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Fractional Co2 - Should I Worry About Under Eye Scarring?

I've been thinking about getting fractional Co2 laser, but I read a story about some of the problems that can result - one of which was under eye... READ MORE

Is this normal after CO2 fractional laser resurfacing? I am really worried (Photo)

Hi I had laser resurfacing (Fractioned) done on Friday 4pm it is now Sunday 11pm and this is how I look.. There is slight peeling but I have these... READ MORE

I'm worried about these pinkish lines on my face after CO2 laser. Is it normal? (Photo)

I am on the ninth day after fractional CO2 laser . I'm worried about these pinkish lines on my face. Will I recover? is there some specific topical... READ MORE

3 Days After CO2 Laser Resurfacing & Worried (Urgent Help) (Photo)

Please, may I ask for some help, I am panicking, and really could do with some peace of mind. It is the third day since I had my C02 Laser Resurfacing... READ MORE

I am concerned about line like indentations on my face 8 days after co2 laser. Will they go away? (photo)

I am post co2 laser 8 days. My cheek has gone from bleeding the 1st day to brown stripes to the indentations in the pic. I am worried about the... READ MORE

Is this normal after CO2 fractional laser resurfacing? Worried. (Photos)

Hi I had laser resurfacing , ı dont know fractioned or old laser co2 18 day ago it is now Monday and this is how I look.. I am scared it's going to ... READ MORE

Is co2 laser for me with wanting wrinkles removed and even skin tone. Very worried now. (photos)

Getting co2 laser on whole face at setting 100 in 2 weeks and was given bleaching cream to use nightly prior to help with pigmentation. I'm worried... READ MORE

Fractional co2 laser resurfacing MEDART FRX?

Fractional co2 laser resurfacing ? Medart FRX ? Has anyone had it done? I am booked in this Friday and I am worried sick . I suffer from mild acne... READ MORE

Will Lumenis CO2 laser cause more broken capillaries if I seem to get them easily lately? (Photo)

I am scheduled to get Lumenis deep CO2 laser resurfacing and I am worried this could cause broken capillaries. Over the past couple years I've... READ MORE

Angry & worried. Got full face laser today. Shoddy CO2 fractional resurfacing. Will I get the results I am looking for? (Photo)

Asked dermatologist to do a deep resurfacing on my face. Quickly did my forehead and nasal areaand left. The pain was unbearable even after having the... READ MORE

Scabbing after severe laser treatment on scars underneath breasts

I got co2 laser on large Breast scars. It's now been 10 days. I have done my best to keep them constantly covered and clean with ointment on them.... READ MORE

I don't know if my CO2 laser is supposed to look like this? (photos)

I did this laser five days ago and now it really got me worried. I was aim ti let it help with my acne scars and it turns out like this... Is this... READ MORE

3 weeks after CO2 laser fractional I am left with little bumps all over my eyelids, what can I do? (Photos)

After laser fractional I am left with bumps like syringoma or milia. Is it going to pass? It is almost all over!! It is even more visible when I lift... READ MORE

Swelling and acne scars. Do my pictures look normal? I feel it's taking longer and I'm worried about worse effects. (Photo)

Co2 on my cheeks 5 days ago,was given Obagi face cleaner told wash n clean, then apply vinegar soaks, then aquaphore twice a day doctor said until... READ MORE

I had co2 laser done on Wednesday around 3 o'clock. It is now Saturday 5 o'clock. (photos)

I have had little to no peeling, I think swelling is still kind of there and my cheeks\side of face have bright red square looking marks? The sent me... READ MORE

Should I Continue With Fractionale CO2 Laser Treatments to Correct Mild Atrophic Scars?

I'm 18 and 2wks ago,I had it on a little area of my face.I wanted to test it out if what would be my skin's reaction since Im going to school... READ MORE

Brown spot appeared after CO2 laser mole removal (Photo)

Recently i got mole on my face removed with a co2 laser right after the treatment the area was red and i applied vaseline on it for a week it formed a... READ MORE

Skin care after laser CO2. What should I do? (Photo)

I did laser fractional co2, 6 days ago. after this time some part of my face are crusting, flaking but some part of it specially on my forehead and... READ MORE

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