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How Long to Wait for the 2nd Treatment? Treating Large Pores and Wrinkles.

Situation: 2-3 Fractional Co2 laser treatments. Main Goal: reduce large pores & some wrinkels & tighten some areas (not that deep/much).... READ MORE

Can CO2 Lasers Effectively Tighten Younger Body Skin?

I had a sub-par experience with velashape and want to smooth and tighten a little above the knee and on the inner thigh; also what about elbows?? Thanks! READ MORE

CO2 Resurfacing: Lifting in Eye Brow/upper Eye Area?

Could Co2 fract. Resurfacing have a (semi)lifted/tighting effect/some lifted effect in eyebrow/upper eyelid area? Could it simulate a sort of (semi)... READ MORE

Would You Recommend CO2 Laser for a Woman Like Me Who is an Outdoor Runner?

It was suggested by a plastic surgeon I should undergo CO2 Laser. I have what I believe to be good skin for a woman my age (58) and was surprised he... READ MORE

Will Co2 Laser Resurfacing Cause This Problem?

I have asked this question before, would like to make sure just in case, because getting a procedure like this done is serious. I need to know if co2... READ MORE

Fractionated CO2 laser of knees?

I'd be interested to hear what your panel thinks of using fractionated CO2 lasers for skin tightening of laxity of skin in the knee region. I have no... READ MORE

Does laser resurfacing hurt? Are you under anesthesia? Which is best for tightening?

I'm interested tightening my facial skin and my doc recommended CO2 lasers. What are the different types and which are best for tightening the face?... READ MORE

Tummy troubles! CO2 Laser or a tightening procedure? (Photo)

Tummy Troubles! Hi I am in my early fifties and would like a smoother, healthier looking stomach. Would C02 Laser work or a tightening procedure? READ MORE

Can CO2 laser be used successfully on the forearms for loose skin on the inside of the arm?

I have loose skin on the inside of the forearm. Will a c02 laser tighten up this skin? I don't want to do the other lasers I have tried them and they... READ MORE

CO2 Laser Treatment for Asians?

I'm looking for plastic surgeons who have performed lasers treatments on Asians in the Washington, DC area. Since I'm afraid of hypo pigmentation, I... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 Laser. Is this a safe option for me?

I am part Asian and was wondering if this type of laser is a safe option for me. I want to tighten the area under my eyes and refine and tighten the... READ MORE

Can eyelids be tightened with lasers like CO2? (Photo)

I'm wondering in the last year I've aged quite a bit because of life style choices. I'm in my thirties and suddenly look 40. My eyes are the biggest... READ MORE

Equivalent? Fractional CO2 + Erbiurm Non-Ablative procedure versus Erbium Ablative + Non-Ablative?

I've been looking at CO2 for some time; primarily interested in promoting skin tightening and texture improvements. My understanding is that using an... READ MORE

Would CO2 Treatment Tighten Under Eye Skin that Sags SInce Blepharoplasty?

Added some skin from the roof of my mouth.It still was sagging open. Then a new Dr did 3 more out patient surgery s cutting in the outer corner of the... READ MORE

CO2 for Tightening Jaw Line? (photo)

My Dr. has recommended CO2 for my neck/jawline to tighten the skin for a more square look. However, I can't find any examples of this use on the site... READ MORE

How often can CO2 laser under eyes be repeated?

I have had CO2 laser peels under my eyes 3 times, at age 41, 50, and 5 years ago at age 56. I loved the results and the slight skin tightening. How... READ MORE

How long for co2 laser to generally start in on the collagen production for tightening? (Photos)

Did the co2 treatment on my neck just over 2 months ago mainly for deep wrinkles but my neck now feels really loose with more rolls than before, when... READ MORE

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