Rolling Scar + CO2 Laser

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What next when fractional CO2 laser failed to deliver results for acne scars? (photos)

I have undergone 5 fractional CO2 laser procedures so far with each requiring 5-6 days downtime recovery period. Lo and behold I am only able to... READ MORE

Did Dr. Go Too Deep? Scar Caused by CO2 Laser. (photo)

I had the CO2 laser procedure done 16 days ago. The scar in the picture was about the size of a pencil eraser prior to procedure. It is now bigger... READ MORE

Fractional CO2 ruined my face. Why? (Photo)

After 2nd treatment, i use hydra boost mask and had these sudden dents on my cheek, one day later i consult doc who ask me use retin 0.025, he said my... READ MORE

I am a 24yr old girl suffering from pitted and rolling scars. I went to a dermatologist. She suggested CO2 laser + peel? (Photo)

Hi I wan to get rid of this pitted scars which left by the acnes which occurs 3yrs back.. I had really bad scars but I tried peel which helped me a... READ MORE

Eco2 laser. I used white vinegar and warm water to wash my face. Has this caused the skin to appear crumpled? (Photo)

After laser the 4th day I use white rice vinegar and warm water to wash my face for one wk until no itch I wonder if the vinegar or warm water cause... READ MORE

Boxscar and Rolling?

My dermatologist said that I have boxscar and rolling acne scars with a few ice pick.She reccomended that I do about 4 fractional co2 laser tratment... READ MORE

Subcision? CO2 Laser? What other options do I have? (Photo)

I had CO2 laser last year and the result was not as good as I expected. My doctor suggested to do another CO2 laser (higher power this time) with... READ MORE

I have deep rolling and boxcar scars, I was recommended to get fractionated combinated Erbium and CO2? (Photos)

I was also recommended to get Medical rolling CIT and subsicion with fillers. Do you think Is better for me to try the Medical roll CIT instead of... READ MORE

Which treatment have I need to do? (photos)

Im 19 years old im Japanese. I have a acne rolling scar. But i think thats shallow. Now im taking isotretinoin. It will be finish after 20days. Im so... READ MORE

Traditional Carbon Dioxide laser resurfacing to remove pitted acne scars. Advice?

I've had several costly ineffective treatments leaving me very frustrated. In the past I've had two fractional laser resurfacing, Artefill filler,... READ MORE

Is full-field erbium laser (Sciton) more effective than fractional C02 for boxcar and rolling acne scars?

I've noticed doctors on YouTube who use a combination of full-field erbium with C02 fractional get much better results than using fractional lasers... READ MORE

Profractional or co2 lasers for acne scars?

Hi I was considering getting laser treatment. I have rolling, box car, ice picks scars and uneven texture. Which laser would be best? Profractional or... READ MORE

Fractiona CO2 laser seemed to have little effect on my acne scars. Are there other options?

I have been suffering from acne scars for a very long time. I have a number of deep stubborn box and rolling scars on my cheeks. I got a coupl3 fco2... READ MORE

CO2 Dot therapy questions?

I am 25 years old and have severe rolling acne scars and a lot of red spots on my cheeks, jaw lines and temples. I spoke to my doctor and said I can... READ MORE

Can C02 laser be done a week or two after subcision?

I plan to have subcision done by a different doctor than my laser treatment, that's why I can't do it on the same day. Would like to know if the... READ MORE

Should I Go for Lumenis Ultrapulse Fractional Co2 Co2 Laser or Fully Ablative Co2 Laser?

I have severe acne scars rolling box n icepick scar ol on my cheeks n temples.. READ MORE

I had CO2 fractional laser, my skin appears crumple and dents. Is this normal?

Fractional co2 the 3rd times now the 5th month the skin appear crumple and dents and pores very obvious even no more swelling my right cheek suddenly... READ MORE

Lumenis Acupulse or Lutronic CO2 laser best for scars?

Hi, have got some scars from picking my pimples which now seemed like rolling or raised scars, which co2 laser works best? READ MORE

I wanted to ask your professional opinions on the CICU CO2 Deep Fractional Laser for acne scarring?

I have deep acne scars; mostly rolling and box car ones.. I actually got a dermabrasion about 9 years ago but there were still deep I'm... READ MORE

How does Sublative compare to the results seen with the CO2 Pulse Laser ? I'm only concerned with results, not downtime

53 year old male with older rolling scars. Fair skin . Ok with downtime. Looking for head to head comparison re results not side effects or down time.... READ MORE

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