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Ibuprofen After CoolSculpting Treatment. Did I Damage My Results?

I had coolsculpting on Tuesday 7/10/12, was never instructed not to take antinflamatory. I took ibuprofen from Tues after to Wednesday evening every 6... READ MORE

Coolsculpting and breastfeeding: Is it possible to frozen cells can make there way into the milk?

Potential damage done to a breastfed baby (9 mo old who is breastfed only at night) coming from coolsculpting (abdomen). Is there any possibility that... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Fear - Organ Damage on Underweight Patients?

If I am underweight but have a small abdomen pouch do I risk muscle or organ damage when using Zeltiq coolsculpting? I feel like the tech was not very... READ MORE

Glycerine and water soked pads

If i soak pads in glycerine and water solution , then use between fat freezer machine and skin , will it still prevent damage to the skin READ MORE

In Coolsculpting-What Happens to the Messengers and Cytokeines That Are Released by the Dying Frozen Fat Cells?

Do these messengers travel to other areas of the body causing damage to normal cells outside of the spot treated area? READ MORE

6 weeks after CoolSculpting lower abs with large device I'm still tender and bloated, is it possible something was damaged?

I'm petit Had the large device which sucked up a lot terrible swelling and pain for 6 weeks still tender and have larger more lax fat roll I'v been... READ MORE

Would using Cool Sculpt cause frostbite or permanent damage to my skin? I have Cold Uritcaria

I have a condition called Cold Urticaria which I consider severe. I react very quickly to anything cold that touches my skin, ie hives, pain. Would... READ MORE

Will the CoolSculpting Also Damage the Tissue Around the Treated Area?

Since CoolSculpting destroy my fat cells by cooling them,will it also damage the tissue around the treated area,such as my skin? READ MORE

After a few questions about my Coolsculpting, still left with a few more. My Dr says these are 2nd degree burns.. (photos)

All the Dr has said is that I have 2nd Degree burns She assures me if Scarring is left and pigmentation is left it will be fixed. Can you fix A burn... READ MORE

CoolSculpting mini and thyroid gland risk?

Is there any risk to the thyroid gland (damage, or other adverse effects) when undergoing treatments of coolsculpting mini for the chin/neck area? READ MORE

Will Ultrasonic Cavi-lipo After Cool Sculpting Damage Anything?

If I have ultrasonic cavi-lipo treatments shortly following coolsculpting, will that "unfreeze" or revive the fat cells damaged by coolsculpting? READ MORE

Pain and much discomfort after a CoolSculpting treatment on my outer thigh

I was fine first few days but now have a lot of aching and discomfort six days after my outer thigh had the coolsclupting treatment I have scleroderma... READ MORE

How does cryolipolysis or fat freezing treatment cause second degree burning in many victims?

I have read an article on a lady getting second degree burning after fat freezing treatment. But I am curious that if cryolipolysis exposure to... READ MORE

Can CoolSculpting damage my gallbladder/liver?

I had coolsculpting 3 weeks ago and after 2 days I have had a pain under my right rib. Doctor has informed me it is my gallbladder. Could the lipo... READ MORE

Can Coolsculpting be done in conjunction with other procedures such as I lipo or ultrasonic cavitation?

I didn't get great results with Coolsculpting the 1st time. The office offered a 2nd session for a discounted cost. I wondered if combining two... READ MORE

Can cool sculpting be done on fat surrounding a scar? (Photo)

I have an abdominal scar from surgery that was revised a year ago. I'm still unhappy with the results. Considering cool sculpting to try to lessen the... READ MORE

A question about possible damages to a CoolSculpting machine.

When having a Cool sculpting machine, if it is placed over a heat vent (not placed over 68 degrees) would that destroy the equipment? Also- if it's... READ MORE

What is the effect of an extra long session of CoolSculpting on one area of the leg?

Approximately one hour into the procedure on my outer thigh, the machine stopped. Having not seen this error code before, the technician contacted the... READ MORE

Pain in centre of belly button after CoolSculpting.

Had coolsculpting 1.5 years ago. Since then, pain exactly in the centre of my navel. Pain gets worse after I do ab exercises/if something is... READ MORE

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