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CoolSculpting Post Procedure Swelling?

I had CoolSculpting done 2 days ago and right now my lower abdomen is extremely swollen. I know it is normal to swell after the procedure but my... READ MORE

10 Days out from Coolsculpting, Swollen? (photo)

I am now 10 days out from a CoolSculpting procedure on my lower abdomen. I have tried on pants and am not noticing ANY change. Still a fat roll over... READ MORE

Zeltiq -- So Swollen I Could Wear Maternity Clothes? (photo)

I got cool-sculpting on my abdomen yesterday afternoon. Within an hour or two, the area began to swell, It is now so large -- I look like I am six... READ MORE

Swollen over a Month After Cool Sculpting?

I had coolsculpting 2.5 months ago on my abdomen with two small applicators (on on each side of my belly button). It is my second application to this... READ MORE

How to get rid of hard lumps under the skin after coolsculpting?

It has been 4 weeks since my coolsculpting and under my skin on my tummy (upper) we well as my flanks is very lumpy. I was told to massage and try to... READ MORE

How long does severe sharp pain last from Cool Sculpting?

I received my first Cool Sculpting treatment exactly one week ago today. Four days after my treatment I developed severe pain. Feels like stinging... READ MORE

I Had a Coolsculpt on July. At 1st Love Handles Were Gone but Now They Are Back?

After 3 months of having a coolscupture in my love handles they disappeared but 2 months after I have them back, the area is swollen and if I grab... READ MORE

CoolSculpting error message and mark on the thigh (Photo)

What is thermal event error msg mean? And when the error msg occured i was still under the treatment for about 40~50mins and assistance applied second... READ MORE

Does frost bite kill fat cells? (photo)

In a botched at home cool sculpting attempt I have given myself frost bite. I placed cool packs directly on my sides for 15 min. and the hospital has... READ MORE

16 days post op of 3 area tummy Coolsculpting. I'm still very swollen, numb and painfull. How long will it take to recovery?

16 days post 3 area tummy sculpting - distended, numb, bruised and in pain in various areas. My doc says nerve endings have been damaged (the reason... READ MORE

Cool sculpting - swollen/uncomfortable 8 weeks on - bigger stomach than before?

Hi, I am petite and had Cool sculpting 8 weeks ago just for a small area of fat across my stomach. 8 weeks on I am still feeling uncomfortably... READ MORE

I had cool sculpting over 3 months and gained 10 pounds, why am I still swollen in the area where I had the treatment?

Before cool sculpting in the black and after cool sculpting in the gray I do two green shakes a day and one meal and exercise 5 days week, why am I... READ MORE

I had cool sculpt smooth on my tummy and now my stomach seems larger than it was before. Is this normal?

I had cool sculpt smooth on my tummy because I have an umbilical hernia. Now my stomach seems larger than it was before. I have not gained any weight.... READ MORE

Absolutely no pain after Coolsculpting. Will it work?

(First, please excuse my french-girl english ;) ) I had Coolsculpting done 7 days ago (lower abdomen and flanks) and since then I've had absolutely no... READ MORE

Is it illegal for a Medical Assistant to perform Coolsculpting without supervison of a doctor or PA? Can I get my money back?

I had Coolsculpting done on my abdomen and flanks. I was never examined by a doctor prior to the procedure only by the Medical Assistant. On the day... READ MORE

Lumpy stomach after coolsculpting. Will it go away? (Photos)

I had coolsculpting done 13 days ago and I had been really swollen and in pain since then. The swelling seems to have started going down but I've... READ MORE

Lymph node in neck is very swollen. Is this related to the CoolSculpting near thigh lymph nodes?

Had coolscultping on inner thighs. Now my lymph node in neck is very swollen, is this related to the coolsculpting near thigh lymph nodes? Day 2 after... READ MORE

Can I fix coolsculpting?

I paid over $6000 to have the cool sculpting done on lower abs and right above. My stomach is huge, hard and sticks out more than ever. It has been... READ MORE

Does massage technique immediately following Coolscupting make a difference?

I just had cool sculpt on arms and ab. The tech did all of the massaging afterward except the very last section which the doc did. The doc showed the... READ MORE

Should I get Coolsculpting or SculpSure after a Smart Lipo to get rid of the fats that have been left of?

I had Smart Liposuction with abdominal etching 6 weeks ago. I've read in here that the hardness that I feel on my lower abdomen is normal and can take... READ MORE

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