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I know that cryolipolysis is noninvasive unlike liposuction. But does it have the same long term complications?

Liposuction and cryolipolysis both damage the adipose tissue permenantly. But I've heard that with liposuction the fats in food reform at the heart,... READ MORE

Crolipolysis complications; bruising, tenderness, hot skin and bulging under skin surface. Is this normal or any tissue damage?

I have undergone cryolipolysis for the sedcond time in 6 months. first time with no side effects. second time after a full month, I have lots of pain,... READ MORE

Can Cool Sculpting affect any surgical scars on the abdomen?

I'm considering Cool Sculpting for my upper and lower abdomen. Over a year ago I had my gallbladder removed through my belly button. Are there any... READ MORE

PIH after Cool Scultping lower abdomen? (photos)

I wasn't informed pre-procedure that PIH was a possible complication. The machine errored twice due to a "thermal event". We canceled treatment and I... READ MORE

If I had Coolsculpting related hyperplasia on one area how likely will it occur on a different area treated?

I have Coolsculpting hyperplasia on my stomach. Before It started developing I had other areas treated. Because it happened once to me, am I more... READ MORE

Are there cardiac risks or complications associated with Cool Sculpting? Will Coumadin affect long term results?

Are there any cardiac risks or complications associated with the Cool Sculpting procedure (such as hemodynamic complications, rhythm complications,... READ MORE

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