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When Does the Excrutiating Pain Subside After CoolSculpting?

I got cool sculpting 6 days ago and the pain keeps getting worse. It is like I have a belly full of broken glass. Is there anything I can do to ease... READ MORE

Why Do Some Coolsculpting Patient Report Little Pain and Others Report Severe Pain?

Is there a reason why there are such different responsed to the level of pain with coolsculpting? READ MORE

Coolsculpting and Drinking Alcohol?

I had cool sculpting done on my abdomen 8 days ago. I am still extremely numb, sore, and bloated. I am having a hard time sleeping due to the pain.... READ MORE

Can Using Ice Packs After Cool Sculpting to Help with the Unbearable Pain? Will it Effect the Final Results?

3 days after cool sculpting the pain was unbearable. the only thing that helped was ice packs. Could this hurt the outcome? READ MORE

Should I be massaging my coolsculpted area?

Should I massage my coolsculpted area? It's been a week and the numbness is going already- no bruising- all good , but wondered if this would help or... READ MORE

Why are bruises only now beginning to show, 4 days after outer thigh procedure?

I had coolsculpting done on my outer thighs 4 days ago. Bruising is just starting to show up. I am concerned it's going to continue to get worse. How... READ MORE

Coolsculpting and fraxel laser stretch mark treatment at same time? (Photo)

I'm a male with red stretch marks on my love handles and flanks due to being overweight. I've lost weight and I'm getting laser resurfacing to reduce... READ MORE

CoolSculpting and Essential Oils?

I am scheduled to CoolSculpting done next week and I use Essential Oils. My concern is using the oils after the procedure. It sounds like the way it... READ MORE

Can I have CoolSculpting done on a different area than I just had tumescent liposuction on?

Just had Tumescent Liposuction on Abs, Back and Inner Thighs. Can I have CoolSculpting on my upper arms (different body part) within the next couple... READ MORE

Healing time, as well as time I would need to spend away from the gym due to Redraping of skin on bilateral lateral thighs?

On 11/14/16 I had a Coolsculpting session done to each outer thigh (the regular applicator size). I am extremely active and workout 6/7 days a week. I... READ MORE

Is there a way to speed up healing and reduce swelling and bruising after CoolSculpting?

I just got Coolsculpting on my abdominal area. I am 5"7 and 130 lbs and the area doesn't really have that much fat to begin with, so there was no... READ MORE

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