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Does Cool Sculpting Potentially Leave Saggy Skin, Like Liposuction Can?

I'm looking for non-surgical ways to get rid of small saddle bags and slim down thighs. I have had 2 children so I already have a little loose skin on... READ MORE

Does Coolsculpting Under the Buttocks Cause Butt Sagging?

I exercise regularly but cant take inches off the area on the BACK of my legs from the buttcheek to knee. I am considering coolsculpting,but I have... READ MORE

I am considering cool sculpting for my thighs (inner and outer). is it the best procedure for me?

I am 57 years old, 5'3" and 120 lbs. I have worked out my entire life and I have never been able to get rid of the cellulite or small saddle bags on... READ MORE

Is Coolsculpting right for me? How much could it cost? (photos)

I have 2 kids Is coolsculpting right for me? I have a little tummy, belly,stomach . I used a corset to lost most of all my baby fat which is good but... READ MORE

Will the sagginess and rippling from inner thigh Coolsculpting go away?

I had Coolsculpting done to my inner thighs 3-1/2 weeks ago. Since then my inner thighs look worse than they did before. The skin is sagging and has... READ MORE

Considering Coolsculpting for lower abdominal budge after weight loss from 2 babies but have lax skin & fraxel? (photo)

VERY athletic 39yrold. Lost 40lbs after 2 babies. Will coolsculpting make saggy skin more pronounced or (hopefully) will i just lose the bulge and... READ MORE

if my fat is reduced by Coolsculpting, will my skin be sagging?

I have heard that although coolsculpting may help with fat reduction, there could be some sagging and loose skin that develops after you remove the... READ MORE

Can CoolSculpt done on inner thighs leave saggy or crepey skin? (Photo)

I am considering cool sculpt on my inner thighs. Just had done on my lower abdomen 8 days ago and that went well with no bruising, just numbness for... READ MORE

Am I a candidate at 64 for inner thighs coolsculpting?

I"ve always had that pocket of fat on inner thigh..would love to finally do something about it.Am I too old? Will it cause skin to sag and create... READ MORE

Sagging skin on upper arms, will CoolSculpting help?

After loosing almost 100 lbs my upper arms have sagging skin . is this procedure done in office and are both arms done at same time. What would be... READ MORE

Does CoolSculpting help me to get rid of my inner & outer thigh fat? Does skin sag after this procedure? What helps cellulite?

I gained 20 pounds and got stubborn fat on my inner, outer thighs, and hips. unfortunately, cellulite as well. what is the best way to beat cellulite... READ MORE

Can CoolSculpting help with saggy skin? What other procedures can help get rid of excess fat and tighten skin? (Photo)

I've had 3 c sections. My lower abdomen has a pooch above the c section scar. And have some loose skin in the belly button area. Would cool sculpting... READ MORE

Sagging skin after Coolsculpting, making my thighs look lumpy.

I had Coolsculpt about 18 months ago and it has left my skin sagging. I had radio frequency but it did not work. I lost no fat and the sagging is due... READ MORE

How can I tighten my loose belly? I just have a really small amount of fat, the rest is just loose skin. (photos)

Dear Doctors I really need your help. I'm 24years old and have a sagging belly, but I don't know why. I've never gained a lot or lost a lot of weight... READ MORE

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