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Will I Get the Same Results No Matter Where I Go for Zeltiq Coolsculpting?

The Dr. I spoke to at my consultation said "I am very aggressive", implying I'd get better results with their office than going somewhere else. Is... READ MORE

How long should I wait before my second Coolsculpting treatment?

I recently had a consultation for coolsculpting. The office I went to routinely schedules the second session 4 weeks after the first. I thiought this... READ MORE

CoolSculpting candidate? (Photo)

This is the second time in asking this question... For some reason my pics didn't upload last time. My derm says I'd be perfect for cool sculpting on... READ MORE

How many CoolSculpting applicators are usually required for love handles treatment?

I had two consultations with CoolSculpting providers. One told me that one applicator per side will do the job and another that I will need two... READ MORE

I was told more pain means better results with coolsculpting. Is this true? How long does the pain last?

I had coolsculpting done on Father's Day. Two nights ago I started having pain. It's a stabbing pain, swelling and numbness still persis. When I... READ MORE

large vs small applicator. Is there an advantage to one over the other?

I have had two consultations for coolsculpting the abdomen/flanks. One wanted to use 6 small abblicators, the other wanted to use two large and two... READ MORE

Liposuction or Coolsculpting? (Photos)

I've been considering liposuction for years but recently read about Coolsculpting. My goal is to have a slimmer midsection over all and a more well... READ MORE

Coolsculpting Applicator Placement? (Photo)

I have had three coolsculpting consultations at different locations. I have thoroughly researched each location and the qualifications of the doctors... READ MORE

Board certified facial plastic surgeon for Coolsculpting?

Why would a facial plastic surgeon recommend that someone interested in coolsculpting consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon and not a... READ MORE

I want to be able to get a coolsculpting, sculptsure, or ultrashape procedure.

I had four different consultations already to have a procedure done to remove the fat in my stomach and flanks? Two consultations told me, that I have... READ MORE

CoolSculpting - lots of questions! Had 2 consults today. 35, 5'4", 115, very active, Thin. Areas: lower abdomen and back/waist.

I'm small-both were unsure of how much the machine would "grab" BUT I'm ideal candidate. Consult 1:My dermatologist's office. Thought I was meeting a... READ MORE

Coolsculpting at ideal image - 8 treatment areas in abdomen?

Hello - I went to Ideal image for a consultation for coolsculpting. I'm 5'5 and 145 pounds. To do upper and lower abdomen she gave me a quote with 8... READ MORE

CoolSculpting for slightly overweight (15 to 20 lbs) - will it work well? (Photos)

I'm 56, 5'3", 150 lbs, mom of 2. I gained 15 lbs due to menopause. I eat sensibly and exercise regularly, but it's extremely difficult to lose the... READ MORE

Does the CoolSculpting price vary by practice? Is it worth while to shop around (even travel) to get a better price?

I went in for a consultation for cool sculpting and was given a quote for 8k. I think it may have been for multiple cycles. I want to make sure I am... READ MORE

Question about coolsculpting - One doctor gave me a positive result for me, and the other consultation was more of a negative?

I went to two different places for a consultation for coolsculpting? The doctor told me the fat is behind my muscle wall, and this kind of fat cannot... READ MORE

How can I tighten loose skin after CoolSculpting? (Photos)

Hi. I just had a consult for CoolSculpting and was told that if I did my lower belly and overhang, ithe skin would hang lower after the procedure. I... READ MORE

How much is each treatment (roughly)?

Say you want your chin and abdominal area treated do you pay for each area of treatment or does the initial cost cover dual or multiple areas? If you... READ MORE

CoolSculpt on back of neck?

I've consulted a few doctors about the back of my neck. I want fat removal but I've been told it is dangerous due to the highsoncentration of nerves... READ MORE

Follow-up: CoolSculpting and aestheticians.

Regarding my previous question about them performing the consultation and marking in California, when performing the treatment does an MD have to be... READ MORE

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