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When Do You Expect to See Skin Peeling After Full Face Deep CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

I am on day 4 post op after full face CO2 laser resurfacing with fat grafting under the eyes and continuing all prescribed aftercare with Aquafor,... READ MORE

How Long After C02 Fractional Laser do I Wait to Wash my Face?

I just had a C02 fractional laser done on my face today afternoon for acne scars. I was told by the dermatologist not to wash my face for the first 48... READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Laser: Large Pores - Permanent?

Are the results (2-3 treatments) with the Fractional Co2 laser for larger/deeper/noticable pores (facial) forever? Asuming that the 2-3 treatments... READ MORE

How Long to Wait for the 2nd Treatment? Treating Large Pores and Wrinkles.

Situation: 2-3 Fractional Co2 laser treatments. Main Goal: reduce large pores & some wrinkels & tighten some areas (not that deep/much).... READ MORE

When Am I In The Clear From Hyperpigmentation After Traditional Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

If I have too time outside after laser resurfacing, will I necessarily get any hyperpigmentation? And if so, when will it show up? Its only been a few... READ MORE

CO2 Laser After or Before Ulthera?

CO2 laser can be done after or before Ulthera? How long should I wait between both treatments? I appreciate your time and thank you ! READ MORE

Can I Get Co2 Fractional Skin Resurfacing if I Already Have Juvederm?

I really need to get something NOW, and have an appt. next week for juvederm for my "smoker's lines". I really want the co2 fractional... READ MORE

Exfoliate, Peel and Retin A after CO2 Laser?

When can I exfoliate, use at home peel and use Retin-A after having CO2 Fractal Laser?? READ MORE

Fractional Co2 Laser After Rhinoplasty

How many months after open septo/rhinoplasty (also osteotemy nasal bone), is it safe to have a totall facial co2 fractional laser treatment? Would 5-6... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait before having my second CO2 fractionated laser?

I had my first CO2 Fractionated laser treatment on July 31 2013. My doctor says I need another 2 treatments for my deep acne scars. I improved 20%... READ MORE

Co2 Laser Resurfacing While Mild Acne Breakout?

I have acne scars from my teenager years.I am 28 now. I am getting mild acne from last six months but only whiteheads,blackheads and one or two... READ MORE

How long after CO2 fully ablative laser can I go to take a sun bath?

I know tanning is a bad thing, but i say it just for an example. If i go for a co2 fully ablative laser. When i can fully restore my lifestyle where i... READ MORE

How long after co2 fraxel laser can I get surgery in the same area? (photo)

I have scars on the sides of my face and would like to treat them with laser. However my surgeon would like to remove the keloid scar and some white... READ MORE

How Soon After CO2 Laser Treatment Can You Resume Running?

It has been 3 days since by CO2 laser procedure and I still have a lot of swelling, will running slow down my swelling process? READ MORE

Can I Wax After a Matrix Co2 Fractional Laser? Also, when Can I Use Regular Skin Products?

Can I wax after a Matrix Co2 Fractional laser? Also, when can I use regular skin products again? Thanks READ MORE

When Does Uncomfortable Tightness Subside After CO2 Laser Surgery and Fat Grafting?

About 18 days ago I had CO2 Laser surgery done on my face and fat grafting done on both cheeks. I am not in any more pain per say, but the level of... READ MORE

Is Co2 Laser Resurfacing Okay to do 10 Months After Scar Revision?

Is co2 laser resurfacing a good idea to do 10 months post scar revision? I am looking to flatten the scar out slightly to the surrounding skin. It is... READ MORE

After CO2 Laser Lip Resurfacing How Long Should I Keep Covered with an Ointment?

After CO2 Laser Lip Resurfacing How Long Should I Keep Covered with an Ointment? READ MORE

Fractional CO2 Laser for Opening Pores?

Hi, i am thinking of having CO2 Laser to treat my opening pores , my questions how long would it take to see the result? when can i put makeup and... READ MORE

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