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Fractional Co2 - Should I Worry About Under Eye Scarring?

I've been thinking about getting fractional Co2 laser, but I read a story about some of the problems that can result - one of which was under eye... READ MORE

CO2 Laser for Hypertrophic Scars on the Nose?

I have bumps (2 large and 3 small Combination of Hypertrophic scars and Sebaceous hyperplasia) on my nose. Today, I consulted a dermatalogist, and she... READ MORE

CO2 Laser on Entire Face for Acne Scars on Left Cheek?

I have shallow acne scarring on my left cheek. I've had numerous treatments (TCA 35%, Erbium Laser, as well as fillers. The scarring bothers me enough... READ MORE

What product can I use to reduce redness after aggressive CO2 dot laser treatment? (photos)

I am 11 days out & still have extreme redness. I am black Irish & scar easily & tend to hyper pigment. What product do you recommend to treat the... READ MORE

I did fractional CO2 laser on 22 Aug 14. May I know if the scar on my face is normal? These photos were taken on 9/2/14. (photo)

Will my treatment scar ever go away? I feel like going for 2nd opinion but my dermatologist said that it takes time to heal. But as I went through the... READ MORE

22 years old, so many depressed scars from chickenpox. Can multiple sessions of FCO2 laser resurfacing improve it?

I wanna ask if multiple sessions of fco2 laser resurfacing procedure can really improve deep chickenpox scars? Or is it subsicion and microneedling... READ MORE

Had CO2 Fractional Laser and Wasn't Asked About Cold Sores?

Had a Co2 Fractional Laser. Never Asked Me if I Get Cold Sores. Well I Ended Up with Blister All over Face. Will They Scar? READ MORE

I have chicken pox scars on my face. Is it possible to remove them completely?

I have a 4 chicken pox scars on my face 2 are big and other 2 are very small but visible. i live in India & i wanted to know the therapy i should use... READ MORE

Fresh deep chicken pox scars with Fractional co2 Laser?

Hello doctors! I had experience chicken pox 2 weeks ago. I have 6 deep scars in my face and i want to remove them. Can fractional laser can help? I am... READ MORE

CO2 laser made my scars worse. Please help (Photo)

I always suffered with my face and felt there was more going on than normal acne many times I went to my doctor causes ranged from excema to cystic... READ MORE

Make up and sun exposure after co2 laser skin resurfacing?

I got co2 laser resurfacing treatment today on my face for scars and wrinkles. Obviously I'm not in any sort of rush to go out anywhere since I'm... READ MORE

Does CO2 laser resurfacing help with REAL scars, not just acne scars and wrinkles? Can it make them worse? (Photo)

I had Co2 laser resurfacing to treat a scar above my brow. it's about 1" long and deep. I had treatment about 4 weeks ago and I have seen little to no... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 Laser for Hypertrophic scars. Effective, side effects? (Photo)

I was considering getting fractional co2 laser for these hypertrophic scars. However I am uncertain of side effects such as hyper pigmentation or hypo... READ MORE

When will I see the results from CO2 laser resurfacing?

I had CO2 laser resurfacing 3 weeks ago, with the main goal of improving my acne scars. The healing has been going well so far (the deep scars, where... READ MORE

I had a CO2 laser on my nose to laser a layer of skin off, but it failed and left scares. Can I still have another open surgery?

I had a CO2 laser on my nose to laser a layer of skin off because the skin all over the nose was far to fat. But all it did was burn the skin and make... READ MORE

How to treat a minor red scar appeared after a scab is removed following a CO2 treatment?

After i took a CO2 treatment on my old surgical facial scar (on cheek) a scab was formed and when i removed it on the 4-5th day after CO2 treatment... READ MORE

I had a nevus (verruca seborrhoica) removed from the middle of my forehead. Post-surgery issue. (Photo)

It was rather small in size, scooped out and coagulated with co2 laser. Now it's either grown back or overscarred as it's quite bulgy and pinky. The... READ MORE

Day 2 after CO2 Laser recovery for 14 small moles/skin tags on my face. What to expect? (photos)

I am starting to deeply regret doing this procedure as I have only now come to realize that I may be stuck with these scars for quite some time. I... READ MORE

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