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Does Zeltiq Tighten the Skin While Reducing the Fat?

I have been in the market for liposuction for limited fat bulges around my waist and have done quite a bit of research. I have two friends that did... READ MORE

Does cool sculpting tighten loose skin and fat pockets ?

I'm quite firm everywhere except my inner thighs, bum and love handles. They are quite soft and squishy. Will cool sculpting shrink and tighten theses... READ MORE

Coolsculpting: Does the Stretched Skin from Suctioning Stay Partially Lax or Does It Tighten Back Up Completely?

Watching Coolsculpting videos shows a very stretched out block of fat cells and skin after device is removed. I want to know, if after that trauma,... READ MORE

Does Coolsculpting Both Contour and Tighten Skin?

I am interested in coolsculpting, as I have that stubborn back fat Ro bra bulge. Does this procedure tighten skin? Have there been good results with... READ MORE

Will Coolsculpting on upper arms help tighten loose skin? (photos)

I've been reading all the different alternatives to tightening loose skin. Would CoolSculpt or something similar help in my case? Or a mini-arm lift... READ MORE

Cool Sculping. Will sculpting help get rid of the loose skin as well as fat? (photos)

I want to get rid of fat as well as the loose skin that hangs over my scare. Dose this tighten the skin as well as removed the fat or is surgery the... READ MORE

Effects of Coolsculpting on loose skin?

Does Coolsculpting have any positive tightening effects on loose skin covering fatty areas? What is the ideal Coolsculpting abdomen patient and what... READ MORE

So I did Coolsculpting 60 days ago, I'm not sure if I'm seeing results? (photos)

I went in for my 60 day photos & my pudge looked wider from the front view. They said You lose fat first then the skin starts tightening, even though... READ MORE

What type of person is more at risk of hyperplasia with coolsculpting??

I want to do coolsculpting on my inner thighs but I am so afraid of bad side affects. I read hyperplasia happens to some people. I am pretty fit and... READ MORE

Coolsculpting vs Vanquish?

Coolsculpting vs Vanquish - What is considered the best treatment currently? Do either provide skin tightening? At the doctor's office where I... READ MORE

CoolSculpting gets rid of fat but what happens to the excess skin?

Specifically I am a 60 year old women that weighs about 125 lbs but I have the dreaded under arm fat that just hangs when arms are held straight out.... READ MORE

Do I need coolsculpting or a skin tightening procedure done for my stomach area? (photos)

Do I need cool sculpting or a skin tightening procedure done for my stomach area? Also, is there a good fix for stretch marks? I gained 70 lbs with... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo or CooLSculpting? Do They Work and Where Does the Fat Go?

What's better to get rid of fat- tumescent lipo or coolscupting ? Does this really work? Where does the fat go? Does it tighten the areas ? Who should... READ MORE

CoolSculpting or SmartLipo? (photos)

I had lipo on abs years ago. Fat was lwft on upper abs. CoolSculpting wpuld be best because i would need no incision. But if smartlipo is best due to... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for Coolsculpting? (photo)

I would love to have a tighter looking abdomen. I've had two kids and c-sections. My abs aren't what they used to be...please advise. READ MORE

21 yo female. What options do I have for skin tightening the belly button area? Fat loss? I want to look my age (Photo)

Lost weight (Approx 60 pounds) and did it quite fast.that was 3 years ago. I am now 21& healthy, 5'4&139 lbs. I workout 2x\week, eat very healthy the... READ MORE

CoolSculpting or SculpSure?

CoolSculpting and SculpSure reduce fat Cells? I see a lot of reviews and websites that say that coolsculpting kill the fat cells and sculpture strink... READ MORE

After my treatment it's day 4 and I feel discomfort in my top abdomen- a muscle tightening feeling.

The feeling is uncomfortable and feels like something is pulling from inside I can't even stand straight- something keeps tugging and tightening- it's... READ MORE

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