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Are Coolsculpting results TRULY permanent? Also, are repeated treatments safe?

I've heard that the results from Coolsculpting only last 10 to 15 years. Extreme weight gain aside, are the results from Coolsculpting truly permanent... READ MORE

SculpSure or Coolsculpting for arms? Do you need more than 1 area to reduce 25% of circumference of the arm? is it permanent?

Looking into coolsculpting or sculpsure on arms. Im 130lbs and 5ft3" w 14"circum. arms hoping for 12" READ MORE

Is this pigmentation going to be a permanent mark? (Photo)

I did coolsculpting 2 months ago on my thigh, unfortunately during the treatment the machine was showing an error msg of thermal event. i didnt know... READ MORE

How many treatments are necessary if CoolSculpting is permanent?

How many CoolSculpting treatments does the average person generally have or need? I understand that if they do multiple areas then that will increase... READ MORE

Does CoolSculpting Work? I've been told it's only a one time treatment and results last.

I'm thinking of COOL SCULPTING for my stomach area. I've been told it's only a one time treatment and results last. Does it hurt and does it really... READ MORE

Does coolsculpting permanently change the shape of my body?

I am tall, thin/lean and athletic but would love my arms to have less weight on them as I feel they are out of proportion to the rest of my body.... READ MORE

If Coolsculpting kills off fat cells, then where is body fat stored after the procedure?

Since the procedure cuts down the number of fat cells in my body, do the remaining fat cells simple enlarge as necessary to hold the fat my body wants... READ MORE

Anyone heard of this happening? I am still having quite significant pain over one month after abdominal CoolSculpt.

The physician which was associated with the place where I receive the service has thrown his hands up and said that there's no way I could still be... READ MORE

Cool sculpting 1 month ago with 4 big applicators in diamond shape. I have a lump on my left tummy. (photos)

I have noticed a lump on the left side of my tummy but my right tummy is smooth. I have also noticed that the fats below my belly button has sunken in... READ MORE

Will I get permanent scarring around the edges from Coolsculping? (Photos)

Im just over 48 hours after the treatment and I am very concerned about potential scarring. Pain is uncomfortable like ive been kicked hard in the... READ MORE

How does permanently reducing the number of fat cells benefit you? CoolSculpting

Hi, I am a big fan of coolsculpting, and I did see great results from the treatments. However, I am just curious, if the remaining fat cells can... READ MORE

What's the best non-surgical method for permanent fat reduction? CoolSculpting, Liposonix, or Invasix?

I have a small "muffin top" of abdominal fat that won't go away with exercise. I was told it's not big enough for liposonix (but it sure bulges over... READ MORE

Best treatment to get rid of inner and outer thighs permanently without any side effects? (photos)

Thinking about cool-sculpting, venus- freeze or smart lipo or may be something else that I haven't heard. Want to hear a professional advice. Thank... READ MORE

Does cryolipolysis rely on the actual presence of fat in the adipocytes to work?

In other words, will the procedure cause the apoptosis of empty fat cells in relatively lean individuals? I am currently fit (and I keep myself so... READ MORE

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