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Can Collagen, Injection As Breast Augmentation, Be Removed?

I have a Filipino Friend that had collagen injected as a breast augmentation procedure. This was done in the Philippines. Can the collagen be removed?... READ MORE

How can I remove collagen injections on my nose?

I dont really want this.i dont know what im gonna do.please help me.i just want my nose back.please.thankyou. READ MORE

What am I gonna do? How can this redness on my nose be gone? And should I see a doctor now?

I had nose injection few weeks ago and until now reddishness still hasnt gone... Im kinda worried cause im thinking its a fake collagen... But the... READ MORE

Skin care advice: what can I do to increase collagen (thicken the skin)?

I am 29 years old, combinated skin, i have recently experienced easily scarring (pitted scars on my face) no previous acne or skin irritation. I used... READ MORE

Scar feels like it's burning after collagen injection

Hello doctor i have a scar since i was a kid i tried many ways to get rid of redness tried surgery , pulsed dye laser nothing worked for the redness... READ MORE

Does drinking Collagen actually work?

It seems as though topical collagen patches work temporarily but I am wondering about the collagen powders that you drink. Do they work at all? READ MORE

Ten years ago I had collagen injected to my forehead to get rid of wrinkles. How can I get rid of the bumps? (Photo)

I now have bumps on my forehead. I wear hats and cap to cover ...is there anything I can do to get rid of the bumps ..injections something ..surgery .... READ MORE

How can this red bump on my nose be removed? (Photo)

I had my collagen injection in my nose five years ago, the years goes by the red bumpy on top of my nose is getting big little bit. It makes me feel... READ MORE

Collagen Injections on my forehead, gone bad. What can I do to fade them? (Photo)

About 10years ago I go some Collagen Injections on my forehead and about 8 eight years ago ..my forehead started showing bumps and they are still... READ MORE

Collagen filler injected into acne scars caused raised lumps. What's the most effective procedure to have these removed? (Photo)

Where the filler was injected lumps instantaneously appeared. Since then (1992) I have had laser treatment twice but the lumps have remained. Would... READ MORE

Is estriol a viable option for Collagen growth? I researched to find some very positive test results in regard to this topic.

Also, someone asked that very same questions 4 years ago on this website yet not a single doctor answered. This one of many links with proof that... READ MORE

Looking for Collagenase removal doctors!

Hi , I need to find a doctor who practice and have experience in collagenase injections. I have been overfilled ( in my face) and need to get rid of... READ MORE

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