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Why Does the Fat Keep Coming Back After CoolSculpting?

I have had 5 cool sculpting treatments in the past year. The fat keeps coming back, less each time, but it still comes back. The person that does the... READ MORE

Will Treating Upper, Posterior Thigh (Below Butt Crease) with Zeltiq/Coolsculpting Cause Butt Droopage, Like Liposuction?

On the backs of my upper thighs, below the butt crease, I have some minor extra fat that spans across the thighs and is 1.5 - 2 in in height. I guess... READ MORE

Why Does Zeltiq Coolsculpting Only Reduce Fat by 25%?

Zeltiq supposedly yields a 25% reduction of fat in the areas treated. But if Zeltiq chills all the fat to the same temperature, then why does only 25%... READ MORE

Large, hard and painful lump after Cool Sculpting. What is causing this?

Two weeks ago I had my left flank area done and one week ago I had the right side done. The right side has a large, hard painful lump and I was... READ MORE

Could Coolscupting Be Causing Hot Flashes?

I had coolscupting performed on my entire abdomen area about 2 weeks ago. Within a day or two, I started having intense hot flashes which would... READ MORE

Will this cause unevenness? (Photo)

I had zeltiq cool sculpting yesterday (yay!). I noticed as the bruising set in that a spot was missed on my upper abs? Will this result in uneven fat... READ MORE

Can Cool Sculpting of the stomach cause or have any effect on my hernia's?

I had a triple hernia repair 2 years ago, 1 was Rictor hernia that can't be fully fixed. READ MORE

CoolSculting and lymphodema.

I am considering having Cool Sculting done on my arms. I had 8 lymph nodes removed from the right side during breast cancer surgery back in 2011. Can... READ MORE

Abnormal mass in abdomen after CoolSculpting. Does anyone know what it might be?

I had cool sculpting done on my lower abdomen about 6 month ago. About 2 month ago I have noticed that my lower abdomen feels hard to the touch. I had... READ MORE

Extreme pain around my belly button from CoolSculpting (Photo)

I'm on day 9 post Cool Sculpting. And I am in agonizing pain....... very swollen. No bruises just extremely painful. All seems to be around my belly... READ MORE

Additional fat cells due to coolscupting procedure if patient gains weight?

I am asking if the coolscupting procedure causes existing fat cells to multiply or increase because of the procedure if patient gains significant... READ MORE

Insane burning on abdomen and pain around navel after CoolSculpting

Hi there. Today is my 8th day post Coolscultping done on upper and lower abdomen. I'm experiencing insane burning that started yesterday. Like someone... READ MORE

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