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Is Any Damage Done to the Skin During the Fat Freezing Process?

With the freezing technique, if the fat is frozen, what's happening to the skin? Isn't the skin frozen? Damaged? Why doesn't the skin die? READ MORE

8 months post op of CoolSculpting, I noticed skin discoloration on my thighs. Is this normal? (photos)

I have had CoolSculpting on my abdomen as well as my inner thighs. It has been about 8 months and I notice odd "striping" on my thighs. It looks like... READ MORE

How does CoolSclupting not damage skin? The machine is freezing the fat so why does the skin not freeze?

During cool sculpting can damage to the skin occur? The machine is freezing the fat so why does the skin not freeze & die? Is there any risk or... READ MORE

Glycerine and water soked pads

If i soak pads in glycerine and water solution , then use between fat freezer machine and skin , will it still prevent damage to the skin READ MORE

What is in the gel or liquid they apply to your skin before CoolSculpting?

Is this actual antifreeze? Isn't there reason to be concerned about chemicals absorbed through your skin? I had four CS treatments and each time I... READ MORE

What happens to the skin after fat is gone?

Would like to be rid of love handles, fat above bra under arms in back, tummy fat. I am within 3 lbs of goal weight. Good skin but 80 years old. READ MORE

Do I need coolsculpting or a skin tightening procedure done for my stomach area? (photos)

Do I need cool sculpting or a skin tightening procedure done for my stomach area? Also, is there a good fix for stretch marks? I gained 70 lbs with... READ MORE

Is it possible CoolSculpting changes the skin but providers aren't aware because people don't go back for treatments? (Photo)

I had one treatment of Cool Sculpting one month ago on my abdomen. I am in my 30's and have no children. I have noticed a definite change in my skin.... READ MORE

I had my inner thighs with Coolsculpting. Still frozen, just looked more like skin. Any advice?

Hello, I've just completed my second inner thigh session and this time when the applicator was removed the fat wasn't in the block format. Still... READ MORE

Once the fat is removed is there flabby hanging skin?

Once the treatment is done what is your skin like is it droopy READ MORE

CoolSculpting or SculpSure?

CoolSculpting and SculpSure reduce fat Cells? I see a lot of reviews and websites that say that coolsculpting kill the fat cells and sculpture strink... READ MORE

What are the metrics used for Zeltiq's before and after?

The physician I went to just had his assistant take pictures. The Dr. actually touched my abdomen with his hands and pinched to skin to determine what... READ MORE

Is it possible to have cryosurgery on skin (face) and not have ANY changes in appearance in the site that was treated? (photo)

I have zero change in my skin appearance, on my fact, after a cryosugery treatment on skin in front of my left ear. No redness, no swelling, nothing... READ MORE

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