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CO2 Lasers for Facial Wrinkles and Skin Tightening?

I'm a 40-year-old chinese woman who has sagging skin, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines. Will CO2 Lasers work on these problems and tighten skin... READ MORE

CO2: Which type of skin has better results?

What skin types are best suited for CO2 Laser? READ MORE

CO2 Laser: Does Skin Type Matter?

Which type of skin has better results? READ MORE

Fractionated CO2 laser of knees?

I'd be interested to hear what your panel thinks of using fractionated CO2 lasers for skin tightening of laxity of skin in the knee region. I have no... READ MORE

Gentlemax Pro vs CO2 for clearer skin?

I went to a plastic surgeons office to consult for skin clarity with the gentlemax pro, I was told this would tighten my skin but would not help with... READ MORE

Fraxel CO2 laser done for pitted scars, itchy scab covered face and started cracking.

It's the 3rd day,done Fx co2 laser treatment for pitted scars. Ice pick was treated with cross prior to laser. Now, problem is my wound is covered... READ MORE

My doctor has advised me not to moisturize after fractional Co2 laser; but I have heard the opposite?

Should I use moisturiser or not? My doctor advised me to leave it for the first 2 days. He explained that putting cream on can irritate the skin or at... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for laser resurfacing/CO2? (Photos)

Hi. I went on Accutane last year for my bad Acne. I've been off of Accutane for 6 months now. My acne left me with some scarring. My scars aren't that... READ MORE

Facial fractional co2 - hands peeling.

Dear dr I had done facial fractional laser (medium skin resurfacing ) for mild sun induced pigmentations 8 days ago , my question is , why i start... READ MORE

Equivalent? Fractional CO2 + Erbiurm Non-Ablative procedure versus Erbium Ablative + Non-Ablative?

I've been looking at CO2 for some time; primarily interested in promoting skin tightening and texture improvements. My understanding is that using an... READ MORE

Smartskin C02 or DeepFX or TotalFX?

Which is more effective for fine lines and wrinkles, and especially crinkly skin around the eyes? I am 44, have medium skin and prone to redness, no... READ MORE

What is CO2 laser to the skin?

Hello, I've had read were patients having a facelift have also had CO2 laser to the surface of the skin. Can you explain what this is and why it is... READ MORE

Is it normal to accidentally rub off the moist slimy skin after CO2 laser facial surgery?

I had co2 laser resurfacing on a facial scar. Also had fat transfer done twice and was looking better after various treatments...this was a pretty... READ MORE

How would I treat my uneven bumpy forehead skin? (Photo)

I have a tendency to get anxious which causes me to pick pimples only realize that i have made it worse. I have had C02 fraxel laser resurfacing on my... READ MORE

Acne, acne scars and reddened skin after 3 CO2 fractional laser and chemical peels. (photo)

 And facial hair! Need a solution I need a solution to all my skin concerns which include discolouration acne, acne scars,red skin. Suggest me... READ MORE

Can you do CO2 fraxel laser if you have had restylane/juvederm 6 months before on the scarred area?

Can injected dermal fillers on cheeks cause damage to the skin? Or is it safe to do laser on them (or what is left of them) I understand that is wiser... READ MORE

Does the CO2 laser thin the skin?

I'm 34 (extremely thin/pale skin) and have premature aging in the eye area due to bad genetics unfortunately.I would like to get CO2 laser for... READ MORE

Can CO2 laser resurfacing thin the skin of a thick nose?

I'm 8 months past secondary rhinoplasty and my surgeon has recommended laser resurfacing, which he says can help to thin the skin and add definition... READ MORE

How do I get rid of marks caused after CO2 Fractional?

I did Co2 Fractional on 7 March 2016 . I already have decent skin hence my target was to have lighter complextion, and treat uneven skintone. Its been... READ MORE

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