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Is It Common to Feel Itchy 5 Days After CoolSculpting (Abdominal Area)?

I had CoolSculpting 5 days ago. Really no problems. I expected it to be tender, and it is--but not to the extent that I cannot workout. This morning... READ MORE

Painful Itching After CoolSculpting - Is This Normal?

I did the procedure on my lower and upper abdomen 3 weeks ago. Still painful and itchy, is it common? Please help. READ MORE

How long does severe sharp pain last from Cool Sculpting?

I received my first Cool Sculpting treatment exactly one week ago today. Four days after my treatment I developed severe pain. Feels like stinging... READ MORE

Swelling, numb, itchy and needle pain after 2 weeks of cool sculpting. Any suggestions? (photos)

I rest for 1 week after the treatment and started my exercise of daily power walk of 50 min. Today is day 14 and can still feel numbness, itchy and... READ MORE

Is there any ointments or treatment you can recommend? (photos)

About 2 weeks ago i had a cool sculpting session. However something went terribly wrong i was left with a gaint blister on my abdominal wall. Now that... READ MORE

Itchy body from coolsculpting. Could my liver be in overload?

I got coolsculpting five days ago on my abdomen and my whole body is itchy. My fingers started to swell and I develop rashes that come and go. Could... READ MORE

Is this normal? Extreme redness after coolsculpting. (photos)

Doctor looked scared when I showed him the r dness 1 day after coolsculpting but then act it was normal and gave me flamigel. The applicator was... READ MORE

I had the cool sculpting on 2/7/2017 & my neck is still showing the suction marks?

It is 2/10/2017 and my neck is still showing the suction marks, they are red, itchy and painful, when will the suction marks go away? READ MORE

CoolSculpting questions and concerns for a newbie. Is it normal to feel hungry all the time? (Photo)

Is it normal to feel hungry all the time? I feel im eating more than usual ever since I got the procedure done. I Also noticed alot of itchiness on... READ MORE

Addisons disease and CoolSculpting, will taking replacement hydrocortisone impact my results?

I take a total of 10mg hydrocortisone for my addisons disease and had coolsculpting 3 weeks ago, I am swollen, itchy and a little sore to touch to my... READ MORE

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