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Cool Sculpting Flanks - Are the Swelling/after Symptoms the Same As the Lower Abs?

I had my lower abs with the small applicator done 6 weeks ago. I am already happy with the results. However, I am thinking about getting my "flanks"... READ MORE

After Cool Sculpting, Will I Be Swollen / Red After the Procedure Days After?

I plan on getting cool sculpting done on Monday but I work on a film set in a bikini , a day or two after, will my stomach be swollen or red after 2-3... READ MORE

Normal To Have Severe Pain Post CoolSculpt? How Long Will It Last?

I had Cool Sculpt of abdomen, 5 months post lipo, as well as flanks. My flanks was mildly sore. I am two weeks post Cool Sculpt and am wearing... READ MORE

Why Do So Many People Only Need 1 Treatment with Zeltiq? Can You Explain The Percentage of Fat Lost?

I've read everything I can but I am confused. If I hate 100% of my love handles and belly fat enough to have Zeltiq done a 20-40% loss seems like... READ MORE

Will the Fat Move to a Different Area That Isn't Treated After Using CoolSculping by Zeltiq?

Will the Fat Move to a Different Area That Isn't Treated After Using CoolSculping by Zeltiq? READ MORE

I had coolsculpting done and got pregnant shortly after. I lost the baby at 3 months but I don't feel like I got good results.

I'd like a doctor to tell me what I should be expecting considering I understand that my body has gone thru some changes. The place I got it done at... READ MORE

If you get CoolSculpting of inner and outer thighs at the same time, would you expect a 40% reduction in overall thigh size?

Since you are getting a 20% reduction (ideal) in both inner and outer, would you expect a total 40% smaller thigh? How does that work? READ MORE

Do I look like a good candidate for cool sculpting? (photos)

I'm have an appointment for cool sculpting coming up soon. And I just want to make sure it's not going to be yet another waste of money. The fat on... READ MORE

Post Coolsculpting; How long should I expect the Numbness and Swelling to last?

What are the REAL reviews after Cool Sculpting? I've been reading different stories about post procedure horrors. How long should I expect the... READ MORE

Is this amount of redness to be expected 12 hours post CoolSculpting? (Photos)

I had my 2nd coolsculpt procedure today on a new area - my back. The immediate response is quite different to my initial treatment on my stomach where... READ MORE

What to expect next? I feel exhausted and in pain

About 48 hours ago I had stacking done on my muffin tops and lower tummy. At the end of 4 hours I actually passed out due to the pain. I feel... READ MORE

I'm wondering if CoolSculpting on lower flanks is right for me?

I recently had a consultation for a CoolScultping procedure for my lower flanks. Like most women, this is my "problem area" - despite an active... READ MORE

No numbness after CoolSculpting. Is this normal?

I had coolsculpting done on my mons pubis and I have no numbness whatsoever. I didn't even feel numbness right after the device was taken off. I'm... READ MORE

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