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Why Does the Fat Keep Coming Back After CoolSculpting?

I have had 5 cool sculpting treatments in the past year. The fat keeps coming back, less each time, but it still comes back. The person that does the... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Bella Contour, Zerona, of Zeltiq to Reduce Abdominal Fat?

I would liek to have more information on this treatment before I feel confortable to spend some money. surgery is not an option at this time but I am... READ MORE

Exilis Vs Zeltiq? Which Would You Recommend?

I'm 164cm tall, 60kg, 38yrs & mother of 2 children. So I'm in a perfectly healthy weight range, with minimal cellulite & a relatively... READ MORE

When can coolsculpting be done after liposuction? (photo)

I had liposuction of flanks, upper & lower abdomen, and hips five months ago. The left flank is slightly larger than the right. I do not think there... READ MORE

Between Coolsculpting and Liposonix, Which Has Shown to Provide Greater Inch Loss?

I am trying to decide between coolsculpting and liposonix. Which one of them will give better results? READ MORE

Is there any alternatives to Tummy Tuck? Will cool sculpting work give me a flat tummy? (photos)

Because I have little ones, and although tummy tuck seems better but the pain lasts a while, I can't really afford to always be in pain and can't do... READ MORE

Have Anyone Heard Of/used the Coolplas Machine for Coolsculpting?

I came across a spa offering coolsculpting but they used a different machine than the Zeltiq, its called coolplas. Has anyone heard of this or used it? READ MORE

Is Zeltiq Just As Effective As Liposuction?

I am a 41 year old male who exercises regularly however I cannot get rid of my love handles and muffin top. I am not a wealthy person so I have been... READ MORE

What Are Some Temporary Alternatives to Coolsculpting?

As Coolsculpting may only be done to adults (18 and older) what are some suggestions for a 15 year old, fit, healthy female who is genetically... READ MORE

What Are my Non-Surgical Options for Buttock/lateral Thigh Sculpting with Metal Rod and Pins in Hip and Femur? (photo)

Hello, I am 37 years old and have disproportionate fat distribution on my buttocks and lateral thighs(my measurements are 28,24,37). I have had 2... READ MORE

I Am Interested in Getting Some Work Done on my Sides, Upper and Lower Abs. Cool Sculpting Alternatives?

I recently went into a body// cooling sculpting center where i found out that i am not the type of candidate they are seeking due to my height and... READ MORE

Are the International Machines that are Comparable to Zeltiq Machines?

I read about the rave on Zeltiq here, unfortunately it is not yet available in my country(Indonesia). I am not a doctor nor dermatologist so i doubt... READ MORE

Coolsculpting didn't work, I had a total of 9 treatments and I actually gained an inch. What's the best alternative?

I had 9 total cool sculpting treatments, 4 in one day 5 in the same day two months later. I have gained three lbs since the last treatment and one... READ MORE

Which Non Invasive Approach is Best?

I have some fat around the mid section that I want removed. I am only interested in non invasive techniques. I had liposonix done about ten weeks ago... READ MORE

Can CoolSculpting hand piece be used on cheeks now?

I read that the handpieces are too large to be used on cheeks and smaller handpieces might be developed in the future in the QA section 3 years ago.... READ MORE

Why should you not use the slim freezer belt if you have some health conditions?

I am curious to know if you have a heart condition,or herpes that you should not use the slim freezer belt..? READ MORE

What Are the Best Alternatives if I Am Not a Good Candidate for Zeltiq?

Hi, I have read all the Q&A on here regarding zeltiq, and most answers are all based on being a good candidate, and the available devices. I... READ MORE

What is a Coolsculpting alternative?

I was told I am not a good candidate for coolsculpting b/c I have no laxity to my skin, my skin is hard, what other options do I have for non-... READ MORE

Is Coolsculpting truly a good option?

I know that cheaper is not always better yet this is an alternative option to having surgery & being left w/ a scar. Does it truly work & what... READ MORE

What is the best alternative to CoolSculpting besides surgery? (photo)

I am 5'2" and 108 pounds, healthy and fit, and have had three separate treatments of CoolSculpting on my inner thighs to try to achieve an inner thigh... READ MORE

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