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Can High Heat Negatively Impact Zeltiq Results?

I regularly go for sudatonic body wraps for weight loss/pain releif (a process where you lay in a 140 degree sleeping bag-like sack and sweat) and was... READ MORE

Can I Get CoolSculpting if I Have Raynaud's Phenomenon?

Should someone with Raynaud's utilize Cool Sculpting? READ MORE

What are the contraindications to coolsculpting/ultrashape?

1. Is that true for other endocrine disorders of the pituitary- such as hypopituitarism? 2. What about heart disorders/hypertension? 3. Once the fat... READ MORE

Do Any Medications Affect Coolsculpting Results?

Hello, Two of my friends and I were wondering: post-Coolsculpting procedure, are there any medications that could negatively affect treatment results?... READ MORE

Is Crohn's Disease a Contraindication for Zeltiq?

Hello, I am a 47 year old woman considering Zeltiq (CoolSculpting)for lower abdomen and love handles. I am very slim (5'6, 120 lbs) and very fit.... READ MORE

What Are my Non-Surgical Options for Buttock/lateral Thigh Sculpting with Metal Rod and Pins in Hip and Femur? (photo)

Hello, I am 37 years old and have disproportionate fat distribution on my buttocks and lateral thighs(my measurements are 28,24,37). I have had 2... READ MORE

Is Autoimmune Disease a Contraindication to Coolsculpting? I Have Reiters Syndrome.

My disease in not active, but in the past I have had other autoimmune diseases as well.....Ankolosing Spondalitis and Thyroiditis. I am thinking of... READ MORE

Will Zeltiq treatment to reduce fat make cellulite look worse?

I am not looking for Zeltiq as a solution for cellulite. I would specifically like to know if there are any reports of it making cellulite worse? I... READ MORE

Any Contraindications to Zeltiq if I Have Sinus Tachcardia?

Are There Any Contraindications to Zeltiq if I Have Sinus Tachcardia? I Take Toprol Daily READ MORE

Can I do cryotherapy after a few days of coolsculpting?

I had cool sculpting done between my thighs 5 days ago and i would like to do the full body 3 minute cryotherapy treatment , is there any... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do Zerona with CoolSculpting or Liposonix?

Hi, I'm interested in either cool sculpting or liposonix depending on what is recommended by the doctor. Before discovering these procedures I... READ MORE

Is psoriasis a contraindication for CoolSculpting?

Is coolsculpting contraindicated for someone who has psoriasis (taking Humira)? READ MORE

CoolSculpting and small diastasis recti. Is it a contraindication (Photo)

Hello! I have a small diastasis recti (1 finger) moslty on the upper part of my belly button. I have been working to close it as much as I can, my... READ MORE

Is a foot fracture a contradiction for coolsculpting? (photo)

I suffered an avulsion to my anterior calcaneus on 10 January 2017. After 5 days my foot is still very swollen and bruised, completely non-weight... READ MORE

CoolSculpting to back & flanks / Harrington Rod Implants

Hello~ I am a 51 year old woman, considering CoolSculpting on my flanks and back. I have Harrington Rod Implants (since age 13). Is there any... READ MORE

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