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What EXACTLY happen to the fat and how is it "eliminated" after CoolSculpting?

I understand cells are "destroyed & "eliminated naturally" but that doesn't answer the question:) HOW exactly ? Research revealed fat is reabsorbed... READ MORE

Better Results for Love Handles, Coolsculpting or Liposuction?

What are the pros and cons of liposuction and coolsculpting when used for love handles? READ MORE

Coolsculpting- Where Does The Fat Go?

With coolsculpting, how/where is the fat eliminated from the body? Everywhere I read it says "flushed through the lymphatic system to the liver," Is... READ MORE

Do Anti-inflammatory Medicines Affect the "Fat Cell Death Rate" in Zeltiq?

I was wondering, since the fat dies as a result of inflammation due to a response to cold, if taking Motrin, etc, would have a negative effect on the... READ MORE

Is Coolsculpting Approved For Mons Pubis?

Is there any chance Coolsculpting will be appropriate for the treatment of fat on the mons pubis in the future? READ MORE

Does Coolsculpting Run the Risk of Adding More Fat to Other Unwanted Areas of the Body?

Will your body compensate for the lost cells by just adding more fat in a different area? For example if you use cool sculpting on your thighs, will... READ MORE

Why is Zeltiq Used for Fat Removal?

According to the FDA Website: FDA INDICATION FOR USE: The Zeltiq System is intended for use as a skin cooling device to minimize pain and thermal... READ MORE

Can Cool sculpting be used for breast fat?

I want to avoid surgical breasts reduction. it makes sense to me considering breasts have fat cells and large ones have lots of fat cells. READ MORE

I'm a male wondering if I can use Coolsculpt to remove supra pubic fat?

I'm a 6', 40 year old male who's lost about 30 lbs and I am now down to 190 lbs and have been for the past three years. My supra pubic fat pad is... READ MORE

Does cool sculpting tighten loose skin and fat pockets ?

I'm quite firm everywhere except my inner thighs, bum and love handles. They are quite soft and squishy. Will cool sculpting shrink and tighten theses... READ MORE

Can I get Coolsculpting done in my groin/crotch area?

I am a 45 year old woman. I have a large amount of fat in my groin or crotch area. I work out and my weight is about 10lbs over where it should be. No... READ MORE

What Types of Sensations Are Associated with Cool Sculpting?

Will there be some discomfort? Will it be mild like the pain from working out or a numbing like very cold water or even warm at times? Will there be... READ MORE

During Coolsculpting, do the fat cells die during the procedure, or in the weeks after?

Quick question regarding Coolsculpting: do the fat cells die DURING the procedure, immediately after the procedure, or in the days/weeks after the... READ MORE

Will Cool Sculpting help rid a hanging bag over my pubic area?

15 yrs ago I had surgery to remove an "apron" fat roll from my lower stomach. After a few years a hanging bag of fat had formed under the tummy tuck... READ MORE

Does the original amount of fat affect how high a percentage Cool Sculpting will take away?

I have been told that Cool Sculpting eliminates around 20% (sometimes 30%) of the fat cells in the treated area. Now I wonder if Cool Sculpting will... READ MORE

Can you sculpt inner knee fat?

I think my knees are fat; i.e., fat on the inside. READ MORE

Aftercare reccomendations to speed up excretion of lysed fat cells from CoolSculpting?

Will lymphatic massage or cupping which are both known to increase circulation , help speed up excretion of lysed cells from coldsculpting? READ MORE

What is the difference between Cool Sculpting, Lipo Freeze and Cryolipolysis ?

I have very little fat left on my abdomen and flanks after lipo and i would prefer a non invasive treatment instead of lipo which im sure it cant even... READ MORE

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