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How Do You Get Rid of Demarcation After CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

Having had laser resurfacing with C02 laser over 10 years ago, there is still a very distinct demarcation line all along the jaw line. The facial skin... READ MORE

What Are the Effects of Sun Exposure 4 Weeks After CO2 Laser Treatment? Is Hypopigmentation Common?

Can Hypopigmentation Be a Side Effect of Sun Exposure Too Soon After CO2 Lazer Treatment? READ MORE

Side effects of CO2 laser? Please help, I am depressed. (Photo)

I have done co2 laser for my stretch mark and see what happen.....pls help me...I want to know what is this..?? And does it will fade.and how much... READ MORE

Thinner dermal layer after CO2 laser?

I have read from a website that CO2 laser will eventually make the dermal layer becomes thinner, is that true ? READ MORE

I exposed to sun within 2 days after laser session, what are the side effects that I could have ?

I have made my 2nd session of fractional Co2 laser then after 2 days I have accidentally exposed to sun for 10 minutes this was 2 weeks ago But there... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 Laser for Hypertrophic scars. Effective, side effects? (Photo)

I was considering getting fractional co2 laser for these hypertrophic scars. However I am uncertain of side effects such as hyper pigmentation or hypo... READ MORE

I had CO2 laser 5 weeks ago but the treated area is still red. Is this normal, or a possible permanent side effect? (Photo)

Judging by my photo, are my results typical of a lighter olive skin-tone? Should I use the RX hydroquinone or should I get a second opinion? Please... READ MORE

Was applying aquaphor to the new skin after 1 week of co2 laser have negative effects?

My Dr. Told me to use aquaphor on the new skin, which I did for a week and it caused breakouts and my face is healing very slowly. Can the aquaphor,... READ MORE

What is the effect of using the wrong cleanser after fractional co2 laser?

I just did my fractional co2 laser. After I washed my face with the cleanser, there were slight bleeding in multiple areas of my face. Furthermore,... READ MORE

Smoking after Fractional CO2 Laser. What are the side effects?

Hi all, I have been smoking for quite some time and have tried to quit but did not manage to ditch it for good. I would like to ask will smoking after... READ MORE

Regarding CO2 Fractional laser. Are there any side effects? Are they permanent?

Hello, I am from India and visited dermatologist who recommended CO2 fractional laser for treating acne scars to be done 3-5 times within 45 days.... READ MORE

I forgot to moisturise one day after undergoing a fractional co2 laser. Will there be any side effects? (Photo)

I am a 23 year old male, with minor acne scars which I sought to treat with the laser. I initially forgot to apply the prescribed moisturiser the day... READ MORE

Laser CO2 side effects?

Hello dr 3 weeks ago, I removed 9 small fibromas on my upper and lower eyelids. The sergeon used laser co2. 8 days after the procudure, I started to... READ MORE

I have some queries related to CO2 scar laser treatment.

My dermatologist gave me a sunblock spf50 to use 2 weeks prior to the treatment. One month after the laser treatment, I would undergo a series of... READ MORE

Does Fractionated CO2 Laser Diminish Facial Fat?

My wife is mid-thirties and considering fractionated CO2 laser to refine her pores, fine lines and skin texture. Her face is rather thin and one of... READ MORE

I Have Scars on my Cheeks from Acne and I Want to Get Rid of It? (photo)

Also, i am part filipino and part italian and thinking about doing the CO2 laser but scared of scaring or change of pigmentation. i also finished my... READ MORE

I want to ask that there is any side effect of co2 laser treatment for acne scars? (photos)

Hello.. I am 20 year old I have a middle tone skin and have an a acne problem actually the main problem is acne scars.. I a thinking to take a laser... READ MORE

I'm getting so many pimples and dark spots, will CO2 laser treatment work for me? (Photos)

I wanna to do full face treatment cus so many pimples on my face and dark spot too..I am also uploading my pic so doc take a look at it..and tell co2... READ MORE

Co2 laser and active acne. What are the potential negative side effects of active acne and laser?

I have active acne but my dermatologist recommended getting co2 laser and then immediately going on a course of accurate. Is this advisable? What are... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Laser treatment for reduction thickness of meaty, sabecuous nasal skin ?

I am going to get co2 laser treatment for reduction thickness of meaty ,sabecuous nasal skin .I want to know what i have to do for preventing side... READ MORE

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