to eight weeks ?

I recently had the cool sculpting procedure done on my lower abdomen. I was told by one doctor that three weeks was good since the body would be... READ MORE

If I Get a Cortizone Shot in Knee 2 Weeks After Coolsculpting, Will It Stop Results?

I just had coolsculpting. I am having surgery for torn meniscus in knee in 2 weeks. I am concerned that if Dr. Decides to inject knee with cortizone,... READ MORE

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