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How to Remove Bumpy Collagen in the Nose

I had a collagen injection for 3 years now, I and i find it ok and beautiful except in my upper nose area. It has a red bumpy appearance. I need to... READ MORE

Can Collagen Injections Cause Bumps to Appear After Several Years?

Can collagen injections cause bumps to appear many years later? READ MORE

Can Collagen, Injection As Breast Augmentation, Be Removed?

I have a Filipino Friend that had collagen injected as a breast augmentation procedure. This was done in the Philippines. Can the collagen be removed?... READ MORE

How to Remove Redness on Nose After Having an Injection of Collagen?

I've got the redness of my nose at the middle and end of it. Which the part injected with syringe. I am just put on make up on the red part every time... READ MORE

How to Fix Bad Collagen Injections Under the Eyes?

I had a collagen injection on my eye bags sometime in 1996. Lately, I see some ugly lines and ugly formations on my face. My eyebags became worse now.... READ MORE

Hardness and Redness After Breast Collagen Injections

I had Collagen injections in the breast. Now I'm experiencing hardness and redness around the area. What can I do? READ MORE

Upper Lip Swelling After Cosmoplast

I had Cosmoplast collagen injections in upper lip yesterday. Will it take a couple days for swelling to totally subside? Is is okay to massage if it... READ MORE

How Much Swelling Should I Expect After Collagen Injection?

Ive just today had my left cheek injected with collagen because of a depressed scar.but now my cheek looks more puffed out than my right (swollen and... READ MORE

I have had a bump from a 2 year old collagen injection?

I have had a bump from collagen for  2 years when will it Disappear? Can i do something to make it Disappear? READ MORE

I Had Collagen Injects in my Lips and It Looks Horrible? (photo)

I got injections over 6 months and its not going away!!! I hate them and I want them gone. Some days they are bigger then others. READ MORE

How can I remove collagen injections on my nose?

I dont really want this.i dont know what im gonna do.please help me.i just want my nose back.please.thankyou. READ MORE

Does The Osmotics Lipofill Non-Surgical Filler Really Work To Increase Volume In Cheeks?

Does the Osmotics Lipofill Non-Surgical Filler by Osmotics Cosmeceuticals really work for increasing the volume of cheeks? I have had lipofilling... READ MORE

Collagen Can Cause Breast Cancers?

Breast enlargement 7 years ago, and they turned into tumors. Feel like big seeds rolling around in my breasts. Is it possible to undergo some kind of... READ MORE

How to Remove Collagen on my Butt?

I've done a collagen injection 2 years back on my buttock,Since than i realize my body shape has totally out of shape.My butt look wider and high... READ MORE

Will Sunken Eye Worsen After All Filler is Reabsorded? Why Eye Will Sunk in After Injection Only to Be Filled out Again?

Hi I went for a filler injection (Esthelis Basic) in mid September. two days after injection my eyes become sunken in and the doctor told me it is due... READ MORE

Ten years ago I had collagen injected to my forehead to get rid of wrinkles. How can I get rid of the bumps? (Photo)

I now have bumps on my forehead. I wear hats and cap to cover there anything I can do to get rid of the bumps ..injections something .... READ MORE

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