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How Much Does CoolSculpting by Zeltiq Cost?

How much does it cost to get fat reduction with Cool Sculpting? READ MORE

Can Cool Sculpting Be Used to Remove Cheek Fat?

I'm looking to have my cheek fat reduced but i dont want any invasive procedures, i wondered if cool sculpting by zeltiq could be performed on my... READ MORE

Why is Zeltiq Used for Fat Removal?

According to the FDA Website: FDA INDICATION FOR USE: The Zeltiq System is intended for use as a skin cooling device to minimize pain and thermal... READ MORE

Is LumiSlim Like CoolSculpting?

I came across a fat reduction device in Australia called LumiSlim. I've done a lot of research on CoolSculpting and I'm wondering if this is... READ MORE

Is Zeltiq Approved by the FDA for Fat Reduction?

Has the FDA really approved Zeltiq for fat reduction? READ MORE

How do surgical methods of fat reduction, specifically zeltiq, affect overall health?

I'm sure there's no substitute to working off the fat through proper diet and exercise but do any of the health benefits achieved that way (like... READ MORE

Numbness, soreness and swelling after Coolsculpting.

Before I had 2 side areas done below my belly button, & the left & right sides of my love handles done, I measured 42" around. The day after... READ MORE

CoolSculpting gap between 2 treatments (Photo)

I got my cryptiolysis done on my abdomen which is extremely loose after c section .I am going back up my home town in 2 weeks.i want to get another... READ MORE

Best option for non-invasive fat reduction?

What is the best procedure for non-invasive fat reduction in the abdominal area (love-handles, muffin top)? I am looking into Zerona, Cool-sculpting,... READ MORE

Non-surgical fat reduction?

Can anyone explant Cryolipolysis and the benefits of it? is there anything similar to this procedure ? also is it ok to see a cosmetic dermatologist... READ MORE

What fat reduction treatment can I mix with CoolSculpting?

I'm an active 36 years old girl, Hight: 5' 2", Weight: 120 Pound. No pregnancy, no saggy skin. I just have a fat pocket in my belly and love-handles... READ MORE

What's the best non-surgical method for permanent fat reduction? CoolSculpting, Liposonix, or Invasix?

I have a small "muffin top" of abdominal fat that won't go away with exercise. I was told it's not big enough for liposonix (but it sure bulges over... READ MORE

How well will CoolSculpting work on the upper thighs?

Even though I exercise 5 days out of 7 I still have fatty thighs that are showing some wrinkling at my age of 62. How would coolsculpting work on my... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment for fat reduction and skin tightening on arms? (Photos)

What would be the best treatment on my arms for fat reduction and skin laxity? I am 50 years old and had liposuction on my arms 20 years ago that... READ MORE

5' 8" and over 250lbs. Butt, legs, back, lats, and back of arms are targets.

Had a tummy tuck a few years back with lipo and literally have almost no fat on my stomach area. Can CoolScupting be used over other large areas of... READ MORE

I actually had 2 PE also over the past 12 years. Dr's say I have a protein S deficiency. I am seeking alternatives...

Since know that liposuction or tummy tuck will never be an option for me that's wise, how does freezing the fat cells like CoolSculpting or Zerona... READ MORE

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