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Does Cool Sculpting Potentially Leave Saggy Skin, Like Liposuction Can?

I'm looking for non-surgical ways to get rid of small saddle bags and slim down thighs. I have had 2 children so I already have a little loose skin on... READ MORE

7 weeks post op Coolsculpting upper/lower abdomen, it's a disaster. At this point major malformation in 2 areas. Any suggestion?

I am petite and in relatively good shape... 5 feet, 98 lbs. I was immediately uncomfortable with what I thought was swelling; pain and pressure. At 4... READ MORE

I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abs 7 weeks ago but now I'm lumpy and gross. (photo)

I'm a 45 year old mom of two, 5'3", 105 lbs. Petite in general but just couldn't get rid of baby pooch. I'm now left with a very ugly stomach. There's... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for CoolSculpting? If so, how many sessions would I need? (photo)

I have a thin frame, I weight 105lbs and 5’2 ½ but my tummy area is where my problem is. I do cardio 2-3 times a week and I eat a low carb diet. On... READ MORE

Should I Gain More in My Waist if that's Where I Collect Weight Before CoolSculpting?

Hi there! I am 5'3", in good shape (run/bike/weights) and weigh about 105. But, I hardly have a waist and inherited lovely back/flank rolls from BOTH... READ MORE

Defining my jawline - will coolsculpting do it? (photos)

I'm 31 & have always had a round face (despite being relatively slim with weight/height of around 105lbs/5 ft 1). Over the last year or two, I... READ MORE

I am 95 lbs and unhappy with my upper arms. Am I a good candidate for Zeltiq Coolsculpting? (photo)

I've always been incredibly unhappy with my upper arms--no matter how I work out they do not decrease, and even at my thinnest they were out of... READ MORE

I'm 5ft 2in, aged 44 and weigh 47 kilos. I've had saddlebags since puberty and I loathe them. Can CoolSculpting get rid of them?

Is this procedure suitable for saddlebags. Would it reduce the size of them and by how many inches? Would love to wear a pair of tight fitted jeans... READ MORE

My Dr. Is going to use 2 of the small applicators flanking my belly button?

I am 4'9 and around 95 lbs with a belly that need's to be gone! Why would a Dr. Use 2 small applicators rather than the 1large applicator on my belly? READ MORE

My weight is 98 lbs and I'm 26 years old. How long will it take for my belly to reduce?

My tummy is like hving extra weight my age z 26 n weight is 98 n height is 5.7 can i go for this procedure ? n how long it will take for my belly to... READ MORE

I had CS on my inner thigh about 4 weeks ago. I was told it's good to be swollen since it indicates the treatment worked?

I went to my doctor's office yesterday. I am small ( 100LBS and 5,4" ) so the increase in size in the area is pretty evident to me.The nurse said... READ MORE

Do the new CoolSculpting Advantage 35 minute applicators cause fewer negative side-effects than the older 60 minute machines?

I just had Coolsculpting Advantage using two small applicators on my lower abdomen. I had already paid for my flanks, but I am too petite, 5'2"... READ MORE

Posterior inner thighs treated with cool sculpting 6 weeks ago look worse.

Very early on after my cool sculpting treatment i saw something different that i didn't like about them. They looked worse and i don't think its PAH... READ MORE

I am done with having kids, and want to get my pre-pregnancy figure back.

I am 5 ft and 105 lbs. Prior pregnancy, I weighed 97 lbs. I have no problems with my legs or my arms- they are toned pretty good. but my lower abdomen... READ MORE

Can CoolSculpting help with saggy skin? What other procedures can help get rid of excess fat and tighten skin? (Photo)

I've had 3 c sections. My lower abdomen has a pooch above the c section scar. And have some loose skin in the belly button area. Would cool sculpting... READ MORE

Can I use CoolSculpting for a smaller waist?

I'm already very petite, but I have an athletic body type. 18% body fat. 5'1" 100 lbs. When I gain weight, it tends to go to my butt and thighs,and... READ MORE

Is CoolSculpting for everybody? (Photos)

I'm 36 years old 94 pound 4feet 10inch.. I have two boys 6 year and 4 year old. I'm active all day.. I don't do exercise everyday .. I stared exercise... READ MORE

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