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Can Using Ice Packs After Cool Sculpting to Help with the Unbearable Pain? Will it Effect the Final Results?

3 days after cool sculpting the pain was unbearable. the only thing that helped was ice packs. Could this hurt the outcome? READ MORE

I am having extremely painful stabbing pains in my abdomen. Could something be wrong? (Photo)

I had cool sculpt 6 days ago today on my abdomen. 2 paddles on each side. I am experiencing very sharp pains and cannot sleep through the night. I am... READ MORE

1 Week PO CoolSculpting, Unbearable Pain?

And I am still in unbearable pain and I am getting a little worried now as I did not expect this. I have ice pack on it all day and have not slept for... READ MORE

Why not ice packs to kill fat? Do you really expect us to believe it's dangerous?

Negative answers re ice from dermatologists w/ vested interests in selling overpriced CoolSculpting. scare tactics like necrosis of the skin. what,... READ MORE

If Coolsculpting can freeze fat away, can I do it at home with ice? More specifically on my eyelids?

I have excess fat in my eyelids and eyelid surgery is not an option for me. I thought about how coolsculpting would freeze and expel fat from the... READ MORE

Why did I faint with Coolsculpting? After neck, I was doing outer arms & lower ab when I began to feel something was wrong!

I gave triage instructions as much as I could manage. I told them to get ice packs and cool me down. I was overheated. I told them I felt like I was... READ MORE

I had coolsculpting a week ago and the pain is very bad?

I been using Ice packs almost 24 hour. Can I do this for the pain. READ MORE

The pain from coolsculpting has been very extreme. Is this normal?

Day 3 the pain started and with a vengeance! I am on day 8 and it's nor any better. The doctor's nurse said I'm the only one that has called with this... READ MORE

Can I apply icepack to my throat for soreness and swelling?

I had a cool sculpting procedure yesterday on my throat (double chin). We had to stop the session because of a thermal event, at 44 min. I am somewhat... READ MORE

How does cryolipolysis or fat freezing treatment cause second degree burning in many victims?

I have read an article on a lady getting second degree burning after fat freezing treatment. But I am curious that if cryolipolysis exposure to... READ MORE

Coolsculpting after effects. When will they go away?

Okay I had coolsculpting done on the 25th I'm now in so much pain it hurts not o bad but where I have a lump now it's stings as if s bee is stinging... READ MORE

Severe pain after CoolSculpting - Meds don't help- 15 Days Post - what other options are there? On the verge of breakdown!

I had CoolSculpting done 3/23/16 - large applicator, lower abdomen incl. the belly button area. Now 15 days post & nothing helps the pain except... READ MORE

I came across this really interesting YouTube video were this guy does home CoolSculpting with ice packs.

Hey I came across this really interesting YouTube video were this guy does home coolsculptinng with ice packs. It looks safe.....Has anyone tried... READ MORE

Can I take ibuprofen after coolsculpting?

I had my lower and upper abs done like 5 days ago. An I am experiencing a lot of pain. Swelling is going down but the pain not. I did take some... READ MORE

How long does the delayed onset nerve pain from cool sculpting last until it starts to let up?

It is so unbearable! I got cool sculpting Monday, around Thursday it became painful, and now it's Saturday and it's the worst it's been!! The only... READ MORE

Post CoolSculpting, what day is the peak day (pain wise) and when does it starting vanishing?

So it's the 6th day since my procedure and the pain is UNREAL. I'm literally screaming from pain. In most cases of people with late pain when does it... READ MORE

Follow-Up: I had CoolSculpting done in June on abdomen and under breasts. Is there any cream to numb the still sore areas?

I use ice but only works for awhile-is there some cream-over counter or prescription that i could use now and for next procedure-before-during or... READ MORE

How long will nerve pain from Coolsculpting my abdomen last? I'm on Day 10!

I had coolsculpting on my lower abdomen 10 days ago and three days after the procedure I started getting sharp nerve pains. I still have them, and... READ MORE

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